Biden Marks 100 Million Vaccines: ‘We Will Not Stop Until We Beat This Pandemic’ | MSNBC 1

Biden Marks 100 Million Vaccines: ‘We Will Not Stop Until We Beat This Pandemic’ | MSNBC


President Biden touted his administration reaching its goal of 100 million Covid-19 vaccination shots before his first 100 days in office. The goal was accomplished in 58 days. However, the president stressed that it was just the beginning of defeating the pandemic. Aired on 03/18/2021.
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Biden Marks 100 Million Vaccines: ‘We Will Not Stop Until We Beat This Pandemic’ | MSNBC


  1. Well done Mr. President the distribution plan worked. And before any of you come say “Trump made the vaccine” yes he did and he gets that point but distributing something is different from making it. It’s pointless if you make something and not distribute it properly which is what Trump failed to do

    1. @Joe Fish that’s bull the only credit your komrade Donald Putinovich can get is over 500k deaths and bleach shots.

    2. @Olivia Turner he tried to explore the bleach shots his dementia has no limits. Wtf uncle Donnie is telling stories in his mar a lago nursing home about a fictitious time while he played scientist at the wh.

    3. @gradosa 82 holy cow! I don’t think you could fit anymore blueAnon conspiracy theories in one sentence

  2. This is what happens when you have a leader at the top. Bravo President Biden!

    1. @ChuckB You’re right! But t’Rump didn’t bother to secure any more vaccine. t’Rump was more concerned with trying to make Joe look bad than securing the health of the American People. t’Rump was always more concerned with Politics than safety. “The virus will go away…like a miracle!”…Donbald Dumbph.

    1. There are NO Federal Vaccination sites, the Feds are in charge of distribution, not vaccinations.

    1. Really ? Border crisis. Sending troops back when trump brought them home. Skyrocketing gas prices. Highest taxes in 50 years. Not 1 solo press briefing. Take a bow you said ?

    2. And so I guess in 2024 we’ll see whether or not swing voters actually like suffering through pandemics and depressions…

    1. Sounds like VICE PRESIDENT Bye-den needs to retire. He doesn’t even know he’s PRESIDENT. Or he can’t read a teleprompter correctly.

    2. @13bustah He might as well become part of the overused Joe Mama joke, cause that’s where his presidency is going. pretty soon.

    1. @n?a wait….. you need to tone it down a minute. I never said I supported either party. I’m very confused where you got your assumption from?! Is this because I provided facts about Covid? Covid is a stand alone issue. Both Trump and Biden fed into it. But I am assuming that because I disclosed some inside information about it being falsely reported, it must mean that I am a Trump supporter?! Clearly you have issues with profiling people and quite possibly situations too. Which truly makes me question your integrity. You just went against everything that democrats supposedly stand for…..fairness, equality, acceptance….

    2. @rofljohn23 hey thanks for checking us out. I bothered you that much that you felt inclined to peek. Lol. That’s funny. But yeah, we did some research on the flat earth model for our children to compare and contrast. Was an excellent lesson as my kids have a fascination with space and had just learned about it in school. We then molded planets and earth out of clay. It was actually fun to learn about both sides of the argument, not going to lie. Both have strong viewpoints. We have an open mind and are always unbiased and fair. I wish all people were like that. Instead they point their finger in frustration to point out what they feel could be a “flaw” of another. Good try.

      Even if someone were a flat earther, glober, atheist, Christian, Muslim, Democrat, Republican, black, white, yellow…..who cares?

      Btw…our family of five all use the same account too. Did you find the kid city playlist? Does that make “me” immature? The workout playlists? Does that make me a meathead? What about the gospel messages about Jesus Christ? Am I a close minded bigot? Did you get to find the playlist for baby nursery songs? That must mean I’m a father…or wait…a mother. Oh wait….I don’t want to offend….I am neither I guess.

      See, you believe in labeling and stereotyping. So, the very thing that true democrats stand for, as I said above, equality, being just, non-judgmental, loving and accepting- you just trampled all over.

      Good job representing.

    3. @Onereason Pays to look into who is speaking when they say stuff as silly as you do 🙂 If someone entertains something so silly as flat earth, their ability to seriously evaluate evidence should be called into question. None of the other stuff you’ve rattled on about is relevant to the question at hand, but I hope you had fun typing all that 🙂

      PS: I’m not a democrat, but good on you for labeling me in your manifesto. Pot meet kettle eh?

    4. @rofljohn23 I did have fun typing that! Thank you for that compliment! The MANIFESTO! Brilliant! But what isn’t so brilliant is your poorly written rebuttal. Technically, I could label since I do not consider myself neither republican nor democrat. Lol. So your logic is flawed at the very least. 😉 This kettle is still squeaky clean! Go to bed now. Night night!

    1. @MeanGeneSanDiego How long you going to be an apologist for this guy? Your boy is losing his mind.

    2. @watchwinder This “boy” is doing very good work right now in many ways. I’ll take his gaffes. No problem.

    3. @CommaCam He is doing a very good job leading us into further debt and do nothing about the several berocratic departments or the military budget that we need to cut to pull ourselevs out of debt. Instead, President Houseplant is opting for 1.9 trillion dollar spending and tax hikes.

    1. Hospitals are empty most of the world is open now. Florida and Texas economy is booming. Covid-19 is almost non-existent.

    2. @Darren Scott i work At a hospital is not empty. Cases and people still dieing. Yes they open cuz of lock of leadership. They only care about the money not the people.. Take care

  3. When I took office there were a lot of cages we needed to build to house the influx of illegal children I invited into our country.

  4. Someone says we have a pandemic??? What? It’s shocking to see someone acknowledge the problem, much less go after it. That’s called being a President.

    1. IS this the same guy who called Trump Xenophobic when Trump recognized the danger of the pandemic and CLOSED our borders from flights from CHINA … the epicenter of the virus …. IS this the same guy who is opening the BORDER TO ILLEGAL COVID ENTERIES to spread it on AMERICANS who he cares lsee about …. Man oh man oh man …………. are you a dumbell..or just a listener to news that CENSORS what really is going on.

  5. Please also request 100 millions barrels of oil. Prices have skyrocketed, even before COVID prices were never this high and back then people were not working from home. OPEC will thank you Biden… America last…

  6. Thank you President Trump for Operation Warpspeed. Government organizations like the one Fauci works in would still be trying to update a PowerPoint showing the location of exits and bathrooms if it weren’t for the private sector ingenuity coming to the rescue.

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