Biden Details Covid Plan, Trump Keeps Ranting About Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Details Covid Plan, Trump Keeps Ranting About Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Pres.-elect Joe Biden unveiled more members of his health team and details of his plan to fight Covid-19 as Trump used a White House vaccine summit to again falsely claim he won the 2020 election. Aired on 12/9/2020.
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Biden Details Covid Plan, Trump Keeps Ranting About Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. The problem is all inside your head, she said to me
      The answer is easy if you take it logically
      I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free
      There must be fifty ways to leave the whitehouse She said, it’s really not my habit to intrude
      Furthermore, I hope my meaning won’t be lost or misconstrued
      But I’ll repeat myself at the risk of being crude
      There must be fifty ways to leave your lover
      Fifty ways to leave the whitehouse You just slip out the back, Jack
      Make a new plan, Stan
      You don’t need to be coy, Roy
      Just get yourself free
      Hop on the bus, Gus
      You don’t need to discuss much
      Just drop off the key, Lee
      And get yourself free
      Ooh, slip out the back, Jack
      Make a new plan, Stan
      You don’t need to be coy, Roy
      You just listen to me
      Hop on the bus, Gus
      You don’t need to…

    1. Lol…Just caught Joe’s press conference and he was excited to announce he is close to a vaccine for H1N1

    2. Congrats, racist Joe certified you black. Can’t believe 80 million “voted”, for this old school racist…smh.

    1. That’s because the Scotus will invalidate this election, and the legislation will cast the electoral vote- done by the legislatures of their states.

    2. @Joyce Hewett Yes. I admire Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. I admire great men and women throughout our history.

    1. @Sherry Venger That can only mean that you think Trump thinks, speaks and acts reasonably. By my judgement, that’s a seriously deluded position to take, never mind _maintain all the way_ to the present, utterly ridiculous moment. He’s reasonable? You can’t be serious. Only people who are deeply invested ideologically could possibly say that.

    2. aboctok- It’s very obvious that his isn’t fit to do the job, so why don’t you guys have him removed from office? He appears ready for a mental breakdown any day now.

    3. @Mary Jean Jones I agree Trump’s a disaster. In fact I believe you’re being too generous—I think he displays such a pathological mindset that it’s likely he lives permanently in a state no better than what we might term a breakdown. He certainly displays a broken, self-serving, contrived moral compass that to my untrained eye conveys no real or lasting benefit to his own country or to people elsewhere. But who are “you guys” who should do the removing, and what form of removal are you talking about? In the present circumstances, innovation is not applicable—the U.S., like any moderately civilised country, remains a nation of laws. An election has been conducted; the outcome is clear. Trump and his gang, and beyond them, his appallingly vast cult of millions, are making as much dishonest noise as humanly possible in an effort to disrupt a valid electoral result *for the sole reason* that _they don’t like it._ It’s the most regressive, disingenuously toxic public movement I’ve seen in my lifetime, in the developed world at least. But the very base, crass, angry-baby nature of the Trumpists in their present state has, to my mind, deleted the status that the U.S. might have presumed to share, of being part of the developed world. I don’t think it currently is. I regret the need for that level of pessimism, but I believe unfounded optimism is stupidly fatuous and inherently self-defeating. Back to your point—the only realistic method I see for anyone to remove Donald Trump from office in the next six weeks would be by his own cabinet, etc, and I think everyone knows _that_ could be triggered only by epic, severely dysfunctional action by the President. Of course it’s possible, but it remains very unlikely. And that’s that.

  1. I feel sorry, for the rational Americans, that have to put up with the morons on a daily basis. We have our own share in idiots here in UK, but US likes to do everything BIGGER

    1. Sad isn’t it to think one man can destroy a country with his words and actions. Actually, he’s worse than Hitler because he’s an infantile moron and appeals to like minded people. Hitler had a brain but was just honestly evil. Trump is much worse than that because he’s stupid.

  2. Everybody knows the outcome of this election but you are just pretending not to know to keep on giving red meat to your supporters and coward Republican House and Senate members.

    1. @James K. Boyle good for you he will put your money to good use. Like playing golf or paying back his contributors. Because he’s such a poor man.

  3. I just can’t watch anymore of dump boy. I am literally over it! He is freaking INSANE. Good luck America, I really hope you make it through this.

    1. Ahh a non American. Well Jodie let me shock you a little. Our media since he won has been working us…playing us.
      You ever notice an anti Trumper commenting on Trump and mentioned something about policy? No. Mention anything about things hea doing as president? Nope. Its 100% about him. His character or whatever bad stuff they all say. But never ever about job performance. Don’t you find that odd? To be all saying the same things and none saying anything about important things? Its cos the media was purposefully keeping their focus on him and never about his presidency. And here they all are now…none of them know anything important.

    2. @bellmeisterful really, another non American here, it’s about his character because he literally seems to have done nothing! His response to covid is and was zero, in fact he spewed misinformation that has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans. His behaviour since the election has been weird. I seriously don’t understand the loyalty he is afforded. So you got some minor tax reforms. These helped the 1% mostly his people. It is mystifying to me. He is horrible!

    3. @bellmeisterful ok, I totally get that and I will give you that, and no I am not “shocked” by your perspective of the media. It may shock you to know that the media is the same in most other developed countries. Having acknowledged that, how much does trump himself focus on policies, or is it more that the republican party at large is focused on policy??…for their own political gain.
      You are right, I am a non american, but what the US does, doesn’t just affect the US, it has an impact on your allies. Trump has done nothing but undermine the integrity of the global community for his own vindictive gain. I have no sympathy for the man. He is narcissistic and has no care or empathy for anyone other than himself.
      I live in a country where we have medicare for all and private health insurance (which we can afford by the way) that is regulated to ensure ALL but the most impoverished can access hospital and heath care…even then our system allows those that fall into the category of “impoverished” to still have access to health care through universal medicare and public health assistance.
      What I find fundamentally wrong with the republican party in America is that they are quite happy to let citizens continue suffer so as to fill their own coffers and those in the top 1%.
      What you Americans need to realise is that socialism is not the evil that republicans make it out to be.
      Change is the way of the future, and if the far right of america refuses to acknowledge that then they will be left behind and will be relegated to be nothing more than a footnote in history. The majority of your allies, and non-allies, know this and are moving ahead without you, as well as using it against you.
      I really do wish you well and hope that the current perspective changes, for the good of all Americans…though I am doubtful that anything will change in the near future, given the amount of people in your country that voted for a person that obviously suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, along with god knows what else. I really do wish you well, but I am extremely grateful I am not you in the country you are in.

    4. @K Mc omgawd. Haha. This is too good. Yall are gonna give me a huge ego.
      You are just like our twerps here.
      As I point out all the time, you dont know anything important cos the media kept focus on him and away from his presidency, which was amazing.
      Thats why every single one of yall talk about him. The person. Never about his job performance over four years.
      You mentioned low character or something related to him? How does that stack up against him working on fixing China trade? $500 BILLION a year.

      Oh, he did a horrible job with the pandemic huh? Wherever in the world did you hear that 39 times? Lol
      Tell me, how do you KNOW he did a bad job? Your answer, well thats what the media told me…39 times. So many that it almost became a fact. No…it did become fact didnt it? But it didnt really at all. You like the millions here were brainwashes by his enemies. Cos you cant explain how he failed…at all.
      But when I say Obama was a complete failure with the economy I can explain why in detail for quite some time.

    5. @Jodie Thompson Well good for you, thanks for acknowledging that. And no, no and no.
      Jodie Im telling you. Youd be shocked with all the stuff he did. Most of which no other president would have touched. Cos they weren’t politically expedient or rocked the boat. This was nothing like a typical do nothing president.
      You mention the top 1% etc. All groups rose up under Trump on the workplace. I saw the charts and stats. He unleashed the choked out business world when he slashed hundreds of business regs and slashed our corporate tax rate. Which also sent our stock market through the roof. Like 127 times. Think that’s how many records the stock market broke since he won.
      And Jodie, I see that we have a bridge too far to gap. You’re talking in globalist ways. We don’t want to follow or go with anyone. We have more freedoms here.
      Let our allies do whatever they want.
      But these idiots here really it for us. They were programmed by the media to hate Trump. They cant even give serious, relevant reasons why they wanted him out. Nor dp they know anything about what he had done for us. The power of the media huh? Sad

    1. Lol…Just caught Joe’s press conference and he was excited to announce he is close to a vaccine for H1N1

    2. Haha wow you all are blind..might want to watch some NTD to get the real news…Biden will not be your president, keep dreaming

  4. I’m betting that he will be running around the White House naked before the end screaming. “I’m the President”

  5. As Rachel Maddow pointed out, the Texan lawsuit is to get Trumps attention so he can pardon the Texan governor who is being investigated by the FBI.

    1. @Bob Johnson hah good one Bob. We all know trump won and isnt leaving office. Big Guy Biden is going to prison as his illegal deals with China come out

    2. @Snow leopard 11 million more people than 2016 voted for Trump…. Biden did worse in every county in America than hillary except 4 which magically shut down counting and found hundreds of thousands of unanswered Biden votes while everyone was sleeping. Yet Biden had 80 million votes. GTFO, Trump won and isnt leaving. Biden is going to GITMO

    1. He actually cannot sue another state for that. That’s against the law and he’s looking for a pardon from Trump just to get away with it.

  6. Biden put a prosecutor in charge of the Corona effort
    His top qualification is funneling government money to wealthy healthcare industry insiders

  7. The “SCOTUS” had to put it in simple words that a “Preschooler” could understand!

    “ YOU’ER FIRED “

    1. Lol…Just caught Joe’s press conference and he was excited to announce he is close to a vaccine for H1N1

  8. “In the history of modern-day medicine, or any other medicine”. Still trying to wing it, but cannot find words beyond kindergarten level. So sad.

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