Biden: ‘I Was Not Going To Extend This Forever War’ 1

Biden: ‘I Was Not Going To Extend This Forever War’


President Joe Biden said the U.S. could have faced Taliban attacks if they stayed in Afghanistan and the withdrawal was to protect service members. “I was not going to extend this forever war, and I was not extending a forever exit,” said Biden. 

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  1. I like a US President that stand before the people and utter the words “I’ve inherited a shitstorm that cannot be easily fixed” rather than continually perpetuate the same tired narrative of how great things were for the past 20 years.

    1. Ditt, So Trump is still president in your heart ????? Biden is toast because you obviously don’t have a brain but some voters do and Biden is buttered toast!!!!!!

    2. You like a president that openly lies to your face? How could he have possibly inherited a shitstorm if he was VP right before the president of four years? He was already there for eight most of this is his fault and Obama’s

    3. I like a president that’s a true leader. What does a true leader do? Take responsibility for his mistakes and not pass the blame, this is exactly what Joe Biden has done. What a disgrace.

    1. @Last Avenger what do you mean gift????
      Afghanistan wasn’t the US’s to gift in the first place.
      It belongs to the Afghani’s
      The US invaded and occupied a sovereign nation and then withdrew from it.
      Thats all

    2. @Stoneman it belongs to afgan, now it has been “gifted” To taliban by old, incompetent dimentia patient due to which afghan women will have to live in stone age.

      Afghanistan controlled by Taliban wasn’t any sovereign nation, it was the nation who proudly hosted Laden. If a sovereign nation fires missile to US then US has the responsibility to make changes in it. Why didn’t incompetent animal in white House wait for peace deal to complete

    3. @Last Avenger Oh Dear! All you are doing is showing the world what a bitter hateful trumper sounds like.
      What missile???
      The US invaded a country it perceived as weak and tried to “Americanise” it in the name of freedom
      Which didn’t work out as planed.
      What actual peace deal??? are you referring to???

      I do hope you will be nice to the “new” americans flying to a town near you.

    4. @Stoneman US attacked a country which attacked USA. 9/11 was similar to pearl Harbor. If USA declaring war on Japan is justifies, so is declaring war on Afghanistan.

      And peace deal means where Afghanistan wouldn’t be gifted in a plate to terrorist.

      America tried to americanise Afghanistan and people there didn’t want that? Then why we’re Afghan so desperate that they were holding wings of flying airplane? It was coup by Taliban only because of incompetent Boe hiden.

    5. @Z Ham that’s right Trump have the blood of 600 000 Americans on his hands. Trump was very good at letting Americans die. Trying to save the stock market. Very noble.

    1. Fox won’t allow the Qanon doni cult to comment on their videos, I guess they have had enough of their BS

    2. @Jonathan Fox Is that supposed to make it better, skippy? The Biden bureaucrats and swamp generals are idiots we get it. Couldn’t the US have blow it up once the fake 3 trillion dollar Afghan government ran away just like they blew that family to pieces last night in that sadistic PR stunt?

    3. What, letting 13 Americans die because of his own incompetence? Letting hundreds of Americans behind? I saw a montage of 12 times when he said he wouldn’t leave any Americans behind. What a piece of trash!!

    1. @Lillian Matthews Nope, nobody is saying any of those things… nobody except right-wing trolls. Go crawl back under your rock.

    2. Fox won’t allow the Qanon doni cult to comment on their videos, I guess they have had enough of their BS

    3. @Tessmage Tessera, you should check out foreign news sources. They are all being harsh on Biden for this. Even left leaning sources like the BBC.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera Actually not true. The entire world is saying these things… It’s only brainwashed woke cultists who aren’t

  2. You did the right thing and thanks for bringing our military heroes home to be with their families. It’s not your fault that the cowardly Afghan army collapsed like the house of cards after being trained for 20 years. Let the Afghans take care of their country. Enough is enough.

    1. It is sleepy Joe’s fault. He should have known they would collapse and give up billions worth of US weapons. Now, because of this POS – the Taliban have the most advanced weapons in the world and we will have no choice but to stay there. But at least he can make a “victory” speech on the 20th anniversary of 911. Which is what this is all about anyway and morons like you will cheer him on!

    2. @Todd C When you start off calling him sleepy Joe, you’ve already exposed yourself. You’re in a cult. Nothing you say matters.

  3. There it is. The Poached Eggplant has been blamed by the current president. The facts are laid out. Now it’s time for Republican trolls to question his fitness for office while praising pumpkins.

  4. Well with his excellent foresight, Pres. Biden had a list of all Americans and Allies and in brilliant foresight, he gave a copy of it to the new Afgh leader. So if he lost the list he had, he can always ask the Afgh to give him a copy, maybe indicating on it who is not alived any longer.

  5. “I mean, those lights that are just shooting out from the Lincoln Memorial along the Reflecting Pool, it is like almost extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.”
    —David Chalian
    January 20, 2021

    “No more waking at 3 AM full of existential dread. Tonight we sleep like we used to when we were 5 & we fell asleep in the backseat of the car knowing that Dad was in charge & nothing bad could happen. Good night, America!”
    — Melanie Benjamin
    January 21, 2021

  6. Joe Biden told George Stephanopoulis “If there are American citizens left, we’ll stay until we get them all out.” *He said that. Did he actually mean it? Even a little bit?* I don’t think so. He says the smooth things to avoid disfavor. He lies reflexively. The defensive lie just comes out automatically. The US 4-star general was just on TV saying, “We think that the citizens that were not brought out number in the low, very low, hundreds.” Hundreds. And yet Biden said we we’ll stay until we get them all out. *That is lying.*

  7. 13 dead on your watch joe, because of your blunder, the head military told you this would happen. Oh well, blame trump. Pathetic.

  8. They will find another “War”. Too many Democrats and Republicans have ties to Weapon Manufacturers. Gotta feed that war machine. Too much money to be made

  9. We are losing lots of money!!m we are not shooting any body! The arms producers.
    Biden must go ,he’s bad for business , let’s make sure he’s not reelected !!

  10. Let the Taliban and ISIS-K fight each other while the National Resistance Front (aka Northern Alliance 2.0) continue to hold out in Panjshir Valley.

  11. Excellent decision !!! No more war to the innocent !!! People …. This war is wasting money to the American government.

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