Biden Delivers Impassioned Defense Of Democracy | MSNBC 1

Biden Delivers Impassioned Defense Of Democracy | MSNBC


President Joe Biden paid tribute to the men and women who gave their lives in service to their country during a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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  1. Now imagine how people would have reacted if Democrats tried to engineer a successful Hillary Clinton run in 2020 by passing voting laws in blue states.

    1. @Max Power democrats are literally trying to change the constitution requiring people up provide I’d isn’t voter suppression

    2. @Kiara Helen you know three democrats were arrested in last year for using mail in ballots to win an election?

    3. @Kelly Shannon so more and more a right becomes a privilege
      You know since all the fraud found was for trump Republicans should have three picture ID issued by the state, two by the federal government, we should have certified proof of residence since birth by the original owners of the property, and verification of income since employment by the original HR dept heads and proof and grades of education
      All certified

    4. @Nicholas Loudermilk they got caught, the system works. Meaning it’s safe. These republicans did it too: Matt gaetz and frank artiles and Tomas Ramirez. All caught.

  2. “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” John Stuart Mill, 1867

    1. John Stuart Mill also said, “Not all conservatives are stupid, but stupid people are generally conservative.”

    2. @Dennis Harrell though I agree with the statement, especially with the GQP, are you Sure Mill said that

  3. My father died from a brain tumor caused by agent orange. He died too young. He was 57. So painful . I know he’s not alone and why I thank him for modeling to me what bravery, loyalty, and love is to country. Thank you to all our veterans for their sacrifices. May they all become angels of heaven and earth.

    1. @Kelan Torch Sometimes you have to accept there will be hate, and it isn’t always wrong. In my case it was, but not all the time. And I can say what I want about Joe Bidens mental health which has clearly deteriorated over the past few years

    2. @Sean Rodgers No. Hatred is wrong in all forms, at all times. There is always a better way. And while hatred may occur, it must not be accepted or become the norm. We must be strive to be better. We must strive to never let it happen again. Tolerance of hatred, is being complicit in it’s outcomes. To accept hatred within yourself is to accept you being less than you should be. If you accept hatred, then you also accept being inferior to those who don’t because you are choosing to be less. This is not a statement as to who you are, but being transparent about the choice that must be made. Accepting hatred is a bad choice, like committing a crime. It’s undeniably wrong. And for as long as you continue to willingly accept hatred – a choice you know is wrong, you willingly choose to be more morally equivalent to criminals, then the average citizen. And this is not just philosophical nonsense… Any person can choose to live with good values. But it’s a choice you must hold yourself accountable to. Most people in the right wing hate that

    3. @Sean Rodgers being understandable why someone would hate, and having empathy for their situation, does not justify hatred. We cannot control how we are treated and that can make for lots of reasons to feel hatred… We must choose to not act with hatred and be better than our feelings. The person who you attacked along with the millions who have suffered due to agent orange can justify why they could rightfully hate you…. But that doesn’t make hating you the right thing… It just keeps the spiral going. Being hurt doesn’t justify hating in return. There is no situation where hating is the right thing…. There are situations where its understandable as to why someone hates. Understanding and empathizing with it does not justify bad actions. You don’t deserve hatred for you vile comments. You deserve to be held accountable for your vile comments without hate. The world would be a far better place if more people understood this

    4. @Kelan Torch I think it’s fine if people hate me for my comment, even though it was a mistake. I don’t think we will agree, so I’ll leave it off here. I’ll take into consideration what you said

  4. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Strive Towards Freedom” King recounted the developments of the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-56.

    1. @spymaine89 when people use words like “data” and have no idea what it means, it is cute in a toddler, from an adult that is using the Lovelace/Turing/Gore/Lee quantum device is appalling

    2. @Tacit Tern you again?
      With long winded whines and screeds no one cares about, grow up and stop the false equivalence crap

    3. @Stefan Jakubowski data
      [ˈdadə, ˈdādə]
      facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis .See also datum.
      facts · figures · statistics · details · particulars · specifics · features · [more]
      the quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, being stored and transmitted in the form of electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical, or mechanical recording media.
      philosophy………………… i am a toddler, thanks for the ;;cute. ……………..

    4. @Stefan Jakubowski they pay me $100/hr to get leftists angry, so they generate clicks since their ratings are low.

  5. What do you MEAN by “the lowly Detroit Tigers”?!!!??!??
    Detroit IS coming back too!!

    1. Yeah,…Detroit rebuilds as does the rest of the Lakes that Reagan demolished and Republicans ignored

    1. @B E 2016? Where Trump lost the popular vote and it was even closer than 2020. Where foreign interference was a real thing. If republicans care so much about stolen elections, why didn’t they hand over the 2016 to Clinton? It was more obviously stolen than 2020…. It’s because it’s not about it being stolen…. Because it wasn’t… The republican snowflakes just can’t handle the fact that they lost… More people disagree with their bigoted views.

    2. @Kelan Torch Can you spot the irony in calling Republicans, snowflakes?
      100% stolen Sir, or is it Ma’am 😉

    3. @B E Republicans are snowflakes because they can’t except reality, but attack democrats of allegedly doing the same. Republicans think that the non binary gender thing is a joke (it’s not), and don’t want to give them the space to feel how they feel. Now republicans are in the denial phase of loss, and want the space to feel how they feel. You don’t get special treatment how you treat non binary people. Concerns over the election are real fear for republicans, and should be addressed in a non partisan manner (cyber ninjas fraudit is a scam). You’re being treated with the same lack of respect, you show to non binary people… Just like non binary people deserve to have their feelings heard. Don’t like it, show some empathy next time. Empathy is scientifically harder for conservative brains though so that’s hard for you to understand…. The only irony is how the ones attacking people for being snowflakes are the easiest to trigger.

    4. @B E and for the record… Non binary genders is a real thing, the Trump big lie isn’t. The election wasn’t stolen. But the feelings felt on both sides are real….even if the republicans are feeling it over literal fantasies. It’s like when the gf is mad at the bf for cheating, but it was all in a dream…. That is the republicans right now – mad that the election was stolen only in a fantasy. You get to be upset about it, but it doesn’t change reality

  6. Sending Love to you ALL, because this is what Democracy looks like!
    Yes, the Wall that doesn’t Separate but Unite us in DC.

    1. Lol that’s ironic since there’s a military encampment and a wall around DC right now

    2. ​@GODS ANGEL OF WAR No there isn’t, just a fence around the Capitol buildings and extra protection, because certain misinformed haters are trying to destroy that democracy. One of the liars that misinformed them is STILL saying his people will destroy this administration and put him in power. Until that stops there will need to be protection for the US seat of government, a home of democracy when goodwill rules the leaders and, especially, the opposition. Let’s get back to that.

      I’ve no horse in this race, but I see no goodwill in Trump, much more in Biden, a Christian who seems to know his job, the sanctity of it, whatever his ancient background. And as a faith-based disciple of Jesus with various spiritual gifts, I KNOW that the Trump prophecies were lies, knew it in my spirit the second I heard them, knew it even more deeply after research.

      Remember, GODS ANGEL OF WAR, that when the real angel of war was asked, “do you fight for our side?” he answered that he has no side, only Y’hovah God’s will directed him. I don’t see that in your comment. Psalm 1 doesn’t see that in you.

      Yes, Lily Jade’s metaphor is imperfect, but it was spoken in love to all, and does not deserve your attack.

    3. @Paul pvhl and btw I’m independent not on any side and my bro you quoting scripture when it’s JUST A COOL NAME I THOUGHT OF

  7. Here to remember the amazing and talented Maya Lin who designed the most moving and striking war memorialin the world.

  8. These kinds of speeches always came off kind of heavy on pomp, light on circumstance. Now, the words are all similar, but the meaning is more literal than ever.

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