Biden on Brittney Griner release: ‘She’s on her way home’ | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. Don’t worry, erase comments here they will post easily on TikTok without the censorship to a much, much wider audience. lol

  2. Meanwhile a USMC vet Paul Whelan sits in Russia custody still…
    Absolutely fucked trade. Two different justice systems in the US If you’re famous we gonna help you. If you served your country, but not famous? Naaa you stay in Russia.

    1. Honestly they should just keep them both. If you actually looked more into Paul besides the fact he was a vet you’d know he’s a scum bag.

  3. You allowed a mass murderer to go free while releasing someone from russian jail while millions of americans are in american prison for the same crime (weed).
    Sickening for the multitude of victims caused by the merchant of death’s crimes.

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