Biden Honors 500,000 Covid-19 Deaths With Heartfelt Address To The Nation | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden Honors 500,000 Covid-19 Deaths With Heartfelt Address To The Nation | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Joe Biden marked the milestone of 500,000 lives lost to the coronavirus in an address to the nation Monday evening. The Morning Joe panel discusses the importance of Biden's message. Aired on 02/23/2021.
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Biden Honors 500,000 Covid-19 Deaths With Heartfelt Address To The Nation | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. INCREDIBLE. it feels so good to have a HUMAN BEING in the White House and not a LITERAL ORANGE. the right wing conspiracy theorists have DESTROYED this country but hopefully with JOE WE ARE GOING TO BUILD BACK BETTER

    1. You do realize that Biden dropped the N bomb yesterday…right? Not a fan of the orange man but at least he never did that. I wonder how Kamala feels about Biden dropping the N bomb?

    2. @Louis Tully he was a racist until he needed votes. No one remembers him hanging with Jim Crow, and his comment about desegregation. Biden quote ” I don’t want my kids growing up in the jungle” do some research on your candidates people. Even Kamala called him out on it until she realized she needed him to get into office.

  2. Does Trump ever wonder why he’s always the “head” they’re hunting?
    Surely it can’t have anything to do with his corrupt, illegal business dealings!

    1. @Valdagast Never EVER feel sorry for a SocioPath … They are unable to feel empathy and you will be setting yourself up for failure if you make the mistake it will mean anything at all to him. trump is completely deluded he is NOT going to change EVER.

  3. I agree with Katty Kay when she said, the moment finds the man. I’ve been saying this since last spring, Joe Biden is our modern day Gerald Ford.

  4. Trump’s whining about his Tax returns being released, how interesting…
    This really shouldn’t bother him since he promised the voters he’d release his tax returns during the first campaign!

    1. Monday, February 22, 2021

      Why did President Joe Biden just hold a “moment of silence” event (carried live by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.) for 500,000 U.S. Covid-19 deaths, when the OFFICIAL website says 467,485 deaths related to Covid-19, as of February 22, 2021?

      In his speech leading up to the “moment of silence”, Joe Biden blames everyone but CHINA for Covid-19.Why is he unwilling to wait until the OFFICIAL Covid-19 death toll reaches half-million (500,000)? What’s the rush? Pushing Fake News/Fake Numbers regarding deaths, is not appropriate.

    2. @TheMedia FullOfCrap because what you saw hasn’t been updated, it says its updated every wednesday and the count is higher than the the number on the website and other published sites.

    3. @TheMedia FullOfCrap We know the virus came from China. It’s like a farmer dealing with a herd who got out through a gate that was left open. Instead of doing a good job rounding up the herd you still go on about the gate being left open almost a year later.

  5. Donald Trump on coronavirus, one year ago: “We have it totally under control.”
    Present day: 500,000 lives lost to coronavirus.

    1. @TheMedia FullOfCrap why do you keep making this same comment over and over, it literally isnt making anyone gasp and clutch their pearls, I told you because the website updates every wednesday… why dont you look at the obvious dubious behaviors and quit trying to find new conspiracies to make love to.

    2. @Gregg force is your bag, not ours, just consider the left the parent that has to get the petulant child back on track and you’re that petulant child.

    3. @Kimberly Winters “Biden is the best president in US history, Trumpers should be forced to admit this.” You can read correct? She said best President in history, dementia Joe has been on the job a month and done 4 years worth of damage already. They said, Trumper should be FORCED to admit that. Pretty poor deflection lol. I see you are one of those up is down and black is white nut jobs. Tell you what, I’ll take her at her spoken word. You best put the pipe down for a while.

  6. “Never happened to a President before.” *THATS BECAUSE THE OTHER PRESIDENTS RELEASED THEIR TAX RETURNS!* – The birther movement nonsense was started by Trump. If Obama have to prove his birth right to become the President, then Donny has to show his tax return to prove his innocence.

    1. @TheMedia FullOfCrap trump has provenly lied over 30 THOUSAND times! By the way, the checks are in the stimulus package. If it is delayed, you can thank the Republicans!

    2. @Vera von Weltin The House of Representatives has decided to pack their version of the $1.9 Trillion stimulus bill.

      Big money and loads not really related to the COVID19 “crisis” !!

      All kinds of pork and butter jammed inside.

      I wonder what the average Citizen will get (other than the shaft) ?

      What will YOU be getting ? Read the 591 pages of democratic disgust of a stimulus bill

    3. @Dylan Miller look the mans lawyers say don’t release tax information until the irs concludes the audit . his records were leaked anyway , so
      its kinda a moot point.

    4. @Vera von Weltin thats kinda the point ya dingbat . the irs has had this audit going for years, they say no wrong doing no suspicion of wrong doing but they wont end the audit. there is no legal requirement for them to do so.. and they arent indicting when if ever they will conclude it, either..,

    5. @Vera von Weltin lol have you read any of those claims ? its thirty thousand instances of “ he doesn’t agree with what i think , so therefore he lied” lol. . you should fact check your fact checkers…

  7. I lost my sister in a hospital 1000 miles away. There currently is no closure until we can have her funeral. 1/2 million families are going through this pain. We atleast have hope now that we have a president that cares.

    1. @momo oh and by the way we feel better because now at least we have President who sees these deaths as loses of life rather than as being a political attack! Biden actually cares that people are dying, he’s not complaining about how it has ruined his popularity or just tried to ignore the death toll and let the virus run rampant until it’s gone or some other stupid heartless halfassed scheme.

    2. @Gregg u really need to post this on a grieving person?? U have ur rights to express ur opinion. Do it on a proper place like make ur own comment on the subject. Not on Michaels. Allow him to grieve and express himself w the same rights as u do. Show some compassion n empathy.

    1. @mike briganti crying ?
      I’ve never cried over trump, that’s Republican snowflake business and business is good.

    1. It’s nice to hear from our brothers and sisters looking in from the outside, it’s a relief to know we here arent crazy.

    1. Sad, coz trump supporters lost their parents, grandparents, family because covid that trump ignored completely and he never mentioned covid victims, bu they still support him why? Some people are very very stupid

  8. *Nothing says we really don’t care about our citizens more than an overfunded military overseas and an underfunded healthcare system back at home* Truth Hurts

  9. Look at the eyes of an old soldier and all those who had to
    actually march through tragedies face to face to see or understand
    the true meaning of humanity! Not through brats who profit by
    swindling and call conning as “winning” and helping others as losing –
    even calling those who gave their lives to save others as losers and suckers!

  10. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  11. This man has a good heart. We are in better hands now. It’s time to heal and do our part to make this beautiful experiment called Democracy what it’s meant to be. God bless us all.

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