Biden Nominates Mark Brzezinski As U.S. Ambassador To Poland 1

Biden Nominates Mark Brzezinski As U.S. Ambassador To Poland


President Biden has nominated Mark Brzezinski to serve as his ambassador to Warsaw.
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  1. Pope John Paul was amazing, kind, good and the one that restored my faith after growing up Catholic, becoming agnostic at 18….then he became Pope and my entire world changed for the better!! Mika and her family are so blessed to have known him.

    1. @B. T.: LOL. No. I only know what others have discovered. Cohen, Flynn and Giuliani have major ties to the Caucasian Mafia too. Though I think Trump (like most presidents not named Clinton or Bush) was just their pawn. In the conspiracy theory it’s called the New World Order or Illuminati though most of that stuff is BS. They’re just typical organized crime who’ve managed to get into positions of power in the government.

  2. This is about a million steps up from the wrestlers and reality TV contestants Trump put in positions of power.

  3. Still waiting on the Trump nomination to URANUS! NASA has the rocket all fired up! Got a couple extra seats throw in Desantis and Abbot!

    1. @Reason Flynn and Guliani may be, but these are people on the other side politically (and they are po-authoritarian). Zbigniew Brzezinski, by the way, is deceased…

    2. @Barbara Jolley: I know he’s dead. And this has nothing to do with right vs left. They have members in BOTH parties. Their real allegiance is to the organization, not the country or a political party. Look at Zbigniew’s writings for the Trilateral commission. He laid out a decade’s long plan for world domination that has been implemented and continues to this day. He literally coined the term “New World Order” in his manifesto called ‘The Project for a New American Century’.

    3. @Barbara Jolley: Organized crime isn’t a theory. It’s a fact. And I’m not into conspiracy theories. Most things you find about the Caucasian Mafia online such as “illuminati or NWO” is nonsense. But if you seriously think that corruption and crime don’t exist within our government you’re very naive. And how could a major architect of the “New World Order” (His own words, not mine) NOT desire world domination? That’s the whole point of his manifesto!
      The Trilateral commission exists; it’s real. The Bilderberg Group exists; it’s real. Bohemian Grove exists; it’s real. Epstein’s circle was real. Enron, Bernie Madoff, Roy Cohen, Oliver North, CIA drug smuggling, Operation Fast and Furious….these things REALLY happened.

  4. When I was a young boy Zbigniew Brzezinski is a former member of the Carter as a National Security Adviser and he’s a good diplomat

  5. On April 2, 2019, Kamela Harris said “I believe them,” in reference to four women who had by then accused Joe Biden of inappropriate touching.

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