Biden On Need For Disaster Relief, Infrastructure Investment After Hurricane Ida 1

Biden On Need For Disaster Relief, Infrastructure Investment After Hurricane Ida


NY Rep. Grace Meng and NY State Sen. Jessica Ramos talk about what President Biden saw and heard when he came to view storm damage in Queens, New York.
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    1. @Daniel Hicks Not that I have seen. A list is out there all the equipment. They’re driving our Humvee’s and flying our helicopters, etc.

    2. @Melissa Jewell yes they are mostly us military equipment we gave to afghanistan. The Afghan airforce had like 50ish Blackhawks, for example. Those Blackhawks now belong to the taliban

    1. How do you figure that? They’re talking about how people died and how the government failed because of misguided priorities.

    1. Well if you throw out all the laws, education system, public roads, bridges, power grids, sewage systems, public services (I know we don’t have a lot compared to other countries), police, firefighters, regulatory entities, international relations, minting the money we all use, war, subsidizing failing industries like farms, coal, auto, insuring banks, the 5 different healthcare systems we have for some reason, etc. yeah then I guess it is just them spending money with no consequence.

    2. “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When THE GOVERNMENT FEARS THE PEOPLE, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

    1. @Traveler320 AK We should. But Biden is gonna instead, give the Taliban money in order to release those Americans.

  1. Oh my! Has Rachel been able to overcome her existential trauma, by re-wiring her brain to not have an involuntary response of horror, dread and terror upon seeing an unmasked birthing person? Dear me!

  2. How about you concentrate on bringing the people home from Afghanistan and then QUIT SPENDING TAXPAYER $ on things NOT for the Taxpayer.

    1. @Henry Pierce Supporting Trump insurrectionists and the Big Lie show continued treasonous tendencies of the right. 🙂

    2. @Tyler Specters you are really off base..maybe you are one of the 16% who agreed with braindead joe on his decision to leave Afghanistan without a comprehensive and strategic plan to ensure the lives of civilians, soldiers, equipment and armaments..
      The anger comes from unnecessary deaths and poor planning..this all could have been done if the incompetent, incoherent old windbag, temporarily occupying the wh, actually listened to his advisors..

    3. @J Flow Must be very very lonely being a Cheating Joe Supporter these days. 🤣🤣 you’re fighting a battle all by yourself 🤣🤣🤣

    4. @N Q Naah We dumped that mfr trump. It took 80 million of us but we gotter done. You guys enjoy. Remember, Biden is your President for 4 more years. No Big Lie fantasies or Fraudits gonna change that. 🙂

    1. Why does anything that doesn’t take a ROCKET SCIENTIST
      To fix or Rebuild, say a Drainage System, a Sidewalk, or PICK UP/ CLEAN UP TRASH, have to be some GREEN NEW DEAL??
      why Not Just Fix Things & STOP STEALING THE MONEY!!!!!!!

    1. @Tom Mitchell yeah, like a lot of boxes of Afghanistan military victory ribbons to display on Allies’ military uniforms…sad, very sad.

    1. @TheScientific Method BTW— I have DOZENS more of Trump’s accomplishments. I haven’t even scratched the surface. Ha Shall I go on???

    2. @Melissa Jewell Please do!!! I think more people need to read about them, as they were almost NEVER reported by the MSM.

    3. @TheScientific Method Only the ignorant would use fallacy of the false dilemma to suggest Jr Joe is competent.

    4. @Melissa Jewell You speak the language of facts that oppose the narration of the left. The left will seek to punish you for that.

    5. @Melissa Jewell Just remember, the broken VA system of unaccountable bureaucrats is exactly what Democrats want in a natural single payer system. After all, the left is to stupid let people decide what they need for themselves.

  3. Why did they cut out the part where Americans were shouting “Joe will leave you behind”? I thought MSNBC was pretty factual.

    1. Msnbc Factual.? You gotta be kidding me. Did they ever mention anything about the Afganistan debacle.? Do they mention the border crisis.? Anythng about inflation.? Anything about his latest gaffe of having zero emissions by the year 2020.?

    2. Pelosi is planning to impeach Trump for causing the hurricane, wildfires, flat tire on her limousine, no he’s not in office, she doesn’t care, do it anyway

  4. I love how selfless Americans are… lost their homes in a massive storm and still tell sleepy joe to bugger off for leaving their fellow Americans behind in Afghanistan 👍

    We’re broke.
    Our deficit is nearing $30+ TRILLION ‼️

    1. @shaquille mccray because he armed them with billions in gear and left an entire country in fear. Well not biden but his handlers. Wake up. Trump let POW go cause when wars end that’s what you do. Geneva convention. Your ignorance is Astounding

  6. These idiots causally leave $85+ BILLION behind in Afghanistan—and now they want more money and a tax increase, so they can waste more of our money (and likely pocket some for themselves).
    Come on, man! WTF!

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