1. Dude literally has business deals with him. Is he or CNN just forgetting this? Or hoping us norms never research or Google?

    1. I’m praying you are picking up for trump and not Biden ?? I don’t even like trump but I also am never ever a cnn msnbc blow job. These same hacks a bought and paid for losers told me and you and everyone for four five years how our sitting president is a Russian agent and they just FORGOT to show or say any truth and the sitting president was actually paid by china Russia and ukraine and we are being made fools of by all three and no one is alloweed to say a word !!!!)???????((??

      are all reporters just willing to humiliate and discredit themselves for the likes of joe biden ? Really ??!!

  2. “Vlad, when I whisper into the microphone and get bug eyed… that means you’re supposed to take me seriously. OTHERWISE I HAVE TO TALK LOUDLY LIKE THIS! NO JOKE!” – Potato Joe

    1. I’m pretty sure Putin has enough Russians living in, or on the brink of, total poverty or dead in Ukraine to take President Biden very seriously.

    2. Trumptards would prefer letters from their orange haired buffoonish god to be delivered to Vlad the loser.

  3. After seeing the 2 summer…decision of whom too vote is the question of the day…making the right decision is very important

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    1. @The Cheese Factor pretty much like anything Biden touches. 13 dead marines from botched withdrawal in Afghanistan. One thing Biden has succeeded at,The Rich get Richer and The Poor get Poorer.

  4. Putin is so expensive, it’s not every president that meets Putin.😂😂 Let these cheaper Bidens meet their fellow cheapers🤭😂

  5. Syntax, “I’d be happy if I were used by Biden under any circumstance!”🤡

  6. Biden: ‘I’m prepared to speak…if…’

    CNN (aka FakeNews): ‘I’d be happy to speak…under…’

    🤦🏻‍♂️…and that snobbish laugh background

  7. I just wish these last two years were trump Even though it would have stil been a failure At least we would have accountability..,, instead we got failure incompetence and delusion and told it was great success and hero’s and truth. Hahahahaahaha

  8. And Putin will laugh behind Bidens bumbling incoherent nonsense and will be reassured of America’s weakness,once again.good job

    1. Biden is disarming Russia without the loss of a single US soldier and demonstrating to the world how weak Russia is and how powerful the US equipment is . Nato is still fully armed , has not lost a single man , ship or plane , is in fact expanding and stronger than ever before and Russia is running out of munitions .

      No one will be wanting to buy any Russian equipment that is for sure . They are all scrambling to buy American made stuff to the point we can not keep up with demand .

      Add that every nation in the world thinking of attacking a NATO armed nation just decided it is a really bad idea . Really really bad . China has got to be looking at Russia unable to defeat Ukraine because of western equipment and training and shitting itself .

      As to Biden’s “bumbling incoherence” probably an act to get people to underestimate him. You can not argue with the stunning success he is having . Either that or he has surrounded himself with the finest people and that alone is a sufficient measure of competence .

  9. Jake Gone Slide Him A Quick Quip At The End Of Each Clip, If It’s The Last Thing He Do !😂🤣😂🤣😂

  10. Right and timely decision! The world will definitely remember Macron and Biden for making peace in Europe and the world at large. However, I fear the British military and security leaders because they want the war in Ukraine not to end. My message to the Britain is that stop proxy war in Ukraine and fight Russia face to face.

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