1. water towers are emmiting 6G and giving everyone arm cancer!!!! Let’s stop the federal watertower commission now!

  1. “There’s going to be no circumstances where you’re going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy in the United States from Afghanistan.” – Joe Biden.

    1. @Rmy1 lol The Sec of defense, National Security Advisor are not Trump hold overs. You’re a fu**ing joke

    2. @Rmy1 yes, as always, blaming Trump is the problem. As long as you have someone else to blame, you don’t have to take responsibility…and the problems persist.

    3. And so far what he said is true. On any good day in countries like Afghanistan it would be practically impossible to safely move thousands of people around and get them onto airplanes and safely depart, so go figure how hard it is to ramp up to hundreds of people every hour when the people themselves have created this mass hysteria.

    4. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime 1st her name was Ashli Babbitt. She was committing a felony and paid the price. Deal with it snowflake.

  2. What interest in Afghanistan do we have now that Al Qaeda’s gone, Joe? I have a feeling we’ll be having a great interest there soon since you left the Taliban with billions of dollars of US arms, planes, tanks, and munitions. Arming terrorists to the teeth has a away of coming back to haunt you.

    1. I’ve seen the Taliban walking around with M-4’s M-16’s M249’s & driving our armored vehicles. We hold no advantage unless it’s in the air

  3. Joe squinting to read the teleprompter. Without the teleprompter he would have no idea what to say or what’s even going on

    1. Would be the best if they put teleprompter on tv screens so the people can read that directly w/o hearing the senile voice of Demented joe and seeing his disgusting face! That sucks really!

    2. He could just turn it around so we can read it ourselves. What a fake president!!!
      20 years, trillions of dollars, thousands of lives to replace the Taliban with Taliban! Well done Joe!!!

  4. Why the rush joe then! If Afghan is so safe with no terrorists! This mess gives America such a bad name! Next generation will hate America after all the hard work of the vets 😓

  5. Does president biden have a tell where he touches his nose everytime he lies? I hve seen him do the same thing when the media had asked him about evacuation and crisis in afghanistan

  6. After seeing the casualties in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq the rest of the world is saying America please don’t invade us don’t bring us freedom and democracy. we want to live.

  7. At least Joe speaks of constructive plans during a speech!!! All you got out of trump was him bashing and blaming someone else and talking about how unfair everyone treats him 😢😢😢😭😭😭

    Ps: Few days later: “Back to Kabul, boys, Taliban was too fast”. LOL. Congrats, DEMs.

  9. Bden on those fallen from the plane:
    “That was 4 days ago!”

    Here’s a piece from Bden’s wikipedia (propaganda) page, written by some hard leftist no doubt that revokes any factual edits.

    “Biden has been noted for his empathetic nature and ability to communicate about grief. In 2020, CNN wrote that his presidential campaign aimed to make him “healer-in-chief””

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