Biden Participates In Naturalization Ceremony At The White House 1

Biden Participates In Naturalization Ceremony At The White House


President Biden participated in a naturalization ceremony at the White House and thanked those in attendance for choosing to become new citizens of the United States.
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  1. I know some United States citizens who were not born in America, but who chose nevertheless to endure great hardship and sacrifice to emigrate. Joe Biden is showing his compassion and his solidarity with those people. It is a simple, heartfelt gesture that will resonate with virtually anyone possessed of a conscience and the desire to see all good people thrive.
    So let me put this another way. If you have a problem with this, then you are the problem.

    1. @M B Your historically unpopular 1 term president was only able to claim the economic accomplishments of the administration before him he did nothing but act like he did things that were already happening before him.. he literally promised things Biden has already done and is close to doing.. Is the wall that Mexico was going to pay for done, that he took money from the military to pay for? no? Trump lost the house, senate, and the presidency to a weak senile man… Oh and Biden is still your President lol

    2. @Tee never said he wasn’t. But he’s incompetent and they have no clue what they’re doing. As long as your feelings are in tact though.

    3. @M B I have no feelings I’m fine lol… I’m not the one making up provable false statements to make myself feel better about my useless previous president… how are your feelings doing? lol

  2. I’m grateful for our president’s compassion. I wish for everyone to adapt a positive attitude and be grateful for what we have.

    1. @PJH199 1 and it could start with you. Your heart will feel full and happy again. Best wishes for that my friend.

  3. As someone who became a US citizen, this was very touching. I truly love this country and all the opportunities that it has given me.

    1. Welcome to America. Happy to have you. My mom came here from Scotland 70 years ago and became a citizen

    2. You’re what makes us strong and great! We are a country of immigrants. We were the first country in the world founded on a secular Constitution (without favor for any one religion) with our ideals and principals binding us together instead of all just being from the same ethnic ancestry. My forebears came here from England, Wales, and Scotland, seeking to flee the oppression of a government based on a king and his religion. They thrived, and you and your descendants will too.

    3. Senile incompetent Joe Biden’s Border Crisis Is Out Of Control. We Need Real Leadership. Yes we miss President Trump.

  4. When the corrupt Republicans are out of congress, we can have our democracy.
    Until then…we do not.

    1. @A Tuema They’ve been saying this for decade and democrats aren’t on the left. They’re center right. Green voters are on the left and the two do not like each other.

      Also, I believe a recent study shows socialism is on the rise and they’ve split the next generation.

    2. @David M Democrats believe that if you don’t believe everything that they do, then you are in a cult. It is pretty cult-ish behavior.

    3. @Equality For All No, you are correct. I meant the far left portion of the Democratic party. They are the ones destroying the party.

    1. @JohnGriff Sure champ..sure…That’s why the republicans are constantly barking at the moon and wanting to lock people up that are applying for asylum which is >LEGAL

    2. @JohnGriff A boarder is someone who is paying for a room. Crossing the boarder is making that person angry, which is entirely legal.

    3. @cortical1 You’re right, my entire argument is invalid because of a spelling error, you got me

    4. @JohnGriff Start with the fundamentals of English literacy if you want to be taken seriously. Make America literate again. Biden does not support illegal crossings.

  5. Character, compassion, and competence…
    (And pleasantly boring. )
    I’ll take it over the daily outrage any day.

  6. Incredibly moving and passionate speech. Captures all the ideals and values of America. I think Mr Biden did contradict himself when he said that you can’t define America, because that’s exactly what that defines it, the vast, limitless diversity and the acceptance and tolerance that makes this diversity possible.

    1. @Propa Gandia it’s common sense politics. Only those with no common sense finds a problem with this.

    2. @Ivan Au Only those with no sense would agree with you. Sorry to trigger you, best go to your safe space. The world does not run on feelings, it runs on facts.

  7. “Look, today, um, today’s special guests to all of you, it’s my honor to congratulate the 21 of you, who’ve earned the title of that our democracy in every – is equal to being president – it’s of the same consequence – citizen, citizen of the United States of America,” said Biden

  8. Legacy media & YouTube on overdrive today trying to edit his speech & turn comments off . He had a brain meltdown while talking, he just started throwing words out with the hey “look, the 21 of you…then his brain stops” lmao!

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