Biden Frames Campaign As 'Scranton Vs. Park Avenue' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden Frames Campaign As ‘Scranton Vs. Park Avenue’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


During a Thursday town hall, Joe Biden says he views his campaign against Donald Trump's campaign as Scranton vs. Park Avenue. The panel discusses the effectiveness of this message. Aired on 09/18/2020.
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Biden Frames Campaign As 'Scranton Vs. Park Avenue' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @joandollie Doyle Have you seen the size of attendance at Trump rallys vs Biden rallys? But you would rather believe the polls? Instead of believing your own eyes? I have been contacted numerous times by pollsters. When I say that I support Donald Trump, they often hang up on me. So much for honest polls! Perhaps that’s why the polls show Biden in the lead.

    2. Karen Espinoza Trump needs those rallies. Psychologically he needs to feel adored. So even though he should not hold them for safety reasons he will hold them. He won’t be close enough to the crowd and makes sure he and those close to him are tested. He packs people in so the optics look good. I can understand people being a Republican or a Democrat but Donald Trump cannot be the President the US needs. He would be better off with a show on Fox News or talk radio where he could talk and still have followers. The Presidents job is so complex, he doesn’t have the temperament and skill set for it. I would actually believe he is miserable in the White House. You have to do lots of reading, meetings etc.. it’s not a fit for his personality. The next four years will be hard no matter who is President and people will be critical whoever is in that role. He hasn’t risen to the huge challenge of COVID and there’s nothing I’ve seen to lead me to think he’s capable of changing to do that. Stay safe and happy.

    3. @joandollie Doyle If you think that Trump is not up to the grueling job of President, how do you think that Biden will manage? Biden can barely manage to do two interviews in two days. Besides, Trump has accomplished quite a lot in 3 1/2 years, despite Democrat obstruction. But, I know that I will never convince you of that, and that you will not bother to investigate Trump’s accomplishments.

    4. They dont know what to do post Trump! They got used to having orange crap on their mouth and developed an insatiable appetite for it. It’s going to be fun watching thos anti Americans trying to integrate back into society.

  1. Remember Joe has 3 law degrees and graduated at the top of his class with 165 credits when he only needed 130 .

    1. @Arvla Bellamy True, no problem. And it’s discovered that Bone Spurs bought his way into a university n paying a guy to sit for his SATS.

  2. The problem with the electoral college is the fact that candidates just need to go swing states and never have to cross into any large cities.

    1. Swing states change election to election. Tell that to hillary clinton she thought the same thing and lost. But truth is you gotta go a lot of places with the electorial college. Its in place to protect the minority against the tyranny of the manority.

    1. Melissa Sullivan time for you to grow up & get real , those weren’t Republicans destroying those Democratic cities , they can’t even govern a city

    2. @John O You shldnt have allowed Obama to appoint a senile sexual predator racist liar career criminal you have no leader’s bootlicker!! F@ck Trump 2!!

  3. I’m so glad the Biden campaign finally mentions this! The stock market has a certain importance for most a lot of people, even if only indirectly, but it’s so far from being the principal factor to influence most people’s economic situation. The top 10% richest Americans own 87% of stocks, I’m so glad to finally see that statistic starting to circulate. The market and the economy are related subjects, but they remain two very different things. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of fact you understand when you were born rich and are incapable of empathy.

    1. The stock market is the pricipal gage of how the economy is doing. You are just to stupid to understand economics

  4. Trump “I think Covid is a good thing, then I don’t have to shake hands with disgusting people”
    Hah you mean nothing to him except a vote #disgustingpeople

    1. Arvla Bellamy no plane on the Dems side when the Ebola outbreak took place on Obummer Biden watch it took them a year because of the liberals laws education is key when doing a public statement

    2. @Mr. Common sense during Ebola only 2 people died in tbe US. Because it was they screen people coming from Sierra Region and had it under control immediately.

  5. In his weakest moments, Joe Biden is more trustworthy than Trump ever thought of being, not that Trump wasted time on that! They both are a bit disorganized and fumble the ball s bit, but to me it’s all about honesty, integrity, intentions and experience.

    1. I guess the 2016 election proved your point: America (that is, a minority of Americans…) chose a reality TV star for President, and what it got in return is 4 years of chaos, of being mocked around the world (the same world that admired the US during the Obama years) and, for dessert, it is getting almost half a year of complete failure in handling the pandemic, resulting in tons of many millions being unemployed and hundreds of thousands dying (and millions who have lost a loved one). I guess being a good President isn’t a function of how good a speaker you are, but of how good a public servant you are.

    2. ralph stephan that’s all he has is weak moments the guy is a coward spineless and pathetic lier and that my friend is the truth unless you can tell me one thing he did in 47 years

    3. ralph stephan time for you to grow up & get real , yes Trump has big New York mouth but his actions and accomplishments cannot be denied. Biden’s is a career politician who will do nothing , we just Can’t afford his projected tax hikes or his free healthcare to 11 million illegal immigrants.

    1. Willy Brown made Harris famous this disease is a true non American scum bag socialist she got where she is today by sleeping her way to the top I don’t know what’s more disgusting her or her voters.

    2. Lynn Lamont I did and all leads back to your corrupt Liberal racist radical socialist scum bag cockroaches non church going non America non taxpayers voting core

    1. No he won’t, and Biden is not a man of God. He had Under God removed from the pledge of allegiance at the DNC! You can’t fix stupid…

    1. @david velasquez No, he’s just apparently racist and stupid. More likely a troll or bot, so you may have just earned him a ruble or two 😉

  6. Having the sleepy Joe as President is much safer than having the Sociopath Trump….Ask any mental health professional…!!!


    2. @Gone Right Of course it won’t. You live in an alternate reality I call the Trump conspiracyverse. The rest of us live in the real world. Enjoy.

    1. This means that you are actively praying so that those who dont have YouTube access and couldn’t read your comment , dont have a long life and dont succeed.
      That’s not very nice

    1. @Jarry Sciligo us trumpets are very dangerous to people like you who want to murder babies and tear down our traditional way of life. Be afraid be very afraid

    2. @my name is manic Whatever Cletus. I doubt you’re ever sober long enough to hit where you’re aiming. Myself on the other hand…

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