Biden, Harris Lead Nation In Memorial For Victims Of Covid-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Biden, Harris Lead Nation In Memorial For Victims Of Covid-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris leading the first national memorial to Americans who died from Covid-19, as that number passes 400,000 without any acknowledgment from the outgoing Donald Trump. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Biden, Harris Lead Nation In Memorial For Victims Of Covid-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. The Arlington National Cemetery was created after the American Civil War. There are approximately 400,000 buried there. The deaths from the corona virus now exceed that number.

    1. @Max Cabrera were they really americans though they did secede from the union and form there own confederate nation.

    2. ​@Bobbin’ Mcferry the global death toll for covid is 2 million, the US death toll for covid is 400000, let that sink in! Those people died because of a war on them! No other country has numbers like that! The US started covid in a better position than Australia, similar in position to NZ in terms of capacity to prevent impact from it. Australia has 909 deaths, NZ 25 deaths. Vietnam started the pandemic in one of the worst positions in the world, land boarder to China, underdeveloped medical system, testing capacity, very little PPE in storage. They have 95 million people in their country & 35 deaths total!

      US deaths are those of a war conducted against civilians who were seen as too poor to be useful & as such were expendable & a burden on the wallets of the rich. Don’t make excuses for, or deny the reality of what happened in your country in 2020!

    1. @Ash Roskell no wait sorry, you idea is to have a giant pile of rocks for the all the made up BS covid deaths- just so we can admire how much trash the news feeds us? Good plan. You start making a pile of rocks k

    2. @Ash Roskell what the actual readable autism was that? Not even really words n sentences lmao intelligent people

    1. Things can only get better . . . I hope? . . . I wish with all my heart, one thing: that America builds a Cairn? One stone for each victim? Maybe replace trump tower with the cairn? But, seriously! It’s cheap and effective. A way for all Americans to VISUALISE the true depth of this DISASTER!

    2. You can’t leave piles of rocks around, not with Trumptons on the loose. You’d end up with a lot of dead police.

    1. If America is not careful, it will be like A Nightmare on Elm Street. There WILL be sequels. That is why Trump needs to be impeached, removed, and denied future office. Failing that he should be prosecuted and JAILED.

    2. @Waleed Ahmed it was awesome to hear that Biden won the election
      I thought finally the world can get moving again with a great leader to show the way
      And I am not even American I’m from Scotland the world is literally waking up from a nightmare

  2. The wall of the Vietnam memorial is covered by 58 thousand names, a wall with the names of all those who have died from Covid 19 to date would be 7 times bigger, and we’re not out of the woods yet

    1. @Hackermann 35, NOT 35,000!
      1,544 cases total all pandemic (most caught outside Vietnam) & 35 covid/respiratory illness deaths total all pandemic

    2. Over six months ago I was saying a wall with names of those that died from the pandemic would
      be the wall President Trump is responsible for.

    3. @Me Yet.Again!
      So basically the people of Vietnam kicked Covid’s ugly butt and showed it who’s boss! God bless em’!

    1. We must inundate our GOP, “representatives,” with SUPPORT for Moscow Mitch and his plan to get trump impeached! Seriously! If he gets his way, trump will be NEUTRALISED from office, unable to become the Governor somewhere, and claim, “immunity,” again. But, if Moscow Mitch wins, the GOP will tear itself apart! With ZERO blame going to, “the left,” at all! So, contact GOP, “Reps,” everywhere, through every medium and get your friends and family to do the same! Let them eat each other! Time we gamed the system, the way they have gamed America!

    2. All Trump did was say it was all was a hoax, fire people, hold rallies, undermine health professionals, and whine about how he lost the election and find a way to steal it.

      In other words he didn’t care who died he only cared about whether he was going to stay in office

    3. @Yours Truly The #1 Pony is that why he restricted travel from high risk areas and BIDEN said that was racist and xenophobic?
      Oh almost you can whine about absolutely everything when you want to huh.
      Hey you wanna blame trump for biden not even knowing who his cabinet is? Thats bidens campaign that couldn’t even tell us who they’ve had in mind for the cabinet. Trumps fault huh, while dems have the senate, house, presidential office AND still blame trump.
      Lol like little upset toddlers

    4. @Unshaven One im waiting, cupcake.
      While your out looking for stuff, look for a trump quote of him saying something racist. Yall can’t seem to find that one either but proclaim it all the time.
      I mean it only takes less than 5 minutes right?

    1. Me too and Joe’s speech before he left Delaware. So happy for America to get Joe after the nightmare of trump.

    1. @Kenny Lee Jian Siong Trump did nothing but wrong. He failed at everything and history will show that. He was and is a traitor

    1. @Hankakah I take issue with quoting any info from any person that is on the fringe rather than the consensus that is my issue people believing in an outliers findings rather than the majority of scientific evidence that is how conspiracies start the belief in that which is improbable rather than the probable, these outliers do not need oxygen and no one should quote them

    2. @James Towles wow you have a lot of hate built up there perhaps you should seek some help with that your life must be so empty as you are consumed with such hatred

    3. @James Towles we know you can’t think for yourself so you have to keep regurgitating the nonsense you were force fed.
      A do nothing politican? Well, considering he was a Senate and America did not lose over 400 thousand dead in a year, is doing something.
      Was the congress stormed in his 47 year as a Senate/VP?
      MAGAlomaniacs like you have outsourced their thinking – to Trump of all people

    4. @timandsue legere It is not just one site that is quoting this. The House investigative committee will look into the authenticity of those and it will not be hard to do with the FBI now under new heads at the FBI, DOJ.
      Trump and his appointees better be ready for criminal charges if this is true. Attempted murder.

  3. The other ‘one’ must be livid and hugely embarrassed. He should be. Well done to the new President and his Vice President.

    1. It’s a good thing I turned on MSNBC yesterday. They actually showed this live unlike that other failing news channel. They had on deprogramming conservatives. I actually care about the victims who died from Covid-19 MSNBC thanks for showing it. Something is definitely going right at the cable news channel that is MSNBC How can I put it I know it’s a rebirth of cable news when Americans like myself need it most in the times we currently live in

  4. Lovely tribute Kamala forgot to include in her list the children who’ve died from Covid. Many adults leave behind a grieving parent

  5. I’m from the UK, where too many have died from this pandemic. It’s feels good that America has now got a president who wants to serve and care for all. My deepest sympathy for all that have suffered. I wish for peace and friendship.

    1. I am from the UK as well awesome comment
      Be safe
      Ware a mask
      Wash your hands
      Follow social distancing guidelines

    1. @Steve Thomas, YES, President Biden is a decent man… Prez dent babytrump is not, his Supporter are the ones on crack or need it.

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