Biden On Massacre in Myanmar: ‘It's Terrible. It's Absolutely Outrageous’ | MSNBC 1

Biden On Massacre in Myanmar: ‘It’s Terrible. It’s Absolutely Outrageous’ | MSNBC


President Joe Biden said the amount of people that have been killed in Myanmar is totally unnecessary. Biden also addressed the U.S. infrastructure and gun control legislation.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Biden On Massacre in Myanmar: ‘It's Terrible. It's Absolutely Outrageous’ | MSNBC


  1. You need background check for credit, renting or buying a house, getting a job so why not background check for guns

    1. Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns. I’d rather be judged by twelve total strangers…than carried by six of my best friends.

  2. What about Myanmar President Biden?
    “It’s terrible, unnecessary.”
    What about Myanmar President Trump?
    “Do they have dirt on the Bidens?”

    1. @Tracy be that as it may Tracy history, even recent history shows, you can’t invade & just leave. Perhaps politicians need to be more truthful about the consequences of military actions abroad with the public? In my opinion it’s poor politics to involve the militaries foreign actions in domestic politics. Undermines the Nations objectives. Both sides do it & probably it’s harming the troops & they benefit from a poll bump etc.

  3. Former guy, other guy. I like the way President Biden does that.
    I always used vulgar language and it got me suspended.

    1. @biden laptop thanks I just cancelled my account and started another if it happens more I’ll just wait it out, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong other then they assumed I was spamming? I try to stay away from name calling, most responses seem harmless, I’m over twitter that’s a jungle, I appreciate your response maybe we can have a back and forth in the future have a great day!

  4. Gun control needs to include anyone charged with domestic violence is automatically denied a license to own a gun.

    1. @Ken Albertsen why stop there Ken? How about anyone they ever knew, worked with, family members, etc…

    2. @Ken Albertsen I don’t quite understand your point since nobody on Jan. 6 had a gun during the so-called ‘armed insurrection’? How is ‘gun control’ related to the Jan. 6th event?

    3. Yes! I agree, ‘anyone charged with domestic violence should be denied a license to own a gun’ or vote either and that includes people without a valid picture ID with signature!

    1. That’s pretty much the whole story . Can’t reveal the identities of the 2 girls because they are minors.

    2. No that’s not it. It doesn’t fit their narrative! The identities were quite clear on video so would’ve matter. CNN said died in an accident smh. Murder!!

    3. @Petey NY hahahaha! Died in an accident. Did you see the stupid bit h whining about her phone being in the car after she and the other (people we are never supposed to blame for anything) killed that poor old dude. CNN is freaking disgusting

    4. @Petey NY If you want to see an unreported ‘mass murder’ just a few days before the Asian Spas do a YT search for ‘Stimulus Check Shooter’. That didn’t make the nightly news either sadly for some reason. Plus, it was the most common weapon used in mass shootings. A handgun.

    5. Your comparing a robbery gone wrong to a massacres of 400 and many more to come of people trying to fight for there rights and democracy think about it

  5. Not much comment on massacres all over locally ….. Any strong action like sanction or sending the military ?

    1. Yeah because they have nothing better to do while we work and have to bail out each of their beloved states.

  6. Joe you’ve been in office 48 years you are the reason these illegals are here. You have no solutions just problems!

  7. Gentleman standing right side of the screen. Beside and behind the president. Every American should thank you for your service and dedication sir thank you sir

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