1. @Drake Fire Did you buy that house in Flint? They’re giving them away for pennies on the dollar.

    2. @Armandhammer It’s called lab work. Something much more important than online trolling.

      Which you aren’t even smart enough to get paid for, given your obsession with none existent housing prices.

  1. I’m so glad that he made a statement that might register with some of the brainwashed people out,the actual president

  2. Too bad none of the Republicans who are willing to publicly agree with Biden are in the Senate.

    1. True. But maybe if enough republican Governors and mayors are supportive of Joe the people in those locations will be behind it enough to influence the senators. We’ll see. But Joe is smart and strategic. He’s going to these deep red locations and offering them things they really need.

    2. @Stella Shepherd We can hope. You would think that having two-thirds of American voters in favor of a plan might influence Republicans in Congress, but not on McConnell’s & Trump’s watch. Governors & mayors may help. Influencing major donors, if possible, might help even more.

    1. @doug wong what “mistake” was that? Obama wasted a lot of time trying to compromise with radical traitors. Obamacare was a compromise and repugnants reneged.

    2. @azharley obama pretty much did nothing after 1st year in office, and he allowed GOP to drag his feet on a lot of his legislative agenda, he was willing to wait but still got zero GOP vote

    3. @doug wong which is why Mr. Biden has taken this route. He LEARNED from Mr. Obama’s mistake of expecting good intent from the GOP where there was never any to be had. Peace from Canada 🇨🇦

    1. @Armandhammer you clearly don’t know anything factual or anything that isn’t alt-right extremist propoganda opinion outlets programming talking points that have no basis in reality. But go ahead and spend your days in mommy’s basement lying on you tube. It’s all your kind has.

    2. @Armandhammer Well, after visiting Saudi Arabia, donnie flew to Israel and told them that he’d just come from the Middle East. He thinks there’s a country called Nambia, that Bhutan is called Button and Nepal is called Nipple. And then there’s Yo Semite. On a more serious note, as a supposed president he had no idea what happened at Pearl Harbour.

    3. ​@Armandhammer You as a military person are paid by tax dollars you welfare case DERP.

  3. I feel a trend coming . Mayors , then Governors . Rep.s in congress may begin to look as useless as they are .

    1. Republicans would then argue that they didnt change their mind, but Biden did, by allowing in the process some of their demands, without mentioning anything else, and only if we ask them about … and then change the subject to real important ones like ‘do we really have to wear masks when we sneeze in a crowded elevator ?’, or ‘Are those who don’t eat burgers patriots ?’ …:[

    2. I think that’s possible, and I hope it works. As the GOP shifted to support Covid relief, and even brag about it, Biden is becoming more popular. This is how he defeats Trumpism, this is how we as a country move forward.

    1. I’m glad he’s willing to put his constituents first! that bridge has to be repaired yesterday because it could collapse at any moment and lead to a disgusting disaster. Republicans and Joe Manchin need to stop playing.

  4. Jeff Bezos could build a bridge the size of the Golden Gate and not make a dent in his fortune. Billionaires could leave behind a legacy of true patriotism by funding infrastructure projects.

    1. All of the US billionaries money *combined* wouldn’t fund one year of infrastructure rebuilding.
      The CEO of McDonald’s makes about $75 per employee a year. Would you pay $75 *a year* to have a better boss? I’d pay $10,000.

    2. All those billionaires who hit the jackpot during the height of the pandemic profited by a total of around 1 trillion. They should donate that to infrastructure.

  5. Folks just remember the GOP is not about job creation and both senators from Louisiana will not help build that bridge and yet people still vote for them why is that?

    1. I live in Louisiana I agrée I don’t understand it..Maybe it going to take one if them to fall through these dilapidated bridges or roads before anything done.This state collects enough money in DWI’s property tax alone to repair something where the money going

  6. These are the activities of a legitimate president. If this is sleepy then hes sleep walking circles around Republicans.

    1. @Upper 90 lol you sound like the chowder head governor from South Dakota, yeah infrastructure also includes broadband internet and pipes needing replacing. You support a tax cut on the rich but when you actually build something using tax money y’all are up in arms. Biden is working with one of the best economy’s by your parties standard. Keep crying about nonsense 😂

    2. @Upper 90 So wheres your big idea. Can you implement another infrastructure plan. Where is the Republican plan. What are you and the Republicans proposing . Joe keeps asking , but somehow yall are the ones that are not only sleeping but having nightmares to boot.

    3. @R D nobody’s saying I support a tax cut on the rich, I’m saying if you tax corporations higher than what they’re paying now they pass it on to the consumer. And I didn’t know infrastructure included yoga classes for New Jersey call Michelle Obama’s library.

    4. @Robin Holbrook ya eliminate all the pork on the bill so we don’t pay higher taxes. I mean it’s not rocket science 🤦

  7. Evidently the GOP simply cannot find it within themselves to support good things for America.

    1. @Adam Taylor you know if you go to a republican news source. You can find the same statement against the Democrats that you made against the republicans. It’s government and if you believe them you are easily fooled. All government sucks.

    2. @Marc Lewis that is technically true however it’s blatantly obvious, and has been since long before McConnell stated he was going to obstruct everything Obama wanted to do, that the Republican party is exponentially worse for the average american and they are actively trying to be as regressive and anti-democracy as they can be. That’s just facts. Pretending they are both the same right now is a blatant lie.

    3. @Heather Melissa you got the Obama right. But you seem to forget what the Democrats did for 4 years to trump🤷🏻‍♂️

    4. @Marc Lewis because repealing the ACA was such a bright idea. And let’s not pretend there was much of an agenda on the table during El Presidente IQ45’s benighted term.

  8. When Mitch announced there would be 0 Republican votes for any Democratic legislation, it was the signal for the filibuster holdouts to step pretending bipartisanship is still a possibility and just get the work done

    1. Mitches M.O same words he spoke when Obama was elected. So if thats the republican agenda our way or the highway then they drove themselves off the cliff and their party is bleeding out or already dead at the bottom of the cliff in the Donald clown car

    2. Seems like the GOP only wants one party in America and they want to appoint themselves a dictator.

    3. Manchin and Systema need to get over themselves and support these bills, including the voting bill. That one is critical in the face of all the voter repression laws being passed by Repubs in many states.

  9. I just went over that bridge. And the one at Baton Rouge and the one south of New Orleans. It’s amazing too me there is still a republican in office in Louisiana !

  10. The bridges and culverts have years engraved on them. In Missouri 1926,& 1922 are very good years! But it’s not long before someone is going to get hurt!

  11. Something like half US bridges & roads are in need of repair. Yet every yr nothing gets done. I guess we’re waiting for a series of catastrophic road & bridge failures.

    1. The bridges are already failing. They are crumbling and dropping concrete onto anything that passes below. The freeze-thaw cycle has made this even worse in the North.

    1. @DoMi So now views on a video is how many people were there? 20 people. These “views” are nothing He got 81 million votes but never does it reflect in anything he does. 22 million SOTU speech out of his 81 million and Trumps first SOTU he got 47 Million of 64 Million.

    2. @Wisconsin Man Biden won the popular vote by 7 million, so he has more or a crowd than Trump. Do you want to see it?

    3. @Wisconsin Man but still did nothing but spew hate and racism and encourage violence. Fake Covid! Tell that to the families of the almost 600k dead! Did you shoot up your Clorox yet?

  12. I love this guy, he wants to get things done, he wants to help this country and it’s people. He might be old, but he’s a fighter.

    1. @Biden’s Brain The question is how many illegals has this country adopted . If your white in this country you know its very likely your not indigenous to this country. Your people imigrated here . Dont get it twisted

  13. Build those common bonds of humanity with reasonable folks, to make progress for us all.

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