Biden Picks Up Endorsements As Trump Holds A Rally Amid Coronavirus Spread | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O'Rourke all are endorsing Joe Biden ahead of Super Tuesday as the president holds a rally in North Carolina as his government grapples with its coronavirus response. Aired on 3/2/2020.
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Biden Picks Up Endorsements As Trump Holds A Rally Amid Coronavirus Spread | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. ​@Newlvlups No
      Bernie is no FDR. Bernie hasn’t the ability to be conciliatory or to compromise. His way or the highway means only we’d be travelling a very rough road.

      The speech you are quoting was delivered after the major New Deal reforms were enacted, not before. It’s not an example of how a successful president chose the right enemies and made those reforms happen. Rather, Roosevelt’s turn toward vilification at the close of the 1936 campaign marked the beginning of the end of the New Deal period, when excessive hubris and a diminished appetite for compromise led him to politically disastrous decisions that drove the conservative wing of the Democratic Party into the arms of obstructionist Republicans.
      Roosevelt began his presidency, in fact, with a conciliatory approach. “In his first 100 days, he was trying to unify and calm the country, which had been curled up in the fetal position,” Jonathan Alter, author of The Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope, said. “So he was not delivering harsh attacks on business at that time.”

      Truth is truth.

    2. @Newlvlups No If they wanted Bernie they would be voting for him. As I said, more people want someone else.
      The current 2/5 to 2/27
      RealClearPolitics averages
      Bernie vs Trump Bernie+4.9
      Biden vs Trump Biden+5.4
      5.4 is more than 4.9 🤷🏻‍♂️. I know you want things to support your delusions but facts are the enemy of delusions.

      Truth is truth. Facts are facts.

    3. Suomy Nona- Bernie is not his way or the highway- how do you start negotiating a deal? You start at what you want maybe even a more than that and work from there- you don’t automatically capitulate to oh let’s just go for a public option because then you will get nothing- republicans never compromise never back down and we keep slowly moving further and further right- democrats always start off saying well we can’t get that thing done so why even fight so let’s just work with the republicans- THIS IS A LOSING STRATEGY go in guns blazing for what you believe in and then compromise. And the new deal era didn’t end till jimmy carter.

    4. Suomy Nona- within the margin of error so let’s say they’re tied Nationally with trump ask yourself- who has the grassroots movement? Who has an online army like trump? Who is generating excitement? Who outflanks trump on being anti establishment? Who leads in the rust belt where Hillary lost the election? Who offers something to vote for not just something to vote against? who voted for the trade agreements that destroyed the Midwest and the rust belt? Who voted for the Iraq war? Who marched with mlk?Who is leading the charts in favorability? Who opens themselves up to personal attacks on character from trump? Who takes from big money interests? Joe Biden is not the safe option you think he is- he will get dismantled by trump and will lose the rust belt once again because his voting record help destroyed that part of the country. Learn from 2016 and don’t run the establishment candidate in the era of populism.

  1. I’m disappointed in O’Rourke. At least there goes one other politician that showed us their true colors who I now know never to vote for.

  2. wow pete a sellout! Boooooo that guys wont help us get medicare or education what a dissapointment that pete guy is.

    1. It was obvious that pete was a sell out from the very beginning. Did you actually think he was a genuine person?

  3. they all got paid tons of money and promised cabinet positions. Everyone knew the DNC would do anything to stop Bernie

    1. We the GOOD People of America DO NOT want any part of Bernie’s “revolution.” His Communist agenda is Dangerous and Destructive and ALL Liberal DOLTS better realize this fact.

    2. Exactly
      Them failing badly in the polls gave them no reason to drop out
      Democrats aren’t supposed to campaign for Democrats
      Why didn’t Sanders run as Independent

    3. @Progressive Humanist Your opinions here on YouTube threads are Deluded to say the least. President is doing a Great Job for America yet Liberal DOLTS have trouble seeing and understanding that. The Liberal Indoctrination and Brainwashing of Liberal DOLTS everywhere is a total Shame for this country.

    1. *Bantze Hotep*
      These kinds of endorsements usually matter. The average layman who was going to vote for someone has formed some kind of attachment or trust in that politician, so they’ll trust that the person probably checks out if the politician they already approved of endorses him/her. The real question is whether they’ll be motivated enough to vote for the secondary option when time comes, or if they’ll abstain.

    1. he must be pretty stupid, I’m sure he mentioned something about moderates on the other side.

    2. That old coot is just throwing money to the wind in hopes of him getting in as nothing but you way into the election Bloombag give it while your ahead

    1. @my name yes hate makes YOU blind!! Its called irony fool!! Let me dumb it down.. the people that take pence serious dont have common sense… and then pence says use common sense?@?!?@??

    2. @my name I do know trump is a sexist.. xenophobic.. racist.. lying conman and I dont think that’s ok. I cant vote him out but I can tell people like you what a bad choice you making for humanity and morally integrity by supporting him. Unfortunately He is the president of the most influential country in the world.

    3. @curro terms you watch too much TV curro. Your concerns aren’t warranted nor does your opinion have any weight or influence on someone like me. You may as well be yelling at the sky. Have you asked yourself the question yet of why you’re so emotionally vested in something you have nothing to do with? You have to realise by now sense you’ve never been here and don’t know what it’s like to live here that every single thought you have ever had about America is someone else’s opinion. Your anger about it isn’t even your own, it’s someone else’s anger you’ve heard Expressed. I’m not calling you delusional only the opinions you’ve expressed are a delusion of the reality I live in. If a statement is made that is sound yet you dismiss it because of the source and say the source can’t make sound statements, means you’re insane.

  4. lol its clear how desperate the corporate democrats are its kinda sad to be honest. bernie is going to win

  5. Goes to show you how scared and fearful the establishment got when they saw Bernie surging in the polls ahead of Super Tuesday. They’ll due everything and anything to stop him, little do they know that they will be waking up to a movement that has been speaking volumes at the polls, as America seeks it’s desperate needs to reshape our crumbling democracy.

    1. Bernie will not win, he is too far left. Only the very young or the foolish actually believe our democracy is ‘crumbling’. Our economy is fairly strong right now. Therefore a moderate candidate is a better choice if you actually want to win, rather than virtue signal a lost election. And Bernie actually makes Trump look moderate in comparison. Unfortunately it may be too late now, as the primaries have been brutal, giving huge ammunition for Trump to use against his opponent.

    2. We’re not a Democracy. We’re a Constitutional Republic. The young don’t come out and vote like the older types. Also as people get older, they get more conservative once they start actually working and paying taxes, and raising a family. It’s the natural order of things.

    3. You think nominating a socialist will “reshape” democracy? You people are a bunch of degenerates.

    4. Derek the half a bee Trump is actually a Kennedy Democrat! He has actually run on JFKs platform!

    1. WakaWakaNinja I know right? Look how Biden is looking at them with his arms crossed…🤣 they’re all snakes including Biden.

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