Biden Plans To Visit Scene Of Florida Building Collapse | MSNBC 1

Biden Plans To Visit Scene Of Florida Building Collapse | MSNBC


President Biden has said that he hopes to be able to visit the site of the building collapse in Surfside, Fla. as soon as this week. NBC's Mike Memoli reports from the White House.

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Biden Plans To Visit Scene Of Florida Building Collapse | MSNBC


    1. @Muddy Water that’s you sweetness I live in reality where presidents don’t talk about injecting bleach or brag about know five words

    2. @Frail Bones Biden
      Trump thought his cognitive test was hard.
      Chris Wallace and the world laughed at Trump!

    1. @N 827 Like Trump during covid who killed over 400.000 American’s and told Americans to drink bleach?

    (need i say more)


  2. Well that’s a little late keeping in the spirit of bad intentions with Kamala’s airport near the border visit 3 months late.

  3. Oh goodie, our dementia potus* will have his notecards in hand so he remembers what state he’s in.

  4. If this happened when trump was in, he would have thrown shovels. Remember Puerto Rico and the paper towels?

    1. Trump donated his own resources to storm victims. Don’t expect Joe to donate anything out of his own pocket.

  5. The announcing of his visit and the exact day is such an unnecessary security risk. It should be a surprise visit.

    1. It is always a surprise to braindead joe..He doesn’t even know where he is..its always like a vacation

  6. The Biden/ Harris administration is making history as the most effective Trump campaign ever devised.
    If this guy manages to spit out one coherent sentence it’ll be an Adderall commercial.

  7. Biden going to visit the scene is a waste of tax payer dollars. What’s he gonna do, make a speech about how it’s a tragic incident. I’m neither a democrat or a republican, but I sure as heck don’t want his coming to my state. Not to mention, most people in Florida don’t like him. I bet he’ll also have someone spray round up all over the everglades while he’s down here as well, since “Mr. Monsanto” is the new head of the usda.

  8. Why is it taking the former vice president so long to get there? Why wait until Thursday? We can’t interrupt his nap time or something ?

  9. He’s going to Florida but can’t go to the border. I’m very sorry for the people in the condo. But, Biden had MANY chances to go to border before now. He really refuses to see the mess he has made. DENIAL!

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