Biden in Louisiana To Survey Hurricane Ida Damage 1

Biden in Louisiana To Survey Hurricane Ida Damage

The Northeast is still cleaning up after devastating floods. And Biden blames the Delta variant for weak job numbers.

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    1. The Big Lie is losing momentum and trump is looking to create another conspiracy theory for his brainwash followers.

    2. @kimonobeads speak for yourself lol even ur own msm admits he stranded ppl…Biden has played u all for a fool and now u look worse than trump supporters brilliant

    3. @b s Hahahaha “look worse than Trump supporter’s”…..people that believed for months he was coming back, that voter fraud was everywhere, that horse dewormer is better than vaccines….yeah worse than Trump supporter’s ….not a real thing that can be accomplished…..Did Biden say something like …” is that your boat, or did it become your boat”….a real man of the people Trumpy is, I will give him that !

  1. Cool lets spend another few trillion I’m sure this will have zero effect on the already crazy inflation. I would feel so confident if I was in NOLA that ole Joe is up to the task.

    1. Oh boy is this the same guy that was in charge of Afghanistan. oh my God you all better look out this is going to be an absolute disaster.

    2. @Deepak D’Souza ikr Obama and Joe Biden should have ended this war a long time ago when they were president and vp for 8 years.

  2. The list of. Armored vehicles, weapons and weapon systems, explosives, military gear, and cash Walter bidden and his admin GAVE to the taliban is absolutly amazing

    1. Trump did actually give guns and other machinery to the Taliban, he also released terrorist prisoners so they could take over the country. Not to mention, before leaving office Trump removed some military posts to destabilize the region and basically handed Afghanistan to the Taliban. I just wonder what else Trump asked for in return for doing them a favor.

    2. @Angel Light Lets not forget that Trump sign a declaration of surrender to the Taliban, there is no making your political opponent look worse after that !!

    3. @marguerite Gastanaga – All the weapons and vehicles the Afghan troops were given by Biden, now belong to the Taliban, that’s why they’re so well equipped now. The airport vehicles are a different matter

  3. Not a Sharpie in sight nor a paper towel thrown. TY President Biden for highlighting its a humanitarian issue not a political one.

    1. Biden comes to visit folks who are hurting, and reads a teleprompter as usual. So much from the heart? He’s been a total train wreck in the few months in office. Everything he’s touched—border, economy , jobs, gas prices, and now Afghanistan, has turned to crap and his ratings are lower than Trumps ever was.

  4. .Did Biden say something like …” is that your boat, or did it become your boat”….a real man of the people Trumpy is, I will give him that !

    1. for sure. reading from cards is despicable, like ignoring a pandemic and saying “it’ll go away like… things go away.” donnzo said that. that’s fine though.

  5. Freakin hilarious how he comes out with his sleeves rolled up !!
    Biden is so freakin easy to hate that it is sad….

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