Biden on Henri: ‘Preparations Are In Place To Address Significant Power Outages’ 1

Biden on Henri: ‘Preparations Are In Place To Address Significant Power Outages’


President Joe Biden addressed Americans in the path of Tropical Storm Henri. Biden said, “Preparations are in place to address significant power outages,” and thousands of crews are heading towards impacted states. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Biden on Henri: ‘Preparations Are In Place To Address Significant Power Outages’


  1. This tatter told them “don’t get caught in the next storm, get vaccinated” haha, he does the best standup comedy ever.

    1. @Truth91 You speak as though you have an objective basis to do so. You don’t, therefore, go immediately to your safe place!

    1. @Jeff Landon I’m a libertarian. But stay brainwashed. Democrat party is absolutely trash. With a propaganda media to keep any candidate afloat.

    2. @Salty Navy Liberterians are even dumber then Republicans. Stupid people always scream us smart people are brainwash. The democrat party is the best political party out there. And here we go with the whole “MEDIA MAN BAD” cries from the right. Fox News and Newxmax attacking Biden day in and day out and he is still president.

  2. “Stuff happens,” says Nancy Pelosi as thousands get stranded in hostile territory. Not to mention the unfortunate few who got trampled, whipped, and being shot at the Kabul airport or the people being hanged in their houses for helping Americans or the people who can’t even make it to Kabul. People are in agony right now and Pelosi can only say, “Stuff happens.” Ironically, the democrats claim to be humanitarians… That’s a big lol.

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