Biden DOJ 'Made The Wrong Call' In Trump Case, Say Fmr. U.S. Attorney 1

Biden DOJ ‘Made The Wrong Call’ In Trump Case, Say Fmr. U.S. Attorney


The Justice Department under President Biden is moving to defend former President Trump in a defamation lawsuit. Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance discusses why she says this is the wrong call.

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Biden DOJ 'Made The Wrong Call' In Trump Case, Say Fmr. U.S. Attorney


  1. Seriously Joe, you are so far off base, you aren’t even in the park. The only people whining about privacy on taxes, are those that are avoiding paying taxes.

    1. @Faux Que am I a public figure or billion dollar corporation? No, just a disabled vet. But you keep whining about the little guy while the rich get richer.

    2. @Bryce Brogan are you making the argument that the media shouldn’t publicly acknowledge their own taxes? I don’t think the average person would go through the trouble to dig up their taxes.

      My argument is that if it’s ok to release someone’s personal and private taxes, which is illegal, then publicly traded companies should publicly acknowledge and broadcast their own taxes, rather than suppress them, for all to see. I think it’s fair.

    3. If you broke MFers would blame your life choices as to why your struggling and fix them you wouldn’t care who makes what

    4. @Sam Harris The Biden administration HAS at least returned to pre Trump IRS policy, ie they are focused on auditing the individuals who are evading the most taxes, instead of focusing only on the little guy. The Trump administration & GOP had cut their funding, which meant they couldn’t afford to go after big cases, because rich people have really good lawyers & the little guy doesn’t. Biden & Dems restored their funding, so now they can get into bigger cases.


    2. @Kennedy Suggs Actually there was lots of evidence but they couldn’t tie tRump directly to it. You should read the report. That’s actually the norm for crime bosses, they keep ‘their’ hands clean while others do the dirty work. Remember that Cohen fella that went to prison for tRump’s crimes?

  2. Is that just how things are in the world that you become rich to not pay a lot of taxes while the poor suffer and get stuck with the burdon.

    1. From what I have come to learn that is how your credit card company treats illegal transactions. It rarely seeks the offender and just passes the losses onto its users. I (almost) wonder which users get the brunt.

    2. Nobody should be paying taxes this is forced by the corrupt demonrats for nearly 200 years.and biden had zero chance of winning the election and when all the vote fraud comes out that scenile piece of garbage needs to be terminated !

  3. They won’t gore their own because one day it might come for them. You guys fill hours waxing poetic about laws and justice but the results speak louder than your drivel!

    1. agreed!
      Those bound to institutions of hierarchical power reflexively defend themselves and in that way get narrower and narrower while taking more and more power and freedom from regular people just trying to survive or thrive under said systems.

  4. What is the difference between releasing the rich’s income tax information and the publication of people who are behind in their property taxes?

    1. Nothing at all they are just mad all of it got out so now we know why we are so broke and they keep getting richer.

    2. If your that broke guys, you should take a look at your life choices instead of hatin on rich dudes

  5. This is what happens when you give someone a position as a favor and for PR, versus someone who is right for the times we find ourselves in.

    1. Garland is more than qualified for the position. And, like ot should be,
      he is acting like the AG should.

  6. Well, nobody who conscientiously pays their fair share of taxes and refuses to take advantage of loopholes will be afraid of being targeted using their tax returns.

    1. @Wil Thieme obviously you and many others on here have no idea how much in taxes rich people pay! Hater, come back when you look it up

    2. @Melissa Pearson they don’t pay 30 to 35% like most . All other numbers are not relevant… asking someone to pay what a person pays making 20,000 a year percentage wise isn’t overreaching whatsoever… is it ??

    3. @Cody Russow speaking from experience, that’s a complete lie. I pay way more in taxes than a person making 20 grand a year! No one making 20 grand a year is in the 35% tax bracket. Maybe you should look up tax brackets. I pay taxes and know exactly what I’m talking about.

    4. @Melissa Pearson um a single male most definitely pays 35% what do you pay on your self proclaimed fortune percentage wise ? 30? 25? 20 ? How much do u avoid with the rich man loopholes?

    5. @Melissa Pearson 35% tax rate is for 207,351 to $518,400. This is not the magnitude of wealth that is being discussed. We are talking about people who are making billions of dollars in a single year and many of those people are not making that money as income but rather via capital gains and other low-tax approaches to wealth generation. This is how Bezos can pay ~1% effective overall tax rate.

  7. I can’t believe why on earth the justice department defend an anti democratic, insurrectionist traitor, who refused to obey the law and conduct a peaceful transition

    1. @Justin Webb I want you to remember this exchange. You gave away everything for less than 1%. You trusted strangers with your life and believed in lies to save yourself. Why don’t you check your Blue NBC news about heart issues and the experiment they stuck you with. But. I know what you are saying. What they stuck you with is safe…. Longterm? This doesn’t end well for you. You are a GMO Blue Sheep. Honestly, I wish you well. I don’t want anyone to suffer from human experimentation. But, if you are willing to be lead to the slaughter then maybe it is for the best.

    2. @1 That you Rick? “Pastor Rick Wiles Apparently Has COVID After Refusing Vaccines He Called ‘Global Genocide’ ”

    3. @1 In case you haven’t noticed, what you are saying is not based in reality, but only in your own mind, therefore it is of moot point for you to continue your display of Idiocracy.

    4. @ThunderDog97 So Mud Mutt97, remember this exchange when your world comes crashing in. Remember that you submitted to gene experimentation while signing away all liability of injury. Do you think it ends well for you?

    5. @Justin Webb Remember this exchange when your world comes crashing in. Think of this when they ban the shot. Remember this when the results come in from AZ, GA, and PA… When you realize you have been lied to and you traded your freedom for less than a 1% chance of death you remember today.

    1. That’s the problem. Most tax avoidance of corporations & the wealthy is legal, because they are the ones making the laws & pulling the strings of those who make the laws. Unfortunately, Garland gets an A or B on initiating civil rights investigations & arresting Capital attackers, but he’s still a corporate establishment guy, so he has a pretty conservative view of our 2 tiered justice system.

    1. @Michael Florez Your time is expiring, Blue Sheep. Tick Tock. “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” ―Sun Tzu

    2. @P C what is that, five cents a word or something. jesus what a shitmouth you have

    3. @1 do you have a point of any kind or are you content to signal glaringly to all ‘here is a fascist’?

    4. @tigress and the u-fraidees Obviously, you don’t know the definition of fascist. But, I would be surprised if you did. This is why we win. Blue Sheep are willfully ignorant and weak. Why would you defend what you have never fought for? TICK TOCK your time fades away. Don’t you feel it? …DOOM. Do you think the experiment they stuck you with will end well? Long term, do you feel lucky? Do you think AZ, GA, PA will show it was fair? It has only just begun. Nothing can stop what is coming.

  8. Why do Republicans do anything it takes like exposing Bill Clintons sexcapades but we can’t get too Trump after the fact?

  9. I’m really glad that merrick garland never made the supreme court and I really wish that Biden would pick a new attorney general

    1. I agree Garland is turning into a joke and a disgrace. The justice department has no business in defending Trump it is absolutely ridiculous.

  10. Yet when I filed my income taxes and wanted to deduct my medical expenses, my intrest on home loan,charity donations and state taxes,I was told I couldn’t because it added up to too much! It said I didn’t earn enough money to have paid all those things,yet I did. I used my retirement account money!

  11. It appears as if we have another ….. inadequate DOJ…..THE PURPOSE OF THE DOJ IS TO SERVE THE BALANCE

  12. Garland has been wrong on the last few positions… he restores nothing… he is damaging the office further …

    1. Between Joe Manson and Merrick Garland it is hard to tell which of these two “Democrats” is doing the most to help their party lose the next Presidential election.

  13. Ms.E. Jean Carroll should continue with her case, she has the smoking gun. the dress! One thing for sure,karma is a mother! and every dog eventually will lose their BONE!

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