Biden on Colorado mass shooting: Banning assault weapons will 'save lives' 1

Biden on Colorado mass shooting: Banning assault weapons will ‘save lives’


U.S. President Joe Biden spoke about the mass shooting in Colorado and called for immediate action on gun control.


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    1. I know right, his speech lacks emotion, heart and all the things that make a speech genuine. This is just scripted, bland and monotonous.

    1. Someone tries to shoot you? Just tell them it’s illegal! They will literally go to jail if they shoot you. Problem solved

    2. @askmitch the problem with guns laws if that if someone is threatening you then you have every right to use any means to defend yourself. Whether that be a knife, a gun or even an rpg rocket launcher that happened to be laying in the middle of the road. All perfectly LEGAL.

  1. There are less than 400 deaths a year by AR-15’s… It’s never been about gun control, it’s about control!!!

    1. @Seb M.T. Bruh this is the type of myopic, uneducated thinking that Biden plays on. “HurrDurRRrrr There should be NONE!!!!”. YOU CAN SAY THAT ABOUT ANYTHING LOL SHUT UP

    2. @Matin A’zadeh Smoking causes 480,000 deaths each year in the USA alone… But focus on that less than 400, smart guy!

    1. If you did this in Canada, it could potentially prevent up to 1800 deaths per year (statscan 2019) which is 10x more than firearms deaths (which include accidental and suicide).

    2. @askmitch that thing is legitimately to allow conceal carry. That will definitively save lives. Everything else is dubious at best.

  2. Facts not known and straight to hate crimes ! in case no one thought about it murder was never called a love crime . My prayers to the families of the victims and the fallen officer . Just remember this is the party that funded the Defund The Police movement .

  3. Can’t even speak correctly what kind of President are you.. he need to be in some assisted living facility. I don’t like any president! But I tell you what I definitely wish Trump was back…

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