Biden Dismisses Latest Infrastructure Offer From GOP 1

Biden Dismisses Latest Infrastructure Offer From GOP


Biden rejects new Republican offer on infrastructure spending and Trump’s White House counsel Don McGahn testifies about Trump's efforts to impede the Mueller probe.
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  1. And Brian Williams was THERE trying to work out that infrastructure bill while dodging bullets and UFOs!

    1. The Fauci emails are an abomination. Fauci laundered us taxpayer money to go through the NIH to the Wuhan Lab – all the while lying to the American people. Now, he’s hiding all the evidence that would confirm Democrats orchestrated the bioterrorist weapon and pandemic against the people of the world – a pretext for changing election laws for stealing the election from Trump.

  2. Playing Americans like a fiddle. The Chinese use the same tactics. Give up your freedom for the sake of the country

    1. @Dub Nation lol yeah , how much glade do you have to huff in order to take Biden seriously… what a joke

    2. @Dub Nation they say if you can love yourself… that’s half the battle. Butt, if you want to jump — No
      One will stop you. Bye

  3. 2:00 how do you know these aren’t fake hacks looking for an extra revenue stream? they could be shutting down these resources on purpose.

    1. Times flying for me. Im no longer waking up to the president suggesting disinfectant should be ingested. Plus almost 2 million jobs created! Here’s to yet another Democrat fixing the economy of a corporation pawn (yes republicans)

    2. @Jonathan Fox The Democrats thrive on low IQ folks. Proof? “the president suggesting disinfectant should be ingested” Repeating ignorant lies makes one doubly stupid. Enjoy your bliss.

    3. @g bridgman imagine how the democrats (and independents. And most reasonable people) felt in the last 4…

  4. What, the Republicans want a different flavor of ice cream than Creepy Joe? That is all he is qualified to dismiss.

    1. @Buddy Boyy also, to your approval rating comment, do you think that just because YOU don’t approve of him, no one else can, either?

  5. Biden “lets work together”, “lets unite” 6mts later he goes back on his words and does this… no surprise..

    1. Does what, make an attempt to engage the other party, the party whose entire platform is obedience to Dear (former) Leader and “screw the libs”? Yes, that’s what he did.

    2. Him entertaining their ideas is an attempt at bipartisanship. One he does not have to engage in.

      Just as they didn’t accept his offer and counteroffered, he has the right to do so as well.

  6. ok Biden, does white supremacy have anything to do with this? you seem to have alot to say about that on some days…
    others not
    please explain

  7. Not jobs added, that is a narrative.
    Job that were there prior to pandemic.
    There have not been 560,000 new job created.
    Why do they try so hard to make Biden look capable.

    1. Jobs are calculated monthly or annually. Doesnt matter if they “used to exist at some point.”

  8. The GOP isn’t wrong though, lots of people have said “ why go back to work if you don’t HAVE to”?

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