Biden Marks Anniversary Of Americans With Disabilities Act 1

Biden Marks Anniversary Of Americans With Disabilities Act


During his remarks on the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities act, President Biden acknowledges Kim Knackstedt, the first White House disabled policy director.

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Biden Marks Anniversary Of Americans With Disabilities Act


    1. Grifting the disabled is the easiest grift. Look at his Cancer Foundation for his dead son, that only pays big salaries!

    1. @Ec Brown lol I love how you’re just going from comment to comment defending the indefensible. U cant even get one single thumbs up and commented on like 40 posts…. 😂

    2. @Ec Brown you’re doing a great job buddy, world renowned Dr. Jill Biden is so proud of you! No spelling errors! You get one CCP approved red star today.

  1. Is there any one more suitable to be praises the disabilities as the more than our disabled president

  2. Is alzheimer’s disease a kind of disability? If so, Biden is surely qualified to be protected by this act.

  3. I’m celebrating the 5 MONTH anniversary of a gallon of milk & gasoline prices running neck & neck AGAINST MY NECK.

    1. You should be celebrating the 54th year of not understanding basic economics. That’s the real accomplishment here.

    2. @Ec Brown yea, you’ll take that government induced stagflation and you’ll like it dummy.
      How does it feel to go from “Antifa” to establishment shill in such a short amount of time?

  4. *Perfect President to be honoring anything related to a disability…do cognitive disability next President Mumbles McTeleprompter.*

  5. i’m sure if you look into the past that he was probably against this at one time or another. 40+ years in politics. I would also guess that he was also for segregation.

    1. You’d be mistaken, that would be like me saying that you randomly received a college education in the last 40 years. It didn’t happen.

  6. President Baked Potato unknowingly “honors” himself at today’s ceremony…just doing what
    comes naturally. Coming soon, the Presidential Medal of Dementia…can’t wait!

    1. @Ec Brown 7.5 years? That’s pretty generous. I give him two more flights of Air Force One stairs before Kamala I Don’t Break Glass Ceilings, I Blow Them Harris takes the presidency.

    2. @Strange Daze I can’t stand people like you who never give credit where credits due, someone can literally save a baby from dying and you’ll somehow find a way to attack him for it

    3. @J- Rukkus stimulus package, vaccines. Yes he’s done bad like him recently bombing Somali like a war hawk (which angered me) but to act like there’s not a single thing good he’s done is just clear dishonesty and grifty

    1. That’s with a skewed ratio. It’s a fact that they delete dislikes from Biden videos, it’s likely 5 to 10x more than we actually see

  7. “With this law, disabled Americans are not discriminated against when applying for acting jobs! Disabled actors are just as bright and talented as white actors! But we still have a long way to go, so we’ll have to stop at a gas station and get a map!!”- Joe Biden.

  8. “I’m lucky to have 2 younger brothers. I’m the oldest of the 3. I also have a sister, who is the love of my life.”

    – Boe Jiden

  9. There’s alot of people out there who have a hard time with everyday things that most of us do with ease, we take for granted our health so I think this is a good idea to make others more aware… 🤟

  10. Out of both sides of his lying mouth. He says this at the same time trying to outlaw pistol braces that allow disabled American vets the ability to defend themselves. What an f’n hypocrite!

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