1. @Dexter Jackson
      You’re just pissed off that you Black Panther leader Barack Hussein Obama is out of the white house .

  1. Why have a system with middle man. The insurance company is there to just take a cut from the total medical costs.

    1. How dare you want to replace them with a nonprofit so that government doesn’t get stuck with the expensively-sick patients that private insurance companies reject so they can profit more. You’re preaching common sense. Biden is preaching nonsense. You can’t have Public Option and control costs if we have to subsidize private insurance’s profits.

    2. There’s foolish people out there that just do not understand if you take out billions of dollars of corporate profits it has to be less expensive then if we negotiate with healthcare and drug providers to reduce cost but make a reasonable profit that’s more savings

  2. Poor Joe and Jill may their son rest, and that their parents will always help others.

    1. He should of said he has changed his mind since that time in the 70s. Cause if he says it’s a local issue that defaults him into a racist position.

  3. ACA is nothing but a savings account for corporate healthcare where the government forced us to pay into it.

    1. @SceneMissingFilms Suuure😑 , think whatever to make you sleep better at night. The Other day on the interview with Gayle King Michelle refused defend or even say anything but no comment when she was asked specifically about the Dems attacks on Biden.

  4. Biden: “I’m opposed to Dems who want to dismantle the ACA.”
    Translation: “I don’t believe that healthcare is a basic human right, and I believe that it should be a predatory, for profit, private business that sees people as dollar signs and NOT as people.”

    Congratulations Joe. You just stuck your foot even further down your throat.

    1. gfear24 it’s not a basic human right tho moron. Stop trying to steal from others hard work because you’re a pathetic, lazy incel. Get a job and get a life, you stimulus loving welfare rat.

    2. gfear24 yeah! Screw having a profitable system that does the best medical research in the world and has hospitals that can keep their doors open!

  5. I like Harris but I think it was a little disgusting to do that to this kind man just to get some points. No-one believed her.

  6. Biden is just Hillary#2, he already told his rich donors nothing will change for them! Obamacare failed because it was still private insurance companies and most of them refused to participate, meaning that the ones that are left don’t have enough customers to cover the costs. Unless you have ever person in America in the same Medicare4All system, you can’t cut premiums in half and you won’t have any bargaining power to impose lower prescription drug prices on the pharmaceutical industry. Bernie 2020!

  7. man whose daddy got him on TV interviewing political elites sob story… what about the millions of Americans who suffered in silence? #draintheswamp #MATH Yang2020.com

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