Biden On Haiti and Cuba: Communism Is A ‘Universally Failed System’

President Joe Biden comments on unrest in Haiti and Cuba and outlines possible assistance including technology to reinstate internet access to people in Cuba.

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    1. @Rhet 101 Stolen election’s. Gun control. Lockdowns. Healthcare. Taxing the wealthy more. Making people rely on the government more in general. The list goes on

    2. @Ben O. Verbich Terrible examples. All of our Western capitalist allies have gun control, lockdowns, free healthcare, higher taxes on the wealthy, and in some cases (like Germany) even free college. And they’re CAPITALIST countries with a high standard of living. In many cases better standard of living than most States. So … again … what are the COMMUNIST policies that Joe Biden is implementing?

    1. @I am Truth he apologized for that, and it doesnt make it okay but at least he apologized and admitted he said it when trump just cries “FAKE NEWS”

    2. He’s been a politician all his life so you should only pay attention to his actions because words change depending on the audience.

    3. @Lori here’s a prime example of “fake news”. During Trump’s address of Charlottesville, the news claimed that whenTrump said there were fine people on both sides that his was referring to white supremacy. The news failed to play the rest of Trump sentence where he condemned racism and white supremacy.
      The news and democrats claim Trump has never condemned racism and white supremacy even though he’s done it 39 times as president.
      During the second impeachment hearing, Trump’s attorneys proved that democrat news edited his speech at the capital and intentionally left out the part where Trump said to march PEACEFULLY and make your voices heard.

    4. @Muad’Dib Well, that’s apparent. Biden lied when he said on inauguration day that he would bring Americans together. He and you and anyone who thinks like you is actually dividing this great nation. You are spreading hate and that is evil. Just evil. I feel sorry for you. I honestly do because you don’t know the love and power of a community of like-minded people united on one purpose.

  1. Men fight for freedom; then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves.
    Thomas Jefferson

    1. @Jeff Spicoli: As long as Americans without even a trace of irony continue to quote hypocritical slave masters and racists and genociders making statements about humanity that they themselves neither believed nor practiced as role models, the commies don’t have anything to worry about.

    2. @Graham Carpenter Like The Hebrew People;, God delivered The Hebrews from Egypt but they wouldn´t allow Him to take learned Egyptian customs out of them.

      So it was with The Colonists?

      We see the same movement among black culture also. They want to remain African and adhere to the same ignorant customs, superstitions and childish fantasies of their patriarchal and matriarchal aspirations? Read The Last line of The Black National Anthem?

      Please Read The Declaration Of Independence with an Inalienable Perspective for every generation to develop The True Spirit Of The Law endowed by Our Creator?

      Just because one or many generations separates from natures law and natures God squaring, doesn´t mean we cannot accurately change the course of human events in our generation and restore the former foundation´s established by those that purely blood covenanted (Revelation 11:1; 4:1-6)?

      The individuals that laid down their lives for The Declaration´s Ideals didn´t die for The biased ideals of The 1783 Treaty Of Paris, which are racist, excessively materialistic and militaristic in nature, violating and grieving the blood covenant spirit of The Declaration?

      Isn´t it odd that George Washington was delivered from England´s War Machine? He had many bullet holes through his coat often during battles. He openly confessed, “No other nation is bound to adore and be thankful for The Divine Parents Benevolent Hand More Than This Nation.¨ He saw that Divine Hand at Work during The Long War.

      However, he died from a common throat infection, which today antibiotics would cure. Isn´t that odd? Did his Presidency adhere to a doctrine other than The Mantle Of The Declaration Of Independence, namely ¨The 1783 Treaty Of Paris¨ empowering The Northwestern Territory East Of The Mississippi River Doctrine Land and Waterway Grab? What can we learn from Washington´s Successes Mantled and his Political Acts Foreign Entangled which in the end couldn´t defend him and save him from a throat infection?

      ¨If you are cut down during a (non violent) movement designed to save ( clear, free and complete) the soul of a nation, no other death can be more Redemptive.¨ – MLK (Revelations 11:1; 12:10)

      The Broad Education Transmits to ONE not only the accumulated knowledge of the race, but also the accumulated experience of Social Living.¨ – MLK

      Slavery was a product of British Colonialism.

      Post Independence, The Newly Birthed Nation was embittered towards The Native American´s because Britain used The Native American´s guerilla warfare tactics against The Colonist´s living on The Frontier, (See Declarations Grievance). Britain´s war strategist´ used Psychological Warfare, causing a root of bitterness to spring up and defile many generations?

      Thereby, the newly formed government´s naive ambassador¨s´ made an alliance and signed a racist, materialistic and militaristic Treaty with The Tyrannical Ideology Of England though ¨The 1783 Treaty Of Paris¨ which empowered The Northwestern Territory East Of The Mississippi River Doctrine/ Movement. The Alliance was a premeditated land and waterway grab and phasing in fraudulent treaties with Native Americans.

      In 1814, The British and American Military premeditated Tecumsehś and Roundhead´s assassination in the swamps Of Canada.

      Slave Trader and Military Mercenary, Andrew Jackson had Political aspirations and was hired by a Tennessee Governor to Bully and Swindle The Alabama Creek out of their Land for The Selfishly Growing Industry Of Cotton. Jackson tricked The Georgia Cherokee into allying with him. The Cherokee Chief saved Andrew Jackson´s Life during The Battle Of Horseshoe Bend, Alabama. The Creek Nation was flimflammed and demoralized into giving up their Land.

      Andrew Jackson became The First Democrat President. His hired mercenary exploits for industry and the political arena garnered him The White House. A slave trader and a slave party empowered ideologically, politically and economically.

      During Andrew Jackson´s Presidency, The 1837 Indian Removal Act was authorized. Democrats are Big on Implementing Acts? The same Georgia Cherokee Nation that saved Andrew Jackson´s Life were forced to move during The Winter Time, and a Cherokee Princess died along The Trail Of Tears, because she gave her blanket to a child so the child wouldn´t freeze. Please Read Abe Del Jones´ Historically accurate Poem, “The Never Ending Trail¨?

      Slavery Matured in The deep south because of the embittering means of hatred paralyzing and confusing life, ¨The 1783 Treaty Of Paris¨.

      I don´t see any Current Politician´s willing to make full restitution beginning at the breach of injustice? An unwillingness to repent means those same political, ideological and economical methods and aspirations are at work?

      The United States Of America was birthed by The Blood Covenant Of The Declaration Co-Signed by Our Creator. It´s an Inalienable Blood Covenant OF Life Endowed by God. Iḿ defining God as The Constant Nature Of Light that Penned the thoughts Of The Declaration Of Independence ( 1 John 1:5; Revelations 4:1-6). Natures Law and Natures God Squared (C2=EM).

      For Centuries, Millions Of People have been Cheated, Restitution is a costly Process.¨ – MLK

      ¨The Power wielders cry peace! peace! with unsheathed swords, instead of extending Olive Branches.¨ – MLK?

    3. @Graham Carpenter The abolition of domestic slavery is the great object of desire in those colonies, where it was unhappily introduced in their infant state.
      Thomas Jefferson

    4. @PEEPER57 The abolition of domestic slavery is the great object of desire in those colonies, where it was unhappily introduced in their infant state.
      Thomas Jefferson

    1. @The Morally Superior Democrat
      I have a great life. I enjoy my job. It benefits me in more ways than just the financial. If your life is so sad, I hope you find what you are looking for.

    2. You won a bunch of future votes from the center and lost a bunch from the far let. Win/win.

    3. @The Morally Superior Democrat ahh, you’re one of the types who want to feel like the super heroes in movies fighting against a big evil. reality is things are generally fine

    4. @Gracie Freebush You’re settling for what’s given to you. That is not freedom. If you’re happy being a slave that is okay. I do wish you the best

    5. @averlyse Things are fine? Look at South Africa, look at Cuba, look at our own country, look at every Democrat city in our country. Things are not fine. I suggest you get some food. But you won’t because orange man rad. We will not settle for a fraudulent president.

    1. @BlissinthemiX Because MSNBC’s Joy Reid can’t hide her hatred for ” Whiteness , White Privilege , White Men , White People she is a Race Hustler who can’t get through a show without mentioning Jim Crow at leas twice , she’s a bias racist.
      Her childish rant against Christopher Ruffo when he wasn’t allowed to clarify his thoughts on CRT shows what MSNBC is all about, abnegation of the truth Joy’s Petulant ” Well, it’s my show, so it’s how I want to do it ” when Ruffo asked ” This should be a dialogue, right?” Speaks volumes about her character. When you have people like her working for MSNBC they deserves a lot more than just a thumbs down.

    2. @BlissinthemiX under Biden we now have the WH reading everyone’s private text messages looking for “misinformation” and scanning Facebook to tell them what speech needs to be censored. Talk about Nazis.

  2. That must have been hard to say… he loves BLM, and they just came out in support of the Cuban government cracking down on the protesters.
    PATHETIC 🙄🙄🙄

    1. Cheer Whiner those other c countries are not c countries. They are run by repressive regimes. Pretty much like both Korea. Cuba is true communist. They could have it no other way because of the embargo by the us and other countries. They had a revolution anti Castro fled to us. Always trying to involve us

    2. Cheer Whiner wow that is the lie of the century. U r totally uneducated. Are u one of those whiners from Florida. Woo wants everyone to fight there battles. U know nothing about Fidel Castro or the revolution

    3. Graham Carpenter Batista is the dictator that Fidel Castro kicked out. Don’t compare him to those ugly men no comparison

    4. @Mary Purcell I have read enough about communism to know what the bottom line is. I have read Marx, books on the Russian Revolution, Mao, books from people who survived Cambodia, and books from people who escaped NK. I even read part of the Gulag Archipelago (which is super long).
      I know that the State means all, and the individual means very little. That’s why people tend to disappear in those places… it’s happening right now in Cuba.
      Dissenters are being arrested live on video, and one can watch it and listen to it.
      That’s the bottom line… communism equals oppression. It has always been this way.
      The deaths of 100 million people in all these regimes says it quite clearly. That is indisputable.

    1. He will forget all about what he said when this Cuba crisis blows over and after he gets yelled at by the Jihad Squad.

    1. @Bad2da Bone you say you hate hatred, but aren’t the Dems putting a lot of h ate against w Hite people?

      There was even a “be less w Hite” campaign

    2. @laurent deteix
      No but you sure are lost if you think I care about communism! This is the nonsense the right wants you to believe because they are the criminal party. They have nothing to offer America!

    3. @TheChunster wow what an ignorant comment trump was also part of the swamp and fascism is a left wing ideology fyi

    1. @Patrick Gleason That’s the way it should be but that’s called freedom and the DNC hates it.

    2. @Garett Anderson Not speaking for the DNC; I think however, they mostly hate the fact of the disease spreading.

    3. @Patrick Gleason I think they mostly hate the fact some people don’t trust or believe them.

    4. @Patrick Gleason They are eugenicists. That’s what’s in the DNC’s heart. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. He’s not a communist though. Considering his age, he would’ve been raised to hate it just as much as anyone else his age. His generation fought in Vietnam.

  3. I want to thank and congratulations 👏to Big tech and mainstream media for teaching us that we can ban The speech of the President of the United States of America from all platforms and I appreciate them showing us that The Commander in Chief and the leader of the free world doesn’t have freedom of speech and when they banned the chief executive officers speech they banned all the co equal branches and future Presidents simultaneously yup 😉👍thanx Ya’ll

  4. 🙏🏻😊I don’t think 🤔 the record is weakness 👍🏻, please ✌🏻especially for the better life of Cuba 🇨🇺🥺.

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