Biden Picks Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge To Be HUD Secretary | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Biden Picks Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge To Be HUD Secretary | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1


    1. Iam a Ohio conservative . I like Marcia Fudge . I think she’s a good person .
      She won’t be filthy rich when she leaves office .

    2. @PhayeGrey you people are goona be so butthurt when scotus rules. There are Rino swamp monsters too yanno? God the salt will be glorious. Trump 2020! 4 more years!

    3. @ChillyFly it will be glorious indeed…
      lol because y’all are so lead to be assured of a win. Not even the fear of a possible non-win. And yet nothings gone in your favor. I’m not even gonna go round with you here lol. You win. Trump will be in office again and it’ll all be thanks to the Supreme Court because the SCOTUS and the POTUS are the only ones you can trust any longer. OAN and Newsmax too ofc. It’s you against the world (and the ppl that you narrow yourself to be around with like minds). TRUMP 2020!!!!!!! Let’s go boys! Let’s get it done!!!!! Make Amurika great again; again!!! Lol🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

    1. @Rush Blue Oh so you just know what I am thinking and what my opinions are……. Yeah more like you just want to hate others for their skin color or lack of it.

    2. @Txnmia 86 they’re now just hating on Fox News, you’ll have to go to Newsmax and OAN to find the cesspool of stay at home all day, being mad trump cultists.

    1. @No More Identity Politics If the hiring field hadn’t been one-sided for so many years, it wouldn’t appear to be identity politics now.

    1. @Reuben Z Clitz That’s where you “pull your dog’s tail as you step out of the shower.” lol what a crock. I wonder what really happened.

    2. @Reuben Z Clitz your meth head president can’t understand what it is to play with a dog. Only humans with hearts love animals. Trump killed them as a kid.

    1. @Keith Anderson Never mind them. Their goal in life is to get banged in the face by a Chaz Bono wannabe.

    2. @Keith Anderson
      And he has lost them all.
      It’s semantics to say that Trump has filed 50 court cases as attorneys on behalf of Trump filed the others. Only one being successful and that is how far the poll watchers were allowed to stand and observe.

      None of this matters, Joe Biden is going to be president. He has already gotten good numbers needed. Trump laws Georgia and Arizona both red states with Republican governors. The sooner you come to grips with the fact Trump will be leaving office the sooner you can heal.

    3. @Insidious Vidz it’s not semantics at all. It is a demonstration of your ignorance of the subject. Most of those cases were filed by attorneys in behalf of individuals and other groups. They were not filed on behalf of Trump.

      Since you’re a bit slow I’ll rephrase. Less than half a dozen cases have been filed on behalf of Trump so your math is wrong and your claim is false. Is that better?

    4. @watutman you’re really delusiona, just like your wannabe mob boss and wannabe dictator currently squattering in the peoples house!!!

  1. I’m sure he’s trying to get him in there quickly for some reason😂😂😂 good luck, won’t happen, it’s over

    1. @Via Roma Bandit i find it ironic how you guys claim trump is a nazi. But literally never provide evidence or any substance. While when comparing biden to a nazi we only need to compare policy. Whay compels you people into blind hatered?

    2. @Shino B lmao oh really the fact he let’s his supporters attack a Biden bus or letting supporters throw cans or spray people. Letting his supporters do bad things everyday…..ha.
      Please Trump doesnt care about America until he knows hes doomed.

    3. @Shino B You mean like the same “Evidence” Trump has of Election Rigging? NOW you want real evidence? 🙄You’re Fired.

    1. So I looked it up when that news story came out, that was a real person and he died in the early 2000s. I thought it was a crazy story, but it turns out there was a legit man named cornpop. There is an obituary written for him in some Delaware newspaper.

    1. @Via Roma Bandit I’m not even going to entertain this anymore it’s just outright shameful. here’s an upvote for participation gl

    2. @TommyBolognattv And wtf do you mean anyway? I’m a Veteran period, and un-afraid to admit it. Sooo yeah🗽🇺🇸

    3. @Dragon Knuckles So you’re saying that if a white person can only pretend to be friends with a black person.. They are only tokens right?

    1. @bobby griz Mark Twain reminds him of a whiter america, let him cling to his safe space before his generation dies out . Let him live

    1. @bobby griz like Kamala being VP elect. The only reason why she was picked is because she is black and indian, a woman, etc.

    1. These people are very qualified… I guess being a 4 star general isn’t a qualification for you?

      It’s hilarious how you are bothered about qualifications

      When Amy for SCOTUS judge and many more distinct judges appointed by trump aren’t qualified for their seats, you don’t seem t complain.

  2. All women appointees? Is Joe Alzheimer whipped or what?
    Better ask Pelosi what to do next before you forget!

  3. Get ready for ISIS to make a surprise come back and now we have to send more troops everywhere to guard poppy fields again.

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