Biden Praises Coast Guard For Their Response During Pandemic 1

Biden Praises Coast Guard For Their Response During Pandemic


President Biden praised the United States Coast Guard for their response during the Covid-19 pandemic and continued work to help during disasters as part of his commencement address to the graduating class.
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  1. A lot of people were washing away from our shores during the pandemic until Coast Guard responded.

  2. More public servants more spending .keep the good ones,cut the fat out.a lean government is a healthy government.crap I sound like a republican,.please forgive.

  3. Biden goes out of his way to actually recognize the efforts of everyone in this country, that’s the mark of a good president; his predecessor would never have made a speech like this, let alone taken a moment to congratulate them…

    1. Veggie Biden went out of his way to waive sanctions on the company building Putins pipeline into Germany,yet Veggie Boi halted our pipeline. Putin is now the WH puppetmaster!! Veggie Boi is very afraid of Vlad… and you voted for this vegetable. Makes you seem kinda dumb.

    2. Yep… then he insults them. They are filled over because they can’t believe this joke is our president.

  4. You have allot of your Vacation Tour, do you really need a RAW RAW Rally, I know of Legislation you could tell people to GET IT DONE.
    It was a Campaign Promise.
    The only reason I bothered to vote.

  5. Thanks for showing the Coast Guard the respect it deserves. Nothing Dull about them or their dedication to protect our seas.

  6. He is absolutely right. With the increasing fury of our meteorological ecosystem, the Coast Guard is going to leaned upon far more, and far more frequently.

    I envision a strong recruiting effort in coming years.

    1. Veggie Biden has never been right about anything,ever. Except he might be right to be scared of Putin.

  7. Uh-oh. I see YouTube is already suppressing dislikes. I just downvoted and it does not register upon page refresh.

  8. Its not surprising Joe Biden praises and recognized the brave sacrifice of the Coast Guard and all military service members given his son Beau served in Irag and received a Bronze Star from the Army.

  9. My coast guard aids have been excellent one of them taught me that and I quote “The coast guard is that hard nucleus about which the Navy forms in time of war”
    -R. Reagan –

    1. Homie, out of the latest 2 presidents America has had, only one of them is under a criminal investigation. If you still believe Biden is more of a joke than Trump, there’s no hope left for you.

    Built during the Obama administration.
    Closed during the Trump administration.
    Reopened during the Biden administration.

  11. Biden, four months in office and he’s become the number one worst president in the history of this country.

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