Biden Praises Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal During Visit To Wisconsin 1

Biden Praises Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal During Visit To Wisconsin


President Biden spoke about the bipartisan infrastructure deal that he said would be a "generational investment" to benefit the country. He warned that poor infrastructure continues to be "a drain on our economy" while speaking in Wisconsin.

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    1. This isn’t good infrastructure. the poor will pay for the expenses while the rich pay nothing. It’s just another tax cut for the rich, just like Trump’s tax cut. Different leaders, same policies. The only saving grace of Biden’s administration from being a total failure is the separate reconciliation bill but if that fails, it’s over. Democrats will be destroyed.

    2. @Bernie’s Mittens Hard infrastructure benefits everyone, it also benefits Business and the Top End of Town gets a bigger slice of the profits than Small Business, Mom & Pop Investors and Retirement Investors. Soft Infrastructure also benefits everyone, but it takes time and many hands for it to reach the rich (by then lots of folks have taken there cut) and has the most impact for the Working Class through the Middle-Middle Class, unless you are a provider Upper Middle Class and Small Business sees little benefit. Soft Infrastructure pulls the Working Poor in to the Working Class and helps the Working Class make the most of the Hard Infrastructure.

    3. Generational is a good mane for Veggie Bidens fist 6 months in office because it won’t be paid off for generations!!!Sticking it to our grandkids!!!!! Go Demonrats!!

  1. Biden has accomplished more than any other president in modern history in such a short amount of time, even with Republicans stonewalling him.

    1. @Insignificant360 LOL we definitely want him to keep breathing. America is depending on him right now to last 4 years. I cant even fathom a country with Kamala at the helm.

    2. @Jock Young Reconciliation and if any democrat wants to get in the way you attack them in their home state like FDR would. As it stands now they’re going to lose in 22.

      What’s your solution?

  2. Cities should be held responsible to the governor. And the governors held responsible to the president. FIX YOUR STATE, and this would not be necessary.

    1. @No Show Joe Several hundred identified by cell phone video. All deep fakes, right?

      You know what Q is, don’t be lying.

    2. @No Show Joe You have to ask a dem they know all the details about the Q stuff. They talk about it all the time. Something to do with a sandwich, ask dingbat boy he probably has their menu .

    1. The world now knows who and what the Republican party has become over the last 30 years and if your not atleadt over 50 then you just don’t know .

  3. I understand political opposition to Biden, but I don’t see what the irrational trolls think they are accomplishing with all the ridiculous nonsense and hatred.

    1. They are looking for attention and validation for their trolling comments. Their self worth is low.

  4. The typical American pays for roads, bridges The richest American follows his dream to the moon. Burning our tax dollars as his fuel. All dollars no sense Bezos

  5. Biden basically telling y’all we’re spending 3 Trillion. Bump the GOP and their penny pinching ways.

    Do it! Do it! Do it!

    Don’t forget the hidden tax on fixing your suspension, tires and braking.

    1. We have many trillions of dollars in maintenance costs and debts. We had better start paying for it sometime

  6. It’s refreshing to see a president that is trying his best to bring us back to being, who the world thought we were . Thank you Joe!

    1. @tony DiVinci No! Tony it’s reality at its best. Something alot of folks don’t even realize anymore.

  7. Because it’s not like buildings are falling down, power grids are failing, or pipelines are getting hacked for ransom.
    This is why people hate politicians and their inability to get anything done.

  8. Terrible sound. That spool of cable shouldn’t have been within shot. Don’t mind me, it’s just my OCD in overdrive

  9. US ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE: “The eyes of history are on this appointment.” – Buttigeig.
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.
    2021 US still has NO high speed trains and NO safe overpasses or apartment blocks.

  10. The Biden/ Harris administration is making history as the most effective Trump campaign ever devised.

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