Biden Lagging With Latino Voters In Florida, Leading With Senior Voters | MSNBC 1

Biden Lagging With Latino Voters In Florida, Leading With Senior Voters | MSNBC


In a new NBC/Marist poll, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are engaged in a close Florida race, with Biden. Aired on 09/08/2020.
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Biden Lagging With Latino Voters In Florida, Leading With Senior Voters | MSNBC


  1. Seniors know Trump didn’t care if they died from Covid.

    Cubans are afraid of Socialism but the older people and Puerto Ricans will overpower their votes in the end.

    1. @Deborah Freedman
      It’s just a sample of what the Puerto Ricans did in a “Kennedy” state, and an example of how anxious they are to vote!
      What if all the Democrats and Republicans abandoning their party and the older folks from New York all vote but some of the other demographics don’t?
      People are not blind.
      I think we’re looking good and I’m not just going by polls.

    2. @Deborah Freedman
      Biden was smart to go for Bernie’s people because they outnumber Cubans, and there are many more states. Florida might not even be important this year!

    3. You have been listening to CNN and MSNBC way too much. This country will be a communist country if Biden gets in. You people have your head in the sand.

    1. winstonS they may remember being called losers and suckers or that Bush sent them to Afghanistan and Iraq. You are nothing but a tRump troll

    1. These are teh College educated Latinos that’s what MSNBC forgot to mention cause they believe Latinos are just uneducated field workers. Notice MSNBC and the other liberal media always say “WHITE COLLEGE EDUCATED” and NEVER EVER talk about BLACK college or HISPANIC college educated voters. Feel played yet?

    2. Cubans do not like communism because they know communism as well as Vietnamese people! The Latinos didn’t know anything about communism so they voted for BIDEN!
      I love the Cuban community!

    1. @kayy charm Stay strong. They hate you cause you are not a victim. My Jamaican friends don’t go for the victim bs.

    2. @tr a True and proud of it. White Hispanics don’t need anything from the anglos or anybody else and don’t care what they think. We make our own way.

    3. Ay Luisito si lo que quieres es conseguir chochito este no es el foro. Aquí se viene a hablar con elocuencia y razón, y tú no la tienes..

      Quieres entrar en una pelea de capacidad para la cual vemos no estás preparado.

      En muchos años no se ha visto presidente más opresor que trump. Y tú como latino no debes rendirte a sus pies ni besarle el ano.

      Mucho Menos si eres “boricua” o acaso eres tú el infeliz que agarro el papel toalla mientras el pais se moría de hambre y ese infeliz te hizo sentir mojada?


    1. @Marty Baldwin Correct Mr. Baldwin. The liberals are so condescending that they feel they can tell others what their best interests are because if you are ” other “, you don’t know any better.

    2. @makingadifference Exactly. They are the ones that look down on others and don’t even know how to hide it. No minority with a brain believes they are for all Americans. The identity politics ship sailed long ago.

    3. 3.8 million deportations under Obama, 2 million under George W Bush, 800k under Trump… sure the Democrats love Latinos. Cómanse un mojon los demócratas!

    1. @Dead Fan that was correct the mismi cubans created a drug business on Florida at the end of 70,s decade with the colombians.

    2. @Madrileño alameda Viva Franco, La Falange y los señoritos asesinos. Mi Padre millonario llevo a muchos comunistas de paseo.

    3. Ignorant we know what socialism smells like from miles away. We ain’t giving our vote to the far left. The 2020 democratic party isn’t the same party of 20 years ago

    4. Obamacare is 1 of the reasons we not voting democrat. You sound dumb if you think cubans wanted obamacare, a failed insurance that it’s only pursue was to tax those who didn’t have insurance and hike up the premium of those who already had 1. It dinto help that BLM Marxist democratic group that has nothing to do with helping black people(pure bs) was praising fidel Castro

    1. @Change Center You make some good points, although Hialeah and Miami have very few undocumented citizens since the bulk of their Hispanic population is Cuban refugees who were granted asylum during both major immigration waves from Cuba (1960s and 1980s), and the subsequent “wet foot/dry foot” special considerations given to Cubans beyond that and into the 21st century. But the general employment situation throughout the entire state is weighted by a very high percentage of “cash under the table” employment, and this includes people of all ethnicities, regardless of their citizenship status. Most low-end wage earners in this state would not qualify for unemployment because their employers have never paid into it. That’s why this state never really shut down. They couldn’t. DeSantis could never handle angry hungry mobs and he didn’t have a way to subsidize without giving away the exploitation of workers that is rampant here. And then there’s the whole Guatemalan illegal immigrant population funded by business supporters of DeSantis (including trump’s businesses). They could never, ever explain that expansive operation and its devious machinations to the rest of the country, and every blessed one of them – trump, DeSantis, Rubio and Scott – are supported by that outfit to some degree.

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    1. Thru God’s ironic providence , now the gayish- weak- leftist W.Coast is BURNING red hot..! Nice NO help needed from BLM- Criminal Thinkers and Pelosi-Hypocrite- Racist Joe Biden or…!

    2. @Angel DeTierra I’m in Miami too (Puerto Rican). MIAMI IS DEMOCRAT. 
      Trump got 333,000 votes in 2016 and Hillary over 600,000!

    3. @AOL – You’ve got Mail ► That’s why I’m 100% sure Florida will be for the Dems in the coming election.

    4. Cubans do not like communism because they know communism as well as Vietnamese people! The Latinos didn’t know anything about communism so they voted for BIDEN!
      I love the Cuban community!

    1. Some people in groups that have been dominated by a dictator will eventually be open to supporting a dictator again. I see it with people in the Philippines with the Marcos family who devastated and murdered many Filipinos but many are still willing to support the family in politics now. Almost like Stockholm syndrome on group wide level.

  2. “Moreover, thousands of Americans have signed a petition calling for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to be PROSECUTED after she violated San Francisco COVID-19 rules to illegally get her hair done at one of the city’s salons in last week. The petition, aimed at San Francisco Police Chief William Scott, has already gathered over 21,000 signatures. At the time Pelosi entered eSalon on August 31; San Francisco prohibited all salons from accepting customers. After owner Erika Kious released footage Pelosi inside the salon without a mask on, Pelosi attempted to blame Kious, calling it a ‘setup.’ Pelosi has spent the last six months hammering President Trump for not taking COVID-19 seriously enough, laying the blame for over 190,000 deaths directly at his feet. At this time, Pelosi has faced absolutely zero consequences from the city for directly flouting the rules. ‘Laws aren’t just for the little people,’ the petition reads. ‘Not only did Nancy Pelosi knowingly violate health ordinances, but just destroyed a business because she couldn’t take an ounce of responsibility.’ ‘The salon owner gets death threats, while Pelosi has paid ZERO prices for her hypocrisy,’ the letter continued.’ ‘Now, Nancy Pelosi must be prosecuted by San Francisco for her flaunting of COVID regulations. Salon owner Erika Kious revealed on Friday that she is being forced out of business and the city after exposing Pelosi. ‘I started to just get a ton of phone calls, text messages, emails, all my Yelp review saying that they hope I go under and that I fail,’ After offering a non-apology to the residents of San Francisco, who have been under lockdown longer than any other locality in the U.S., Pelosi blithely to DISTRACT Americans moved on from the scandal and back to attacking President Trump over his response to the virus. American women and mothers of all ethnic groups continue to be humiliated and victimized by racism, discrimination and abuse of power perpetrating by catatonic Nancy PELOSI, now Erika Kious is the victim, tomorrow will be an Hispanic, an European, an Oriental, an African-American, etc.; consequently, all women must stand up in solidarity with Erika Kious and sign the petition that urges San Francisco-CA law enforcement agencies and City Attorney Denis Herrera the indictment and prosecution of Nancy PELOSI, because “nobody is above the law,” as Citizen Key Kendal says.

  3. “Nancy Pelosi’s retaliation against ESalon owner Erica KIOUS comes true and quickly. Effectively, Nancy Pelosi’s criminals organizations BLM and ANTIFA mobs attack salon owner, issue death threats and of burn the hair ESalon down. All these, thanks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stubborn but classic refusal to take responsibility for her own stunning, abject hypocrisy, one struggling American business owner is now facing death threats, despite that same Nancy Pelosi chose to violate the California State’s rules by meeting with one of Kious’s stylist on Monday 08/312020 and doing so without a mask, in violation of California’s draconian lockdown regulations that same Pelosi has repeatedly expressed support for; therefore, this is another insanity misbehavior of Democratic Political Party that pretend control a country even if this party can not control itself and are disrespecting and mocking on people, because while millions of Americans are out of work, Nancy Pelosi is getting her hair done in a shut-down San Francisco salon that her party forced to stay closed for everyone else. Democrat California Attorney General Xavier Becerra must indict and prosecutes Nancy Pelosi, and liars Drew Hammill and stylist Matthew Soleimanpour who covered and allowed Pelosi not to wear a mask, respectively, because ‘nobody is above the law;’ otherwise, Xavier Becerra will be ‘guilty by association’ and must be removed from Office; furthermore, this Attorney General must warn seriously Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Democrats in Congress that they will be jointly and severally liable for any criminal attack against ESalon owner and her property perpetrated by Christine Pelosi and extremist democrat organizations BLM and Antifa. Lastly, ESalon owner Erica KIOUS can SUE CIVILLY Nancy PELOSI and her band for damages in accordance with U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes 26 and 28 U.S.C., 7 U.C.C. Article 2, and Punitive Damages Act. Nancy Pelosi because her SEVERE MENTAL INSTABILITY must be REMOVED from Office in accordance with U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 5,” as Citizen Kim Ronny says.

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