Biden On End Of Afghanistan War And ‘Selfless Courage’ of Service Members

President Joe Biden spoke about the end of the war in Afghanistan after 20 years. Biden thanked service members for their “selfless courage” in risking their lives during the evacuation while facing the threat of ISIS-K. 

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  1. “Year after year, US officials failed to tell the public the truth about the war in Afghanistan.” – The Washington Post Dec. 9, 2019

    1. We built a fake smoke and mirrors “government” in Afghanistan. We were paying the military’s salary so when we leave they don’t get paid, it was obviously doomed from the start.

  2. If you believe we should have kept on I invite you to volunteer at your local veteran’s hospital. As you work in the artificial limb and mental health floors, look at the faces and age them backwards to the 20 to 30 year olds they were when wounded in body and/or mind. The years of life in the United States building, growing, creating that were twisted in an instant. Hopefully you will never see the American Service personnel left laying in a bed with no arms and legs that present medical technology could not help. Or those with the memory of civilians reduced to bloody, mangled bodies by explosions meant to harm them, or their enemies.

    1. @tuck979 It’s no loss to the military contractors. Besides, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin can always make more weapons, right? 😶

    2. @New Blue 2 how did you totally miss the point? First of all tax dollars paid for them. 2nd of all the enemy is already using our stuff. Guess you missed the video of the US helicopter flying around with a body hung from it like a worm on a hook.

    3. @tuck979 It’s sad to seeing Afghan males falling from a plane, but it was even sadder to see people jumping out of their office windows from the World Trade Center 20 years ago because they only had 2 choices of how they wanted to die. Those men in Afghanistan knew of the agreement for over a year. People in the twin towers only had 2 hours to choose how they wanted to die.

      And Yes, tax payer money have been paying the bill to make Afghanistan a Jeffersonian democracy and create a military for the country. The Taliban can’t use the weapons that our military has because it’s been deactivated, but they can you the weapons of the Afghan military that did nothing to stop them from taking over.

      That my friend is what you really should be mad about. That the generals and politicians knew that this war wasn’t winnable yet continue to have soldiers die and tax payers flip the bill for the “sham” of a Afghan government.

      I solute Biden for getting us the F*** out of there.

    4. @New Blue 2 I’m not against getting out of there. As I’m sure you e heard, it’s how Biden did it. He took out the troops first and then had to send some back. Which lead to 13 US military deaths and who knows how many others. Like I stated before… clearly not everything was deactivated. You think those weapons can’t be sold to Russia or China? Iran? You think they would be able to reactivate them? How can that much equipment be deactivated in that amount of time? Biden’s goal was to end the war before 9/11, take a victory lap and use it for a photo-op. Otherwise he would have pushed for it while he was VP for 8 years.

    5. @tuck979 As I stated, most weapons the Taliban have control of is from the Afghan government, which was made by American arms dealers. People keep saying that “oh if we get out of Afghanistan another 911 can happen”. You do realize that smart phones didn’t even exist at that time and many people were still using pagers? Plus, AL-Qaeda weren’t from Afghanistan, they were from Saudi Arabia (our so-called allies) and the reason why Osama Bin Ladin hated the US was because we had US bases in Saudi Arabia and many of the Jihadist felt that we were corrupting their holy land.
      Most of the weapons there, including drones, both Russia and China already know how create. It’s nuclear weapons that would be more of a concern.

  3. My nephew was in Afghanistan for the exit and he said they demilitarized ALL equipment, vehicles, etc all of which was over 20 years old. He also said this was a huge undertaking and he thought there was no way this would be done by August 31st and it’s a testament to how hard everyone from the top down worked to make this happen. A plane per hour leaving around the clock.
    Thank you to our Troops and their hard work.

    1. Well my nephew was there for the exit and he said the aircraft and weapons were still able to be used. He also said he can’t believe how there are still Americans being left behind and that biden basically armed the taliban.

    2. @raymondwise Armed them with what, slick? You don’t seem to be able to read. He said they DEMILITARIZED the stuff meaning they are just vehicles now, no working arms, and are as old as the war which is 2o years. As for leaving people behind, well, here is food for thought. No military in history has ever evacuated from a LOST WAR without leaving anyone behind. They still got over 120,000 people out.

    3. The US supplied “Afghan Army” equipment is what everyone is talking about. Not the few US Humvees that were left at the airport.
      But nice propaganda anyway.
      Goebbels would be impressed.
      But, whatever let’s you sleep at night. Booboo 🙄

  4. 2 weeks ago: “And if you’re American force — if there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out” Joe Biden

    1. @ClassicFIHD so get your firends and your buddies, go and get your american folks out….some have married afghans, and have families, that maybe did not get papers to leave, so we do not know, why some have beenleft behind. I agree withRuth, they all had plety of time, trump annouced to the world omn TV…so everyone knew the timeline. And the traitors were the afghan beta malles, not the president, cause of course, you have a better plan.

    2. @ClassicFIHD Why don’t YOU go over to Afghanistan and hold their hands for another 20 years. Let’s see how well YOU do….and while you’re there make sure you get every last American or Afghan that didn’t finish their paperwork in time and help them out with that.

    1. Shame Joe Talibidens incompetence caused those 13 Americans to be killed. At least that empty husk knows what time it is.

    2. Yeah especially the 13 people that just died and that should’ve never happened. Unreal that anyone can even give Biden an ounce of credit. He botched the withdrawal. It resulted in unnecessary deaths of Americans. And now hundreds of Americans have been left behind. And the show thinking crowd has the audacity to act like the people stranded there want to be there or outs their fault that our country let them down and did not get them out. It goes against everything our country has ever stood for and these insensitive people act like Joe deserves a celebratory parade. Such dark times for our great nation and ANYONE condoning what Biden has done will answer to a higher power and good luck when that day comes because blood is on the hands of ANYONE that approves of this completely tragic and avoidable travesty. Maybe Joe needs to check his watch one more time well or dead service military people are being rolled by him.

    3. @Chris Jenkins what’s the 2k service members that died overall and would have continued too if we did not pull out, I see your understanding but previous administration had chance to do it and didn’t so here we are those should hopefully be the last casualty of war.

    1. The actual withdrawal may not’ve gone swimmingly, but I, for one, am happy to apply the word success to a U.S. Prez finally getting us the heck out of a dead-end war which profusely bled our finances for 20 years!

  5. Just a little note of what I noticed: The Isis group are now Isis 5 or something like that? Well they are growing like the Codis, Codis is now on what? Codis 21, sorry I have to laugh. Ok abuse me.

    1. Oh yeah, it’s definitely not the old original isis because according to the admin “ThEy dON,t eXiST”. Well that’s according to the president because his co-workers have contradicted that statement that he made. Yup, isis5 is 100% something new and not just the same isis group that was never fully eliminated.

      “Okay, nothing else to talk about, nothing to see here, please, everyone just move one, don’t ask any questions, Joe’s gotta check his watch, he has an ice cream social he’s running late for…”

  6. Now we need to go and blow up all the equipment we left behind.

    Strong and finally a courageous exit.
    God bless our troops. All heros

    1. Actually in an article published today in MSM Biden said that what equipment was left behind was rendered permanently inoperable. You are right.

  7. Look folks, Americans (gen. pop.) are incapable of understanding the depth of hostility in the “stans”. When Osama bin Laden took his last breath, we should have left. Pakistan has so much blood on her hands

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