Biden joined by Obama to observe 9/11 moment of silence 1

Biden joined by Obama to observe 9/11 moment of silence

President Biden was joined by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to observe a moment of silence in New York for the victims of the September 11th terror attacks. Later, Mike Low, the father of a flight attendant who died aboard the American Airlines flight that flew into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, paid tribute to the victims.

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    1. @Wasteland nomad

      What ever happened to Alex Acosta, he was the guy who helped cover up billionaire
      Jeffrey Epstein
      and his friend
      Donald Trump’s crimes against children in the
      80s and 90s?

    1. @melania tramp President Trump didn’t want to be in the company of demons, so he was at fire stations in Manhattan spending time with first responders. Look it up fool!

    2. @Aryan Radical Islam is not really a threat or enemy. They are a byproduct of European colonialism. With that said, the real enemies of America are political sheeples that lean hard left or hard right.

    3. @Madison Gittens I don’t think she is talking about Islam in general… she is very specific “Radical Islam”. There’s people on the Left or on the Right, but those people are different than the Radical Left and Radical Right.

    1. @peter janoff Exactly! He’s too busy entertaining at the ” wrestling match.” It’s mind boggling the pull he has on cultists’ minds. Make it make sense!

  1. I personally didn’t lose anyone in this attack but watching this still brought tears to my eyes. I am very sorry to the thousands of families that did that dreadful day. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones. To everyone else reading this be safe and go tell your loved ones you love them, we aren’t promised tomorrow. Love them while you have them.

    1. @PrimitiveSkater There are 198 countries here, so I bet Biden isn’t the president of many people here, like me. What does that has to do with this???!!

    2. Donald cheats at golf so why not cheat on me! He does love scarfing down those endless hamberders & bucket loads of KFC. The problem with that is that I get stuck changing his greasy feces drenched “Depends” underwear.”

  2. The names of those who passed during the attack are of all different heritages & origins. That’s what America is & will always will be. A melting pot of the purest form.

    We do this so America will never perish from the Earth.

    1. @Vervídeos giros yeah poor children of America. They are being brainwashed to believe everything is about race and privilege and that history is a lie.

    2. @Nito That Ron guy is an idiot. He is mixing “race” and ethicity. He talks about Immigrants and white people. Is he complaining about immigrants or about “non-white” immigrants? He is just fool of s… and a racist. You were talking about Europe and racism: racism isn’t a problem in many countries. Unfortunately there is racist people everywhere but not as much as in the USA.

    3. @Vervídeos giros you can thank the media and politics for why race is brought up in every situation. Call me whatever you want but I’m right and you people are brainwashed and too dumb to think for yourselves..

    4. @melania tramp What branch of the military did Clinton volunteer and serve in? How about Obama? How about Biden? Didn’t all the pro-choice people have a choice to serve and chose not to?

  3. I’ll never forget this day. I was in 5th grade and my teacher told us. God bless all the victims, their families and heroes that risked their lives to save them. Rest Easy. edit: also, 163 dislikes? Are you kidding me?

  4. Tears and more tears I was watching this live as the plane’s hit. So many people were confused, we didn’t know what had hit us and why? Condolences to all the families.

    1. That phone call from tower hits me every time. The guy was crushed by tonnes of Concrete. Sad day. Rip to all the victims

  5. I was 4 years old when 9/11, I remember my parents being cautious of everything esp the mail and flying. My brother remembers being at school and they second tower fall on the news. Always praying for those who lost their lives on that day .

    1. @Foolish President Bro wtf is your problem? Can’t we go one day without having to experience animosity? We must remain united for this day and all I see is even more division. So sad to see how politics have curtailed our perspectives.

    2. @M T F
      Liberals cannot go a day with crying systemic racism and white supremacy— their two fallacies of mental poisoning.

    3. @Jocelyn Flores
      Bidenis an idiotl for leaving Americans behind enemy lines. Are you telling me those Americans are not important?

  6. Prayers to all those that lost a family member and friend and for the rest of us, a Fellow American….yeah, it still hurts to know and feel that they are gone, and we will still be them again, one day. Never forget how they made us laugh and how they loved us and how great it was to be with together with them. As Americans, We will never forget 9/11

  7. I was 4 years old. I still remember it happening. RIP to all the people who lost their lives in this cowardly attack.

    1. @ Canada EH, The contrived event called 9-11 the real evil behind the operation are still in power and still running psyops on the entire world. You see anyone united? I don’t, our own government just armed the terrorists and left Americans behind enemy lines. Governments need to answer for al this evil they allow to continue in the name of freedom. No one is free and governments do not care, not about the people killed on 9-11 and they don’t care about you, or me, or anyone else.

  8. After 20 years, two more victims were brought home to their families this week. It has been the determination that they will never stop trying to identify those lost that day. Two families can finally say goodbye and lay the agony of “never knowing” to rest.

  9. I’m British, I was a holiday rep on the island of Madeira and I remember watching the whole thing on the news. When I went on my visits that night I was in tears trying to get the guests to understand what had actually happened that day and the magnitude of it.

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