Biden Faces A GOP Totally Defined By Trump's 'Big Lie' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Faces A GOP Totally Defined By Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


With Florida becoming the latest state to enact a law restricting voter access, Republicans are rallying around Trump's baseless lie that he really won the 2020 election against Joe Biden. Jonathan Lemire, Lisa Lerer, and Neal Katyal join MSNBC's Brian Williams.
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  1. Would be hilarious if the GOP’s voter suppression laws backfires and their own voters can’t vote

    1. “Remedy voter fraud that did not take place” ha ha! US MSM agenda pushing as usual! Reading these comments, I can’t believe all the ignorant yanks that believe this crap! The rest of the world watch other news outlets and seem to have a better grasp on what happened on Nov 3rd last year, than you people do! Can’t wait for the final counting of “legit” votes from Arizona – you morons are going to be so sad! Biden is a danger to the FREE world!!!!

    2. Biden got almost 10% more votes than Trump, won the electoral college by almost the identical margin that Trump had over Clinton. There is no confusion, no debate based in fact. The Republicans are trying to con their way into undoing an election that can’t be undone. It is a fantasy and a con. Nothing more. They hate democracy.

  2. We’ve all seen the movies: “The United States does not negotiate with terrorists”
    Foreign and domestic

    1. @iRestRep Restrepo You are either a liar or willfully ignorant. The money returned to Iraq was theirs to begin with. But don’t let the facts stop your ly9ing summit. You were raised to lie and lie again when confronted. Like the racists of the 19th century who murdered black men for nothing,.

  3. “Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society.”

    ― Thomas Paine, Common Sense

    1. @Alexander Groppe the only thing I was going to point out is the fact that a reasonable man conforming to society or not conforming to society, has no influence on whether or not the society is progressing…. we have plenty of people in our country today who are refusing to conform to the progression of our country, and they have been refusing for the last 150 years.

  4. If you’re an old school Christian conservative, schooled on Reagan and the Bushes, note that your Republican party has been hijacked by crazies.

    1. Trump is the fulfillment of the infiltration under Nixon, Russian agents working through israel to subvert western interests. Kompromat since Nixon

    2. @Tony D Bush started a war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes Obama inherited those. Obama went to war in Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Pakistan. Countries which Bush had absolutely no involvement in. Obama is the only president in history to be at war 24/7 for 8 years straight. Obama is the biggest warmonger in US history.

    3. @Uncanny Valley Bananas are very cheap in the Philippines. Manila sucks but the southern islands of the Philippines is definitely a place everyone should visit in their lifetime.

    4. @Apep about as informative as your other posts. Now tell us some of the right wing policies that have benefited the average american over the last 40 years….

  5. DeSantis signing the legislation into law surrounded by a diverse audience…(I don’t think there was even someone with a dark tan, let alone dark skin)

    1. In Georgia, a law was passed that makes it crime to distribute food or water to people waiting in line to cast their vote

  6. The “Law & Order Party” . . sent 140 police officers to the hospital on January 6.
    “We love you. You’re very special”
    – Donald Trump

    1. @C.J Groves Antifa isn’t a real thing? Come to Portland, and see all the damage they’ve done, including burning down Chabad and vandalizing a Holocaust Memorial. Antifa is real, antifa is violent, and antifa is racsit!

    2. @iRestRep Restrepo oh wow you’re not even good at trolling once again your lie has already been proven wrong. Great try Karen but your whining doenst change reality. You’re really pathetic

    3. @Deborah Freedman the only people I see rioting with rifles in hand are trump supporters who can’t get over the fact that their loser president lost

    4. @Helga Egger Some people choose only to see what they want to see, confirmation bias. Then other people want to see whatever reality is, generally based on the scientific method, and tangible evidence.

  7. A party built on a lie is destined to crumble tragically.
    The GOP is now Trumpism. It will destroy itself.

    1. I’m responding to specific people with specific comments, you buffoon. Now make a substantive point if you can, you intellectual lightweight.

    2. And I can immediately classify anybody who uses the expression ‘the Big Lie’ quite easily as somebody who has been bought and sold in the marketplace. I suspect you also refer to the Capitol attack as a ‘coup’, and believe that the word ‘nationalist’ now means fascist.

      It’s naivety of the highest order to genuinely believe that you know the answer.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 So the DEMS fooled an incompetent GOP, all the election officials, all the courts, and everybody else ..or they didn’t. Simple.

    4. @Jamtommy So which is it dumbo? Sleepy Joe and the DEMS either fooled an absolutely incompetent GOP and trump team right under their noses, or the DEMS won the election and you’re simply conned by a fat old orange diaper wearing liar. You choose.

    5. …and this Country with it. White privilege, hate, and racism is a human volcano ready to explode if…

  8. How do you want to run a country when lying has become the norm for more than half of the political establishment?.. Lying to the American public must be made a crime otherwise there is nowhere to go from here.

    1. Exactly, by hiding behind religious freedom and freedom of speech Fox and friends have become openly violent fundamentalists and extremists, it’s like if ISIS had a national “news” network broadcasting in millions of american households

  9. Can we please get some spokespeople from international election supervisory organizations to speak to the fairness and legitimacy of the 2020 election? They could also speak about voting restrictions.

  10. A political party built on lies cannot survive – it’s like a house built on sand.

  11. Did she refer to the current recount that is being done by an inexperienced company led by trump loyalists under no oversight? yeah, thats totally transparent!

  12. These repubs are going nowhere. We need to unseat Fat Wolverine and Lindsay “Blanche DuBois-” Graham in 2022

  13. Voter restriction is brought in to a round of applause its hard to believe its come to this.

    1. The Freedumb party is fine with freedoms being eroded, as long as they’re being eroded for *those* people.

  14. Regarding Republican efforts to disprove voting results that have been confirmed several times, I am reminded of one definition of insanity: repeat the same action under the same conditions and expect different results.

    1. @Mark Appelbaum under trump highest income disparity in fifty years
      First president since WW2 to lose net jobs
      500k dead
      And what did trump do
      He got vaccinated, quietly, like a coward spineless loser hiding

    2. @Gerald Berdynski joe Biden’s favorite word! Infrastructure!!! (When he can pronounce it). Face it Gerald. Your hate towards one person caused this whole mess. Put your mask on, shut up and do as your told. You know I remember a time when the left was AGAINST corporate America. Now the left controls the media, big tech and all the brainless groupies who buy into it

    3. @Gerald Berdynski let me guess…”buh buh but we inherited a mess” the left is certified crazy

  15. This is simple. If there is a commission to investigate January 6th like Liz Cheney has requested, Kevin McCarthy and Trump would be forced to testify under oath and they are doing WHATEVER it takes to avoid that from happening. We have the criminals deciding whether or not they should be investigated!

    1. @Yvonne Plant He already lied under oath before he became appointed President. Have you seen his and Don Jr’s Depositions from 2016? They are disgusting! Nothing happened to him for his lies.

    2. Every time you open your mouth, your IQ goes down 10 points…soon, you will be in the negative digits.

  16. Perhaps Rudy, Gaetz, McCarthy, Graham, DeSantis were promised a pardon only if they got trump re-elected. This is why they desperately tried to overturn the election.

    1. @Fred Hubbard In the past 5 years, democrats managed to believe more conspiracies than Alex Jones did in his entire lifetime.

    2. @Apep Your parents called, they asked what happened to you that you had to become a shill.

    3. @Honored Deporable Yeah that’s it. Weren’t their any jobs available for your degree? Oh you didn’t get one.

  17. Just because you can ask them doesn’t make them questions that need asking. The question of election security was answered time and time again after the election

    1. @Blayes Pest Control and also factually Biden is doing way better than Trump. Facts over feelings

    2. @Mr. Llama You should try using your brain for something other than to hold your ears apart!!! PATHETIC

    3. @Blayes Pest Control sorry to tell you that everything you just said is wrong. You’re just upset because Biden is actually doing something. Are you even old enough to vote. You sound like a child.

    4. Bahahahaha! Yeah, we’re in the streets rioting…better hope we don’t start tho

  18. These “voting” laws are like putting a cast on a broken leg that isn’t broken!

    1. Why are you so against a voter showing ID proving they are a US citizen and are registered to vote? You must have ID to do almost everything in America from buying an airplane ticket, buying a pack of cigarettes, get a job, open a bank account and it is easy to register to vote so what is your real reason you think anyone with no ID should be allowed to just walk up an vote to determine the path of this great nation? What is your true agenda?

    2. @robert potts funny how you all tall about freedom and tyranny when it comes to masks, but preventing millions of Americans from participating in their own country’s politics is just fine and dandy hey. Say hi to Gaetz

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