Biden: Infrastructure Deal Will Create Millions Of American Jobs 1

Biden: Infrastructure Deal Will Create Millions Of American Jobs


President Joe Biden said the bipartisan infrastructure deal will create millions of jobs for Americans and "signal to the world that we can function, deliver and do significant things." 

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    1. @Puggles McWardog Holy chit man have you seen the stock market lately. Wow magat llogic t***p made a note of it passing 30,000 late 2020 and now it is at 34,196. just checked. Oh and that is an FYI for you delusional magat

    2. Joe says his son Hunter is the most intelligent person he knows. Hunter admits to smoking parmesan cheese cos he thought it was drugs. Fact!

    3. Biden sent the “most qualified person for the job” Kamala to deal with his border catastrophe and so far all she’s done is say do not come, which is what Trump said and they called him racist. She’s visiting the border soon but she’s going to El Paso, and things aren’t too bad there. Biden is weak for letting her get away with doing such a pathetic job. Fact!

    4. @Chaos Some magats are domestic terrorists. Fact!! Check out videos, from magat supporters, storming the Capitol on 1/6

    5. @phil heidt yes and they’ve been arrested and will probably all got to jail. Although really they were just a few hundred idiots who rioted for a few hours so it was hardly anything significant. Rioters in Portland are getting arrested and charged and 80% are being let off. Democrats seem to think it’s okay when their own voters do the rioting. Fact!

  1. This is very unnatural. After living under a orange orangutan, seeing a LMc actual human lead is almost not real

    1. Biden isn’t technically lying cos the lies he tells are what’s on the teleprompter. Although he has in the past told many lies, including the one about Trump praising neo Nazis. Mind you Kamala told that lie too. Fact!

    2. @Chaos The words are not his, he is not able to speak freely, he is told what to do and what to say. He is told who he can call on for questions. Horrable leader.

    3. @Jeff Libby yes and his press secretary Jen Psaki says that her boss Biden has been instructed not to speak to reporters. They know what he’s like. Fact!

  2. this is all very painful for the sore losers. A great, everywhere respected president while their guy is awaiting jail time soon. My condolences.

  3. *Great, America is giving up on China.* Build back better. China is way ahead of US in almost all directions, except it doesn’t bring sad history in their education curriculum but they have 4times enough geophysics soldiers doing empirical conflict on all of you. New skill jobs are ideally vital to Quantum speed.

  4. IF this passes get the rest of the money through reconciliation to DO THE WHOLE JOB or you failed WE the people.

  5. In Washington State our governor inslee told all the people who are on unemployment and sucking up government surplus check to Stop ..
    You have to have proof of Applications for Work to get an extension for unemployment funds .
    Businesses all over Washington state -Idaho-and Oregon are franticly looking for employees to come to work .

  6. Compromising beliefs and your core is not the sa!e as compromising what to paint the house. If you compromise your core, what left so you have. Nothing

  7. Original deal. 2.2 trillion dollars.
    “Bipartisan deal.” Only spends a little over 500 billion dollars in new spending, none of which is used to tackle the climate crises.

  8. Has this infrastructure deal even been confirmed through the Senate yet because if it hasn’t then I suspect that it’s much Ado about Nothing. Now watch all of these Republicans that came up with this deal vote in lockstep with Moscow Mitch to simply say no to it!!

    1. You are absolutely correct, but that goal requires levels of integrity and trustworthiness that Republicans and their corporate Democratic ilk, like Biden, adamantly lack. Until the country nominates and elects a majority of Progressive Democrats akin to FDR, we are unlikely to see that sensible economic outcome. Neoliberal-stupid politicians in both parties, the army of neoliberal lobbyists in DC, and the oligarchs who corrupt them all are the impediment.

  9. It’s not wise to buy anything Biden is selling until we see what he surrendered to Republicans and his Wall Street sugar daddies.

    That said, most of this money will flood out of the country and prop up foreign countries, especially China, at great expense to the U.S. economy until free trade is abandoned. We witnessed this counterproductive impact when Obama tried to prop up the U.S. economy through his proposed infrastructure projects.

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