Biden Meets With Senate GOP On Scaled-Back Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. more false hope more empty promises..back in the game of thrones,while the american people struggle
    Politics Poverty and Power

    1. @Josephine Cuevas That money isn’t really to help people by paying the bills they’ve been behind on due to unemployment or what have you. Yes, it will provide help to those people too, but it’s really targeted at the middle class and is about stimulating the economy. Here’s the basic flow:

      1) The money creates demand from people with additional disposable income.
      2) To meet this demand businesses need to increase supply.
      3) To increase supply, businesses need to hire workers, increasing employment.
      4) Increased employment creates demand from people with additional money to spend. *
      5) Go back to 1, only this time with the money coming from businesses instead of government.

      Giving people additional money isn’t giving them a fish, it’s stocking the lake with fish for people to catch.

      * This is why throwing in a minimum wage increase is also beneficial because it increases the disposable income from employment which is essential to increasing demand.

    2. @Bobby S It’s a covid relief bill – which means it’s what they’re giving to the people for relief from democrat’s lockdowns – not a “we need to spend 1.5 TRILLION to fund more vaccine” bill.

    1. @TriState Forestry Service What regular Americans you talking about. You mean the 81 million regular Americans who put Democrats in power. 😆 And who’s gonna stop the legislative process in the next couple of years the Proud Boys. 😆 Give me a break dude you must’ve sniffed to many wood chips. Have a good one. 😆

    2. @Shawn Gill Im gonna have to circle back then go round the back then circke back on that lol surely you can see the humor in this .lol

    3. @Christopher A I was being facetious Christopher. I don’t prefer a lier. She is an ugly person, through and through.

    4. @Shawn Gill if you actually believe that many real people voted for Creepy Corrupt Biden you’re goofier than a bag of insane liberals. More likely 30-35 million “mail-in” ballots were 100% PHONY. The anti America leftwingers have been planning this for four years and used the virus to scare/force real voters to stay home. The Loony left! Regular Americans think your radical ideology is completely ignorant. You WILL fail to destroy America!

  2. easy to say work for a bipartisan deal that could and would be delayed for weeks when you don’t need it or too rich to get it. But to the millions having to do everything they can just to eat and pay whatever bills they can when they can needed this money yesterday!!!!

    1. @Sturdy Thorpe I got rid of FB a year ago, so please accept my apology for the novel:

      Prices go up because there are no limits to profit margins. Prices go up because the rich pay too little in taxes. The point of the tax cuts for corporations is that they are supposed to provide GOOD PAYING jobs to the communities to increase the human capital within them. Since they by and large do not, employers should be regulated into taking a hit in the profit margin. Increasing prices is only sustainable in the short term and they can only raise them so high – most businesses will not survive if they outpriced their customer base. It’s a false threat.

      If a government gives you a tax break with the expectation that you will bring good paying jobs and opportunity and wealth to the community, and you instead fail to pay a living wage and make choices in the interest of your shareholders over those of the community, then you are not holding up your end of the bargain. The mandatory minimum wage protects workers from slave labour.

      Personally, I am for reducing the tax cuts and enacting regulation that would force a company to pay a certain percentage of profits to the employees rather than making every employer pay $15 regardless of profits.That way the smaller companies can have a fighting chance.

      If your employer pays you a bonus based on profits, you’re probably going to help increase those profits.

      Having a few of excecutives raking in the cash while thousands of people struggle to put food on the table in spite of working 12 -18 hour shifts isn’t working.

      So either prices stay where they are and people struggle to afford it, or we pay people enough to afford stuff, and make it illegal for companies to raise prices as retribution for that.

      If 10 people make $100, and you couldn’t get that $100 without those 10 people, why should 2 people get $90 while 8 people split $10?

      And in the case of shareholders, 10 people make $100, 2 get $90, 8 people split $1, and shareholders get $9.

      Clearly the mandatory minimum wage is just a start. I don’t believe every person should be paid the exact same amount, but I believe all workers should get to reap the financial rewards of their labour. And since the Waltons and Bezos of the world aren’t going to share with the people who provide the means to make them rich, everyone is going to be forced into the mandatory minimum wage.

      It’s a shame that some businesses will struggle to pay this but the fact that the government is making companies earn their tax breaks is important and necessary.

    2. @Larrystinkface No problem, all very good points. Agreed something has to be do about the corporate fat cats. The problem is also lobbyist, shell corporations, manipulation of currency by other countries and the lack of term limits in Government. The United States tax code isn’t thousands of pages long to protect the poor and middle class.

  3. We need $2000 direct payments, These mfs work for us, were struggling while they are getting rich off stocks and doing NOTHING!

    1. Ummm…. Apparently, you don’t understand how the world works. People who have bills, like a mortgage, actually work for the BANKS. Our politicians work for these BANKS as well, who actually have a lot of ties to multinational corporations. They all have ties to the CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds… Catch my drift???

      Moral of the story… our politicians have been bought and paid for by the list of groups/families above, well, since the days of Andrew Jackson. It’s safe to say they’re not going away any time soon.

      Check out “Philip Dru: Administrator” author by Col. Edward House, our father to the graduated income tax system we use today. It’s not a picture book though and you have to read. I know, reading…

    2. No, they don’t work for us. I think that’s been made painfully obvious at this point. On paper they work for us, but it doesn’t really matter what it says on paper when they’re the only ones with the pens.

    3. @Ray S Yup. Can’t find the time to help struggling Americans, but they can jump at TRYING to get Trump in a hot second. It’s pathetic.

    1. dont forget, “let me remind you biden is a devout catholic”.(Despite not acting like one or sharing any of their beliefs)

    2. @RCU&HYLICSTDCO Thereviewdude it says alot when the pope supports him yet the Catholic people won’t accept him because he supports the slaughter of the unborn. Which they DO NOT. False prophets my friend. Satan infiltrated that church a long time ago. Don’t get me started on their precious “father” pope.

  4. Where was all this bi partisan talk when the Republicans had control? It didnt exist then it doesnt exist now. No deal.

    1. @Brian Hard Like Nancy Pelosi not allowing a stimulus so she could ensure a win for President Biden. Very naive statement to think one party is morally superior.

    2. @classic287 As compared to Nancy? Sorry to tell you Democratic party is no better then the Republican party in how they operate.

    3. @Wandering Metalguy No, but I remember Nancy Pelosi stating how she never had any intention of passing any COVID relief to ensure President Biden’s win.

    4. @Top Flaco Absolutly! The politicians and the media are playing Americans and dividing us. I can’t understand how Americans on both sides can’t see this.

  5. its funny how all the sudden everybody is so concerned with bipartisanship now that there’s a democratic president 🤔

    1. The way I see it is Biden is just holding up his end of the deal. He said he would do it, so he’s going to do it. “How would a reconciliation look…?” Look to who, the Republicans? So many people are hurting right now, those that aren’t hurting are the ones saying no to it…

    1. @John H. I will say this and then I’m done with….you. People have become so blind and delusional that they put the beliefs of a corrupt man before their country. That they throw voter fraud out, but there isn’t any proof. Think about it, why didn’t trump fight hard enough? The Republicans? The Supreme Court? If the belief is fraud yet no one major is fighting it, then obviously, it wasn’t any. You, my sad friend, are holding on a wish that will never come true. You have become blinded and put man before party. Accept it. Learn from it.

      Move on. Have a nice day.

    2. @Vernon Hendrickson He was fired for telling the truth because the TRUTH didn’t fit in with tRump’s concocted narrative that the election was fraudulent!!! To answer the question: he stated that this was the United States’ most secure election while employed, was fired for going against the BS LIES that tRump had spewed touting the election as fraudulent, and then TESTIFIED UNDER OATH to Congress that there was ABSOLUTELY NO WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD during the 2020 election and that it was the most secure in our nation’s history. Riddle me this………IF this election was so fraudulent, explain to me how Republicans won numerous down ballot elections, gaining seats in the House and held firm in the senate??? Don’t you think that if anyone “rigged” the election that they would have done so to ensure that they gained power in every facet??? Once again, stay off of OAN and Newsmax and join us in reality!!! Stop repeating these horrible lies that you’ve been duped into believing and do some actual research!

    1. I hope you didn’t believe President Biden when he promised a $2,000 stimulus? Unfortunately you can’t believe ANYTHING ANY politician says. I made the same mistake believing Nancy Pelosi was actually working on a stimulus last year. Hard to hear she wasn’t because she cares more about power then helping struggling Americans.

    2. @kingstarboy14 Plays Well the good news is the economy is expected to be fully recovered GDP-wise by July of this year. So, now is the time to get a jump on all the jobs. However, don’t get a job in the energy industry, or in any industry that your job can be replaced by an illegal alien.

    3. I’m not taking any money from the government and my business was devastated by governmental lockdowns as an over reaction to the Wuhan Virus.

    1. @sjow False. One is a corrupt greedy evil force of ignorance, and the other’s a spineless party of negotiators.

    2. @Lex Ruptor Democrats and Republicans are both working to undermine the electoral system. Look at it like this if a company becomes big and starts to create a monopoly the government is supposed to step in to breakup the company.
      Well the two parties have created political monopolies they use their money and power to prevent Independent parties from fairly competing in elections. They work together to keep the rich from paying their fair share of taxes and in return they get millions in campaign contributions. They are both corrupted and needs to be removed from power. You should ask yourself how a politician makes millions on a government salary. I’ll tell you how they sellout the American people.

    1. @Chris Gonzalez I kept my cruiser but had to get rid of my yacht. I’m even down to only one private jet. I’m going to cry now. It’s all too much. 😭

    1. as long as he gets to talk the most, I don’t think he cares which party he’s in. I can see him interrupting Hitler talkn about, ” Hold on just one minute here!” 😁

    1. That would yield a few million dollars… I don’t think you understand just how little that is lol. Most of congress gets paid by campaign donations and the only ones that don’t are progressives. So vote for THEM.

    2. @Sarah Lee these people are Coocoo for cocoa puffs if they think that would do anything. If we want representation maybe we should vote for people who don’t take corporate donor money. Vote progressive!!

    3. @Sarah Lee thank you for figuring that out. My point is really about the sacrifice. What it means to have to give something up, like the millions of Americans have had too for the banks in the last recession. Now in the loss of jobs…

    4. @Natalie Michelle Yea, for us (regular people), $174k salary is a lot of money; but, not for Congress members.
      After the 1st term, most are basically millionaires. And, they are more worry about losing seat than the ‘puny’ $174k.

  6. what is he talking about he tries to make a sound like it’s so easy and everybody’s going to go along and we just got to yield to the party that didn’t stand up for anybody while Trump was in office why wasn’t there a covid plan why wasn’t there a relief package foolish

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