1. @D S There aren’t many people on “welfare” (which has been called TANF for decades). One can only receive it for a maximum of 24 consecutive months, 48 months lifetime maximum. Petey is often up all night because he doesn’t have to work. He’s on SSDI. Too “ill” to work.

  1. Levity is good.
    A sense of humor is crucial in life.
    Those who struggle with a lack of it tend to be reactionaries.

  2. Biden’s a tremendous embarrassment for America on multiple levels obviously 🀑

  3. The President is an Eagles fan? Oh man if Philly won the Super Bowl it’s gonna be a national holiday 😭😭. Fly Eagles Fly!!

    1. Donato not to mention the Biden is also a big Phillies fan in MLB Baseball. Jill Biden actually threw out the ceremonial 1st pitch at a Fall Classic game, the last time the Phillies made the World Series in 2009 losing to the NY Yankees.

  4. Calling them “obnoxious” is absolutely a compliment. When you have a reputation for throwing batteries and booing Santa Claus, there are number of other words that could be used, and none of them are as kind as “obnoxious!”

    1. Man of a corrupt democrat/socialist party that stole the election and anybody that did their research knows it because if you watch and believe the lying, fake MSM networks you’d know that if you did your research they work hand in hand with the democrat/socialist party!

    2. @J.J. Upright
      What research are you talking about, exactly?
      Biden is liberal, not socialist.
      What corruption, show some evidence.
      The election was not stolen even if GOP is trying.

      In fact, everything you say is just demonstrably wrong, isn’t it. Did you fail kindergarten?

    3. @Elaniago
      The once democrat party has turned far left and they have become socialists and marxist…You yourself are a Chinese socialist marxist…If I have to tell you the blatant corruption they committed and how to do your own research then it’s you that are in kindergarten! The first thing that you’ll learn when you do your own research is you’ll see how the MSM and the democrat/socialist party work hand in hand then you’ll know that the MSM covers for the democrat/socialists and never reports all their lies and corruption! I have a feeling that you already know this but you yourself are a looney leftist, socialist Anti American or a commie foreigner! In any event I won’t and don’t waste my precious time with people who have been brainwashed and badly misinformed!!

    4. @J.J. Upright
      No, I’m actually an alien who came here to harvest elephant ears for dinner.
      But then I saw you had an orangutan as leader of an idiocracy and wanted to figure out how on Venus that happened. It hasn’t happened anywhere else in this galaxy, you see.
      Then I saw your comments and found my answer, so I’m out of here before you infect me with your stupidity.

  5. I became a Philly fan the moment they tipped the election to Biden, I’ll never root for another team again πŸ˜€

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