Biden Hits Back Against Criticism Of Afghanistan Withdrawal

In a new interview, Pres. Biden pushed back against the criticism he has received from both sides of the aisle for how the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has played out. We discuss that with Lisa Lerer and Gen. Barry McCaffrey.
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  1. Joe, people are falling out of planes & getting crushed on the runway, 15,000 Americans are in danger! ” That was 4 days ago Man, Come on man”!

    1. @Nigel R Grant Joe was in government during the entire occupation and voted for it. Joe is in charge of the evacuation. Hows that going?

    1. I didn’t realize he had a stutter until it became convenient for the media (and himself) to use that as a way to paint him in a more relatable light. Good-hearted, folksy Joe. Watch his speeches from Obama era. It’s night and day.

      Of course, it could be more pronounced now with his age and apparent mild neuro cognitive disorder

  2. That was the most evasive,non- committal interview I have ever heard. Especially for such an important issue!

    1. Biden pretends that he cares by pushing Covid, Covid, Covid…What is he doing to secure the Southern border.???? Thousands coming thru with Covid… This is all BS…!!!! Biden is worthless…

    2. @Kevin Sumner It will be important when their trained terrorists walk right through our unattended Southern border.

  3. A real leader would face the press and answer tough questions. Biden struggled with a softball interview.

    1. Looked like he expected people to have common sense on this one. And the media doesn’t.
      You should know that by now when asking trump about anything and all those pivots.

    2. @Clap Trap Trump actually stuck around to address the press, even if they were rabid TDS having media. Biden walks off so he can’t be grilled on any issues. The media protects him, so he gets away with it. Real Journalism is dead and the Majors killed it.

    1. @BT the coverage is subject to revenue created by advertisers that we can control. We just need to organize.

  4. Why would you pull the military out when you still had so many American citizens still in the country?

    1. @Anna yes. Trump did better withdrawaling from Syria than Biden has done this week in Afghanistan. Biden’s actions this week are heinous and vile. Not that his actions leading up to this was not but this is the last straw for a considerable amount of people around the world. I call for not just the removal of Biden from office. I call for a new election with an entirely different administration. Kamala Harris will just be obama 3.0

    2. @Carlos Alvarado What you just said was vile and exceptionally ignorant. Over 50,000 Afghan soldiers have died in this war. 20x more than Americans. For you to say they didn’t fight for themselves is disgraceful. You just discredited over 50,000 dead soldiers fighting for their rights. The Taliban, ISIS and Sunnis are well over a million soldiers strong and by far more savage with bloodlust. The Afghans never stood a chance without us. What Biden has done borders the lines of genocide.

    3. @John Barber because according to the lefty cultist of F Trump, everything Biden does is justified because F Trump. No logic necessary. Just F Trump and everything in the wake of Biden.

    4. @Anna This is Bidens fault. He directly ignored military intel and made his own decision. The lefty cultist of F Trump need to stop being such commi tools. Everything Biden touches turns into a humanity crisis. And lefties condone everything Biden does because F Trump. That is the extent of lefties logic. Everything Biden does is justified because F Trump according to lefty cultist of F Trump.

    1. @Mituki HonJap By *not* abandoning 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan for one and instead prioritizing their withdrawal by controlling the airport because that’s my JOB as PRESIDENT. To protect the lives of US Citizens, not write strongly worded letters to Taliban members and expect them to shudder in “fear”….

    2. @Slayer 399 I agree that Biden failed in the withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan, but we have to look at the beginning starting w Trump. Trump and the Taliban signed off an peaceful agreement which the Taliban broke and Trump did nothing.

    3. @Mituki HonJap ok GREAT FINALLY you agree Slow Joe botched the withdrawal. Nothing more needs to be said. The end. He botched the withdrawal, ensuring another 20 years of bloodshed and instability. Forget Trump ok? He made an agreement, and SLOW JOE broke that agreement AGAINST MILITARY COUNCIL and left at least 15,000 AMERICANS high and dry. Let’s just focus on this. Forget about your TDS for five seconds.

    4. @John Barber u can read all my comments bc I never defended Biden. I was bringing up facts and asking as to how would they have handled everything at the very start of the withdrawal agreement.

    5. @Mituki HonJap while there may have been an agreement by Trump’s and the Taliban. Clearly, they felt the US was of no consequence to enforcing anything and with how US forces pulled out in a giant fell swoop overnight, why honor it?
      But to be real, the agreement has nothing to do with *Biden’s* actions as CIC and his decisions.
      For months we’ve had the generals telling us how Trump was the worst person militarily, so why would you have Biden relying on his Taliban agreement on such an important withdrawal?

    1. Obama was pretty bad too , he signed Karzai 12 , which was the biggest mistake any president has made in this war

  5. I take Geriatric Joe at his word. Hunter is the smartest person he knows. This Afghan withdrawal was the best he could do. Corn Pop is a bad dude.

    1. You can say whatever you want, but we are getting out of the war and the loss of life of our soldiers. Take your comments and shove em!

    2. @no one the last US death to combat in Afghanistan was February of 2020. Active combat roles by US forces was ended under Obama in 2014. I agree and I think most do that we needed to withdraw completely, but this botched mission was completely avoidable.

    3. @no one The way we left Afghanistan only encourages our enemies and frightens our allies … if we have any left. what are your thoughts on Hunter and Corn Pop? Are they equally enlightening.

    1. @User Error 90% of what is said. Never did they report the good trump dod now they hide the bad biden is doing. Fake news is real

    2. @J.j. Swamp facts? Receipts? Documents? You people scream fake news but NEVER supply any sources. Stfu

    3. @Treyvon Perry what about the Federal Judge making the ruling that Rachael Maddow cannot be sued because it’s well known that her news is fake? Does that work for you? It certainly happened. “Federal judge Cynthia Bashant recently ruled that viewers should not take the commentary found on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program too literally either.”

    1. Did you pay the overdue electricity bill, they just cut the power off?!
      That was 4 Days ago… come on man!

    1. And now we wait, Mitt Romney Ron Paul to try and save America from a strong man, or Based Trump Desantis timeline.

  6. MSM pushed for Biden to win. They covered for him at every turn. It’s their fault that we have a lame duck president that’s screwed up everything since day 1

    1. I believe that s just what happened K.Jackson47 election fraud was used to get Joe Biden and they v e been covering it up all this time

    1. I got news for you they are already here. Many churches have contracts with the government to “settle” immigrants in the US. Typically, they are dumped in small town for the locals to deal with. Some cities and towns have already received Afghani refugees. I do not believe Saudi Arabia has accepted any though.

    1. I highly doubt that rooftop evacuation and flying afghans were part of the deal… As well as 10k americans that are stuck there 🙄

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