Biden Kicks Off First Overseas Trip With Boris Johnson Meeting 1

Biden Kicks Off First Overseas Trip With Boris Johnson Meeting


President Biden met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to solidify the alliance between the United Kingdom and the United States. On the president’s first foreign trip, the pair are focusing on trade, the Covid-19 pandemic and relations with Russia.
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  1. Johnson does not have problems with Russia, Russia put Johnson in power. In return Johnson put Oligarchs in the house of lords.

    1. @jay cee Putin payed banks, banks payed farage. Putin payed for vote leave. Putin has been funding the Tories. The Oligarchs are part of the UK political scene now. Thanks to the Tory party. I would be surprised if the UK has another real election again.

    1. @Rick Simon uh uh ,biden has the history of pawing children . trump aint here to take the blame for ya .

  2. listening to mitchell is always like getting the news from somebody who just woke up from oversleeping and arent fully awake yet :/

  3. “Democracy beats totalitarianism.” But it’s been a lot closer lately than the Greatest Generation ever thought it would get.

    1. The Greatest Degeneration doesn’t know or care about history and Degenerates only have vile, evil thoughts.

    2. @ intercat. you are absolutely right about that sir . its a good thing that those who fought and died for us , dont have to see it degraded to the pitiful state that its in ….

    3. @OKENWA AYOMIKUN Easily the WWII generation, not even close. Post war gave us the greatest rock and rollers ever.

    4. @OKENWA AYOMIKUN The Greatest Generation, capitalized, is the standard name for the Americans who lived through the hardships of WWII.. Please google. Thank you for your question.

  4. LOL Could Boris get any further away from Biden, he’s actually hiding behind the flag. Can’t blame him.though. My opinion

  5. Cognitively his battery is completely drained. Corrupt has wrapped its ugly hands around this corrupt shell of a …. something

    1. @Beyondbase Yeah, 47 years of wasting taxpayer dollars wasn’t enough for you? Biden is the laughing stock of the whole world, you liberals cannot cover up what the British media is saying though, you should google it and find out what the world thinks about CornPop Joe

  6. Wait a minute. The CDC is still saying do not travel outside the country, but Biden flys off to the UK? WTF They couldn’t of just done this meeting over a zoom call?

  7. Boris walks like an Orange-Utan, a person that does not know exactly what to expect from the world around him, being cast into presence from some middle ages.

  8. Biden must be disappointed not to sniff the queens hair, he may find a 13 year old though.

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