1. Dana Coyle – They got stimulus checks. The IRS just screwed-up the disbursement. I may be wrong, but I think they still haven’t gotten them all out yet.

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    1. @jonathan sernholt trump isn’t president. Trump had operation warp speed and wanted $2000 checks. Biden gave less

    2. @Ray false so far biden gave more checks than trump has and trump messed everything up he is the reason covid got so bad here.

    3. @jonathan sernholt NO you’re thinking off the Demoncrat LOCK down states! Uncle Potato Head your God has had a SHARP down turn of the entire economy! You should do everyone a favor and run with scissors! GFYS!

    1. @SourDoughBill you can not find the bumbling jibrish coming out of Trumps mouth that comes out of Bidens.

  2. I’m fine with having provided relief to my struggling neighbors. The job numbers will improve soon enough.

  3. Biden crushing the economy one day at a time. Small business going out of business. Restaurants closed. Gas stations closed. Bidens friends rich. You’re welcome

  4. Don’t even worry about it. After you go to bed tonight two million jobs will just magically appear.

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