Biden Heads To Tulsa To Commemorate 100th Anniversary Of Race Massacre 1

Biden Heads To Tulsa To Commemorate 100th Anniversary Of Race Massacre


President Biden will travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tuesday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre, one of the worst instances of racial violence in the nation’s history. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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  1. Thanks for giving a voice to those who were murdered, telling the story and exposing our ugly past so we can help them heal and give them resources to build back better.

    1. @John Clarke – Thanks John. I’m glad someone knows where I’m going from. It’s like common sense goes out the window, when the subject of race gets involved. I’m sympathetic, to what happened in the past, but, it’s more important what is happening now. History is not kept from me, I can open a book anytime, or Google, because I don’t remember every single US atrocity that means there is a conspiracy? Smh.

    2. @Bat Boy I remember once when I was in college, a professor brought up the genocide of the native americans for really no reason at all other than virtue signaling. And the entire class erupted in applause. I remember looking around at the couple of students who were indians and they were not applauding. They were looking down at their laps, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. Yeah, I’m pretty convinced that liberals are just unable to talk about race responsibly and I wish they’d just drop it altogether. History is important, but I hate how so many liberals have weaponized the racism of the past without caring what it does to real poc.

    3. @Custer Nixon  I was loving on Unit 6 my RA’S named was Mr Ford. He was a self confessed ex prosecutor for the state in KCMO who admitted put alot of known innocent black young men in prison for crimes they did not do. He was working at that Job corps facility to make reperations for what he said was his sins in life. You’ll claim all day because you can’t read it in the news paper that I’m making things up. I’m not. They RIOTED and attacked all none Obama Voter the night the of the election in 2008. All NIGHTTIME RA were mysteriously absent for the hours the election took place. Many pro Obama voters took place in mob celebrations attacking people in their rooms and catching them alone in the showers.

    4. This is a narrative because OK votes Republican but around the same time period, just as many Blacks were massacred in the NYC draft riots where White NY targeted Blacks. And notice how the internet calls Tulsa “race” riots while NY is labeled “Draft” riots. Pay attention to the narrative as well as history.

  2. Let us all remember the greatest mass shootings in American History.
    Sand Creek Massacre, November 29″ 1864. The US Cauvery killed 500 American Indians living in a village.
    Colfax Massacre, April 13′ 1817. A total of 150 black Americans were murdered by various Louisiana militias who attacked a courthouse.
    Wounded Knee Massacre, December 29, 1890. About 300 American Indians, mostly women and children were attacked by the 7th Calvary.
    We cannot forget Waco TX where 150 innocent Americans were killed by gunfire and fire on Order of Janet Reno.

    1. The USA is a brutal state.
      In the UK (population 67M) the police shoot only one or two citizens dead each year.
      In the USA the police shoot dead over 1200+ citizens every single year.
      If the police in any other nation were murdering 1200 citizens without trial every year it would be considered a brutal authoritarian nation but the USA convinces the world it is a free nation.
      The USA also locks up more citizens per capita than any nation in human history.
      Last summer every city in Europe had marches against the USA’s racist police violence. I’m not sure that the USA even realises how they are seen by the world. They are all brainwashed into thinking they are this great nation when they are actually a police state.

    2. @Robert J. Williamson The mistake that you made is that you looked at the overall statistics to draw a conclusion. In order to obtain a true picture you need to look at each and every incident individually. You need to look at the incident in which an officer stops an individual on the street and that individual pulls a gun on the officer. The officer has the fire to protect his or her life. You have to look at the incident in which the officer responds to a person with a gun in a park who is pointing it at people. The officers arrive, they see an individual and he points a gun at them. The fire to protect their life. It turns out that the individuals of juvenile and he had a BB gun that what is an identical match do a Glock 45 pistol. You have to look at the Internet in which officers respond to a domestic violence calls and they suspect emerges from my house shooting at the officers they have to fire back.
      There is also the best population difference between United States and the UK. We also have a great deal of diversity which is an issue.
      With the growing influence of Muslim extremists in the UK your officers of Bayard quite often in recent memory. Look at each individual statistic.
      You made the error of painting what you see with a broad brush but what you need to do is look at every incident.

  3. As a HS grad ‘Class of 1968’ (NYC metro area), we were never truly taught about:
    – The Slave trade & its demeaning treatment to the enslaved
    – Horrors of passage on slave ships, Charleston slave market
    – Jim Crow & Segregation (DeJure or DeFacto), MLK’s Birmingham Bus Boycott
    – The Tulsa Race Massacre, Emmett Till
    – Mass murder of Native American Indian Tribes

    Then, much of what we learned came from news sources such as CBS, NBC, ABC, growing awareness from film, documentaries. The famous court cases, ‘1896 – Plessy v. Ferguson ‘, which according to white law legalized, “segregation as ‘separate, but equal” (which was BS!) and its undoing, ‘1954 – Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education’ were both taught. Do not get me wrong, had engaged, superb HS teachers, many who were active in civil rights and against the Vietnam War. In order to move fwd., we need to know our past!

    1. @Mark White you wrote several times, find it abusive and above all unwarranted. Take your trolling hatred elsewhere

  4. Gm edagdwg thanks You tube for sharing this sad history of what is still happening around the world talk is talk action is real let people see changes enjoy real life Linda j.peace

  5. This history is what happened to the Jews and people said it didn’t happen sad pay attention to what you see everyday hate is real God is always around linda j.

  6. Enough with the tokenism Joe, put the pressure on the Dems to pass the George Floyd Policing and Reform Act.

    1. @Muhammad the Prophet police? you mean the KKK that joined the police. Muhammad was a false prophet. That’s why Satan disguised as angel Gabriel choked him.

  7. ever wonder WHAT ELSE you weren’t taught. that stuff is still there and it is REAL HISTORY and you don’t know about it. P.S.: that stuff is WAY WORSE than this . . .

    1. @willard097 “Presumed lynching”. If you grab a book you’ll find out that even in the 50’s lynching was a thing. “ a white guy tried to desarme a black man” and that was the beginning of the chaos”. I forgot that only whites are allowed to be arm. And also that justifies that an entire town was burn to the ground. I get it now.

    2. @Elvin Vinicius Rasposo ah yes the he must be racist because he presents something different from what I want to believe.and show me where in my statement I justifyed it?

    3. @willard097 I don’t know where you reach that conclusion from. I didn’t even use the word “racist”. Where in my text did I say that anyone was racist? It’s all about projection.

    4. @Elvin Vinicius Rasposo and I apologize. But from the tone of your previous response I drew that conclusion.

  8. payments will divide the city… but so will not making payments and proper reparations. what side of history will you be on?

    1. Unite, im told i have wht privilege, that i owe reparations,
      Im blamed for systematic racism

  9. Racism exists, but it is not welcome here. We are not immune to the viruses of hate, of fear, of other.
    We never have been. But we can be the nation that discovers the cure.” Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand PM.

  10. They could at least divert additional funding to black area school and community projects and they could create a “Tulsa Black Wall Street College Fund” and pay part of the college education of hundreds of black kids from the area. I’m sure outside people would pay into such a fund voluntarily.
    I understand that it is difficult to ask current taxpayers to pay millions to the direct descendants of the massacre when they didn’t do anything themselves. This would mean tax increases for everyone including black residents and it could run into hundreds of millions.
    I guess they could calculate it and see how doable it was. It seems the right thing to do if it can be done.

  11. Joe Biden speaking at Tulsa is a little bizarre considering his history of racist comments and the fact that he gave a glowing eulogy for Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Byrd. It was the Klan that did the massacre. Joe Biden and top Democrats now pretending that they are very moved by the awful Tulsa massacre. Truth is that they never heard of it till a few weeks ago when political consultants showed it to them and told them to exploit it for political purposes.

  12. While you traveling. Do something about that BLACK CODE. Please people beware of this on the books look it up. No reparation cause they still see us as not eqal

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