Biden Hires All-Female WH Communications Team | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Biden Hires All-Female WH Communications Team | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


President-elect Joe Biden continued to fill out his cabinet over the weekend, hiring an all-female WH communications team. Aired on 11/30/2020.
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Biden Hires All-Female WH Communications Team | Morning Joe | MSNBC

62 Comments on "Biden Hires All-Female WH Communications Team | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. These Republicans worried about Neera Tanden past comments? Might I recommend they review the comments of their President Donald Trumps Twitter?

  2. In other news: Trump is afraid of strong women. They just need to do what he asks and have a fat butt.

  3. For having heard these women debate and express themselves on the broadcasts, I can safely say that they will be up to the task, they are aware of the problems that Americans face, and they do not live outside the reality. They have nothing to do with people like Kelly Ann Conway or McEnany, or whatever their names are!

  4. I actually don’t see why the GOP thinks they wield so much power over senate confirmations. Just let them not be confirmed and they can work as an “acting” secretary. Trump’s doing it right now and he doesn’t seem to mind.

    • @T. R. Campbell in what reality did his nominees not get confirmed ?

    • @Viganch0 wow now we know who you are … you just discounted your entire argument with that low life low education statement
      biden team isn’t just filling positions w brown women , moron … they are actually qualified. yeah no more big donors with zero experience

    • T. R. Campbell | November 30, 2020 at 5:08 PM | Reply

      @mtronix in our political reality. Trump had 527 nominees confirmed and 162 not confirmed. Thanks for asking.

    • @mtronix yes, they want to diversify the military industrial complex so wokesters will be happy! I bet she is qualified! No doubt there, she’ll serve the war machine well enough.

    • @Viganch0 I for one, am glad you’ve moved on from the increasingly silly and destructive whining about a stolen election and have come to terms with reality enough to move on to complaining about the new cabinet!

      Thank you, brava! I offer my sincere admiration, it’s almost like old times again. Seriously, thank you.

  5. Trump campaign nonstop still lost sad.

  6. So, we’ve gotten past the yeoman-with-coffee stage and progressed to the Open-Hailing-Frequencies stage. It’s a step, but we need to get to the Captain Janeway stage. “Do it!”

  7. I just came here to read all of the Trumpy “He’s not President yet!” whining.

    • @B woodward In your dreams hunny, we are all just enjoying the rationalizations of the cult. No one is scared of Giuliani or Powell or Donald, he’s getting to be a bigger loser, joke with every court loss and recount that confirms Biden. Who’s scared of a wing nut like you?

      People are mocking you because you are funny.

    • @Origami Mambo I have been attacked today by over 300 enraged Democrats because they know I have it. LOL

    • @B woodward And if you have been ‘attacked all day’ then you have been on the computer too long, go outside, take a walk, go read a book or hug someone who loves you. Don’t fight so hard for Donald, he lost and you shouldn’t get so upset, it’s a lost cause.

      Go outside for awhile sweetie.

    • @Origami Mambo I make money in the stock market. I am smarter than you and it is raining.

    • oh

  8. God I can’t stand politicians. All the stuff Trump has said over the years? They are children, just getting in the way of progress simply because you’re not on their team.

  9. Kimberly Morris | November 30, 2020 at 9:44 AM | Reply

    Just look at Republicans in the Senate for an example of old rich white men who allow no one in their midst.
    They have 2 females and 1 black man.

  10. That’s how you drain the swamp proper!

  11. Biden’s Dream Teams

  12. I hope he rehires Beck Dory-Stien as a stenographer! She seems so sweet and deserving!
    Just sayin !

  13. That would be awesome if Biden hired Trump’s niece for some type of position.

  14. Mary Trump?? Bring her on.

  15. Better keep Diaper Don away from them so they don’t get grabbed…

    • @Nick Hamill 17 women accused Trump of sexual assault and he admitted that he did the very things they were accusing him of on that access Hollywood bus . Yeah I’d be more worried about Trump than Biden when it came to anything involving sexual assault .

    • @John Mcguire Just like you were worried about slick Willy? aka Bill Clinton.

    • Joey got some sniffing to do

    • I’d like to use a classic Animaniac quote here: “If you touch me or even get near me, I’ll have you arrested, do you hear me?” These are not some easly impressed young showgirls or interns. These are the kind of women who carry a Glock in their purse and a brown belt under their business suit. By the time you realize they maced you, they have already speed-dialed their lawyer and are pressing charges before the handcuffs snap around your wrists.

    • Biden is ready to sniff everyone of them out like a dog

  16. I’m waiting for biden to pick Andrew Yang! !

  17. Senators have their boxers in a twist over a nominee because of “things she’s said about us “! Seriously, is she qualified…YES! Is this a popularity contest….NO!!

  18. Hmm, the members of Trump’s administrative cabinet were mostly white men.

  19. Better Tomorrow | November 30, 2020 at 1:25 PM | Reply

    Let’s go get the two senate seats in Georgia and shut up these Republicans.

  20. Richard Pierpoint | November 30, 2020 at 1:41 PM | Reply

    I absolutely LOVE Kate Bedingfield – seriously, she is utterly brilliant.

    Just saying…

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