1. Thank you Mr President. From Australia. We have always been at the USA’s side in every single fight since WW2. We know it is not easy being a global leader. You must deal with your national interests and also balance that against global geopolitics. But the USA is a GREAT nation. That is why we choose to stand at your side in every conflict. I am scared of a war. Scared of economic backfire. Scared of nuclear escalation. But I personally feel we must all stand together as a unified global force right now. I hope that my nation. Australia will choose to unify closely with likeminded nations such as Canada, UK and New Zealand in a similar way that the European Union came together. My hope is that we do this to lighting our friend,… the USA’s load on the global playing field. We understand you have held the gates for the last 100 years and we can see that you are tiring. You have many issues in your boarders and the American people are greatly divided. It makes us sad. I hope that the other like minded culturally, economically and politicaly aligned nations such as the ones mentioned and any other who fits the bill will come together. That we can form a new powerful alliance… with the EU, the USA, Japan, South Korea and any other FREE nation with a unified military, response doctrine that involves the automatic defence of any free nation against unprovoked attacks. It is also my hope that we even if we don’t always see eye to eye with our Chinese and Russian counterparts that we can reach peaceful resolutions, engage in trade, Tackle climate change, poverty, economic dread and humanitarian issues together. I feel that no nation, no politician, no human being, truly wants to see someone’s grandmother in a blown out hospital on TV weeping over their husband who was hit by a shell in front of their eyes. I am sure Mr Putin has loved ones he cares about. I am sure Mr Ping does too and I am also sure that we all have something in common. We want security and prosperity for our nations. So I say here and now. I do not care if you are communist. I do not care if you are democrat or republican, or Muslim, or have a different skin pigment to mine. I will NEVER shoot the first shot. I will Always seek out discussion and work to build bridges before putting on my army boots. I will always reach out a helping hand to ANY person from ANY nation so long as they are not embarking on a journey of violence against another. And if I have to die to stand for these things. I will die. We are all brothers and sisters with the same cares, desires, hopes and sorrows. Let us come together in friendship. Let us talk reasonably about what that would take. Then let us all go down to our local bar and drink, show each other the parts of our cultures we are proud of, help each other through dark times, and devote ourselves to TRUTH, Sympathy, Understanding and Unity. Surely you all must know and feel it. If we do not… we all end.


    2. Too much beating around the bush, you said it at the beginning; you want the FIVE EYES (the five English speaking countries) to form an alliance to dominate the rest of the world, and then you try to sweeten the plan to make it palatable to others. I call B.S.

    1. Today Bumbling Buffoon Biden called Camila the first Lady. Joe Biden just canceled National Treasure Lee Greenwood! And If Trump or Obama were in office Putin wouldn’t have rolled in a single tank! CNN get your reporting on track!

    2. The same Putin bombed, massacred and displaced over 5.7 million as of 2017. What did US and EU do for these people? almost nothing. Even these days thousands of refugee children are going hungry, Syrian and Afghans. We should help Ukraine in their dark hours. But the response in financial aid from the US and EU are biased in favor of White people. The same type of help never extended to non-White refugees. Remember the little Syrian boy Alan Kurdi and what US or EU have done for kids like him.

    1. The problem is the Republican party. Anytime Democrats wants to help ordinary people the Republican party calls it socialism. At end people VOTE for them because of the hate they have for the so called others.

    2. @Serg Blo Experts like John Mearsheimer or who? In my view Republic has intellectual debates between American and Russian sides.

    3. I am not American but I was recommended a video about homelessness in America by yt. We in India feel sorry for your poverty. The video about homeless, really made me sad for you people.

    1. @Serg Blo
      It’s going to be much better if we supported Russia. We would have gotten a nice kickback

    2. Joe is not for the USA. He loves illegal immigrants and helping other countries. The American people do not agree with u. U dems will pay the price NOV 2022! We so stupid. We have given more than the rest of the NATO country.

    1. โ€œBidenโ€™s not cognitively capable of leading. He needs to RESIGN before our country suffers any more.โ€
      โ€” Ronny Jackson (Obamaโ€™s WH doctor)

    2. This war is NOT between Russia and Ukraine, but between Russia and the USA. This war is a “War for Global Changes in the World”. On one side of the war – USA and EU, on the other side – Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia. We are living at the beginning of a Big Global War between West and East. It is possible that in 2-3 years the financial US Dollar system will collapse, and the whole world will be use the Chinese Yuan in international payments. In this case, the US economy will become like the economy of modern Germany, and the Chinese Yuan will become the world’s currency. We are living in the beginning of WWIII for create of a “New World Order”.

    1. He’s gonna be a homeless veteran in Russia very soon, is probably his point? Or Putin will let him chillax in one of the palaces Putin owns, whatevers most likely.

    2. @David Eby Maybe senile crazy ignorant criminal Trump should have done that instead of holding back money trying to get the Ukraine government to investigate his then political opponent.

    3. @ColadaK 58 money laundering? No proof whatsoever, conspiracy theories from Qanon donโ€™t count you know.

  2. I believe that Ukraine would be in dire need of a high-performance anti-missile system consisting of radars and interceptors capable of employing cruise missiles on which it appears that they do not have adequate defense, and the training of the operators of these systems in addition to AA AT weapons.

    1. How much is so little money? After all, the only thing that the United States produces is weapons. And polygraphy. Sliced decorated paper. Dollars. Why are you so greedy. Print $1 trillion and give it to Ukraine

    1. @sam doe you know Biden dodged the draft too, right?
      If you bastads didnt have hypocrisy you would have nothing

  3. I used to see these types of headlines and think more of the recipient of the funds. Iโ€™m behind the Ukraine much more than Afghanistan. But because our leaders on both sides of the aisle seem to be unable to balance a checkbook, and have no respect for the whole purpose of a budget, now I just think about how they are bankrupting us.

    1. How much is so little money? After all, the only thing that the United States produces is weapons. And polygraphy. Sliced decorated paper. Dollars. Why are you so greedy. Print $1 trillion and give it to Ukraine

  4. This is money for the MIC and the 1%, this is why they never talk about negotiation and would mot negotiate with Putin the past 8 years.

    1. Putin’s 70 billion dollar personal fortune,that he:s stole from Russia, doesn’t put him in the top 1 percent?

  5. i feel like the only few reason they can do this is because they got rid of marine tanks and also a portion of this aid already exists in stockpiles. otherwise its like trying to pull out money for education

  6. Ukraine receives financial aid. Ukraine “buys” old jets from Poland. Poland buys US jets from US?

  7. god bless you sir for standing with the ukraine and the supporting with the whole world.god bless you and the people of america.please do more help to ukrain sir.send glory be to god the most on high.

  8. I mean after Afghanistan I didn’t really see President Biden as a war time president.. but now I’m liking and appreciating how he is taking charge..

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