Biden Hopes Child Tax Credit Payments Will Help 'Reduce Child Poverty' 1

Biden Hopes Child Tax Credit Payments Will Help ‘Reduce Child Poverty’

President Biden and Vice President Harris spoke about the beginning of monthly child tax credit payments to American families as part of the American Rescue Plan. The president stressed that these payments could help end child poverty and provide families with "a little bit of breathing room" throughout the year.

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  1. He says the rich at the top don’t need tax cuts. The likes of Trump definitely don’t need a cut when they don’t pay anything anyway

    1. People like us are being cast aside/punished,simply because we don’t have children. It seems that we don’t matter. What happened to “inclusion”?!

  2. The same people saying thank you Mr. President are the same ones crying we don’t want Socialism.

    1. smh tell me about it. they just want him to look bad so they can havve their lil power back

    2. Romeo: You are all over the place with your stupid comments aren’t you?

      If you can’t provide evidence to your claim then just STFU!

  3. Nice to know that freeloaders will be taken care of on the taxpayers expense but Mr President how about giving the working man a break but leave it to Democrats they always have a double standard

    1. Both my wife and I work full time jobs and have a 5 year old son. Day care is $530 every pay check. We are not free loaders snd that $300 helps a little for sure. It’s not a huge amount but it’s something.

    2. @Eddie Valentin-Zayas while I understand your issue what about the 40 hr worker dont you think he deserves something instead of raising his taxes i assure you I work and pay my fair share but I get no break whatsoever when a bill is due i have to pay it no questions asked or i get a delinquent notice so tell me is that really being fair but if you get a break shouldn’t I get one too no disrespect

    3. @Karl Cranny my point is this there should be fair play if American citizens get tax breaks then all should get a tax break and working people who are working should be granted the same would you think there should be no double standard

    4. @Dave Sonowski I can’t argue that. I’d love to see more people get tax breaks. I want to see people prosper and get paid.

  4. The child tax credit is good for families but what about people without children. The American people who don’t have children are struggling as well with Rent and pay their bills as well.

    1. President Biden gave you at least a $1400 check or higher. He gave stimulus money to states to help with rent and bills. A good example is in California where Gov Newsom is using the stimulus money to pay all Californians back rent. Biden is already way ahead on you dude.

    2. @Joe Dirt Jr Sometimes you can’t do that bc you’re already working 60 hours a week at your current place of employment


  6. Biden an Politians where’s the increase for those that are on social security, ssi, SSDI . It seems you don’t care about the vulnerable population of America.

    1. Biden gave the poor and middle class a tax break, gave them at least a $1,400 check or larger, saved millions from losing their homes, saved small businesses. And now he gives them a child tax credit. Yet you claim he doesn’t care about the vulnerable population?

  7. What the actual F is wrong with this guy? Why’s he helping American children? What kind of human does that?… oh wait, that’s not Trump.

  8. Thank you Biden I received mine and it did help them it helped alleviate a lot of financial stress for me worrying how I was going to manage to put them back in school they are officially ready to go back to school thank you for caring enough to try to make it easier the money was more useful for them now rather than next year after filing taxes

  9. Almost all developed countries are doing this and by the way your birth-rate is going way down, part of the reason being the cost of child care. Very soon you will have an aging population like Japan.

  10. Trump does a tax cut and Republicans give him endless praise.
    President Biden does a tax cut and Republicans call it an outrage and wrong that Americans are getting help.

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