Biden Meets With Governors And Mayors On Infrastructure | MSNBC 1

Biden Meets With Governors And Mayors On Infrastructure | MSNBC

President Biden met with a bipartisan group of mayors and governors to discuss passing an infrastructure deal. Dayton, Ohio Mayor Nan Whaley attended the meeting, and she joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Biden Meets With Governors And Mayors On Infrastructure | MSNBC


  1. Go Democrats! Do good things for the people and the country. The USA infrastructure is literally crumbling and the Republicans don’t care. Meanwhile China is spending billions of dollars on infrastructure every year.

    1. @Z Ham : You really need to learn more about government. Interstate highways are all federally funded, as well as many other things.

    2. @William H Music 2020 Nope you Republicans still think that Trickle down economics works and that Ronald reagen’s economics work even though they did not. His economics still ended up with a higher debt and deficit. Plus the wealth inequality got worse. On the other hand the same things happens with Obama just different economics. Although under him the median income under Obama by about 9 thousand dollars. And guess who was his Vp and who he out in charge of middle class economic issues. Oh Biden but yes our roads are getting older and older and we need to fix those roads and make new ones to help with this traffic issue which is a huge issue In this nation. I am a moderate I promise.and I also think the price of the bill is way to big. Just more inflation. Think we could do this with a WAY CHEAPER PRICE. But I still love this nation Anyone who does not losses my respect.

    1. You may want to see what’s happening around the world before advocating for the abolition of the 2nd Amendment.

    2. @Kenny Jacobs the countries with strict gun regulations are the safest. In some countries even police don’t have guns because the people don’t have guns. The countries with the most guns are the most dangerous. For example Mexico, Nicaragua , Venezuela, USA

  2. “The trouble with the world is the stupid are cocksure, and the intelligent full of doubt” – Bertrand Russell

  3. Should be higher. The gop and other countries (like Russia) are doing all they can to stop our infrastructure improvements.

  4. I used to drive across a bridge over the Trinity River into Dallas that had holes in the pavement through which you could see the Trinity River. Bigger holes were covered with thick sheet metal. Was finally fixed. There is zero reason for bridges to be in this sorry shape. If the wealthy have to be taxed more, so be it.

    1. The wealthy don’t have to be taxed. Every time you purchase a gallon of motor fuel you contribute $.18 to the federal highway trust fund. You also contribute more money into the state highway trust fund, Whatever that might be. The money has to be spelled properly but the corrupt political class is wasting this money on please holiday ticket riding schemes. The Monet is being wasted on hiking, biking and snowmobile trails. We are wasting the money purchasing bus benches and bus shelters. We must make sure the dish money is being spent on repairing roads and bridges.

    2. You know who can also contribute to the tax base people who are moved from 7.25/ hr to 15 or 20 /hr.

      It may not be much federally compared to only taxing the rich but to a local economy the increased spending would be a boom.

      And poor people winne less than rich people about everything

    1. @Trumpocalypse Yeah that’s what I was about ready to say that!! God knows what kind of cut he got from the private prison system they ended up building detention centers at the border they all donated to his campaign!!!

    2. Take your tds meds. Your not making sense anymore. Joe Biden already proved…without a doubt..that America was better off with Trump as president. It’s undeniable at this point. Unless your in on the child trafficking and cashing in on inflation

  5. World economic forum discuss covid before covid was release
    “Present day ”
    World economic forum discuss cyber attacks
    Can you see what’s coming

  6. Just wondering. How does it matter about infrastructure and railways if the Republicans pass voting restrictions and then just take completely over. Who is more delusional right now. Dems or Rep toss up maybe.

  7. Once I accepted I was a homosexual my life got better and I stopped spreading all that hate.

    1. @Alex Phillips Multi name TROLL. TROLL alert. Also named tweetles ,reality and a few more. Ignore him.

  8. FACT: In 2019, Democrats came to Trump with a 500-page infrastructure plan to help Trump’s ajenda and Trump stormed out of the meeting as a result. Much different with President Biden.

  9. Let’s spend the money we already have in the federal highway trust fund on roads and bridges before we ask for anymore. It is hard to get an honest answer now out of government but there is anywhere from $40 billion-$70 billion in the federal highway trust fund. That money will repair a lot of roads and a lot of bridges. Every time you purchase a gallon of motor fuel you contribute $.18 per gallon to this fund. The fund is constantly being replenished. Let’s spend the money in the federal highway trust fund first to repair roads and bridges before we ask for anymore.

  10. Hey yo what happened to raising the minimum wage !!! we the working class need that done I know those corporations don’t want it but they can afford it don’t let the raising of minimum wage die out and get forgotten!!!

  11. Was does “Senate Democrats reach 3.5tr agreement” mean? The Democrats don’t have every Senate Democrat on board, let alone every House Democrat.

  12. Ohio is a red state , glad she is on the job pushing to get things done . Thank you for working for the greater good .

  13. Not only do Black Lives Matter they’re also clearly responsible for the movements that make major changes in America.

    Just saying MLK was a pretty important Black Life and he moved a nation.

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