Biden Praises 'Historic Progress' Shown In May Jobs Report 1

Biden Praises ‘Historic Progress’ Shown In May Jobs Report


President Biden praised the economic growth shown in the Department of Labor's jobs report or the month of May, praising the "historic progress" the country is making amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    1. @Josef You make us talk about Trump with your stolen election lie, which you then take legislative action on to suppress votes and strip Democratic counties of their certification authority. Stop doing that and I’ll be happy to let Trump slide into irrelevance.

    2. @Josef
      A real woman gramps.
      Now go play with your mannequin from China.
      Don’t forget to take out your dentures.
      You don’t want to chip them.

    1. @Polar Opposite It wouldn’t happen because Biden isn’t a sociopath, he is capable of anticipating the needs of other people.

    2. @Wisconsin Man How old are you? I only ask because not all Americans are triggered by words like socialism or communism. We get along great with a lot of countries that have socialist and communist values. Infact it wasn’t that long ago that we had socialist, communist, populist and Labor parties here.
      Look up the Labor wars. A real war that happened in the US because of things like child Labor slave labor abject poverty. It wasn’t fixed by democrats or republicans it was solved by socialists and is the reason we have a weekend.
      The best things about our country were founded by independents and what we would call third parties now.
      If your over 50 years old odds are even the most uneducated of our people now know more than you sir. If your under 30 you need to go back to school.

    3. @Fred A the factories in my town pay great, some are starting at $20 per hr. thats peanuts in democrat states but good money here.

    4. People are only worth what someone is willing to pay them. If you can make the same or more on unemployment/welfare benefits, why would you work?

    5. @odell daniel There is a lot of nuance for sure. It’s not just wages or the lack of jobs with salary and benefits. It’s education, geography, economic status, inflation, discrimination, health, security.
      I’m not a capitalist so maybe I’m too biased but it seems to me that without proper protections people living in an unrestrained capitalist system always end up like this.
      Something akin to serfdom or slavery except the people cracking the whips do so behind the title of CEO instead of lord.

    1. @James Smith Do you live at the border? Have you visited the border? Have you spoken with someone who works at the border?

  1. Honestly as long as the economy recovers , I’m fine with the number . We just have to readjust our expectation

    1. thats what Olbummer told us years ago, he said “as a nation we have to get used to less, our better days are behind us” before you insult…look it up.

  2. “in fact, the US is the only major economy where projections of future growth are stronger today than they were when the pandemic hit in 2020.”

    That’s an interesting statement. I’m unsure how true it is, but assuming it’s “in the ballpark of accurate” that says the US has a tremendous gap between how we handled the pandemic in 2020 vs. how we are handling it in 2021.

    Coincidence I’m sure.

    1. It’s simply not true (and don’t get me wrong, I’d far rather a Democrat than Rep holding the reins). His other statements are valid, but on the one you highlight: most global economies will have (far) higher rates of growth than pre-pandemic – definitionally. Unfortunately it’s a mathematically and intellectually redundant statement. Nevertheless – go Biden.

    2. ​@Nick Harvey Thank you. What you’re saying sounds probably right.
      At the same time, I’d actually be curious to see what figure he’s actually pulling from (or if he’s just making stuff up.)
      I first thought it was year over year GDP growth, although as you stated, I would expect an economy recovering from a pandemic to be really high as things return to normal for most countries.
      *Edit, I thought the statement was a bit vague, but after rewatching it, it appears more clear cut that it’s annual growth he’s referring to and not long-term. So, the US might be doing exceptionally well, but we would expect most countries to have better projections than pre-pandemic.

    1. @Noreb: If employers can’t fill the positions for what they’re offering, they’ll raise their offer. Considering that the unemployment rate is dropping and people are going back to work, I’d say your premise is wrong. People ARE willing to work for what they’re offering.

    2. @Reason the food service industry, which is lagging behind as mentioned above, is also the single largest employer in north america…

    3. @Noreb: And the food service industry has ALSO been adding jobs. And if they can’t fill the positions available they have to raise the pay. So what’s your point again?

    4. @Reason my point was exactly what you are saying… you just dont seem to want to accept that as an answer…

    1. Wow! Look at all the views President Vegetable gets on all his videos. Where’s his 81 million voters? Hahahahahahahahaha hehehehehe hahahahahahahahaha

    2. @Biden’s Brain oh thats dumb! Or smart… Your acting dumb to project bidens brain! Though i dont know if thats acting

    3. @Biden’s Brain yep ,the white house channel and joe biden’s youtube channel always turns the comments off and disables the like dislike button.

    1. Well, that’s a “socialist” program, and you know how much fox, the maga insurrectionists, and the republicans are against anything to do with “the democrats socialist agenda,” so blame the do nothing republicans for that one. The wealthy and big business got their tax cuts, so the republicans did what they’re paid to do.

    2. @Pew pew McPewface because there were no senior citizens in your family not at all everybody in your life exists says either a young adult or child senior citizens are completely non-existent right?

  3. Those are jobs coming back. They created nothing. If you have a negative balance in your checking account and you bring it back to zero, you haven’t made any money. Try to a little bit of common sense people.

  4. CEOs in America are exponentially higher paid than any other country. Put the excessive amount back to the workers who slave for executives Gulf streams and 110 foot yachts.

    1. Yes, it’s quite obvious you don’t. Trump’s deficit spending during a ‘booming economy’. – rolls eyes –

    2. @Wigit and Biden’s absurd spending when the country is hitting rock bottom. Lol silly fool! You have been duped again!

  5. Why did Dementia Joe and Creepy Kamala insist they would not trust “President Trump’s vaccine” before the election?

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  7. Republicans break economies, Democrats fix them. The definition of political insanity is putting the Republicans back in control over and over again and expecting a different result.

    1. Always always every time a republican come I. Power they wreck the economy and a democratic leader has to fix it go back at least 30 years and look at the proof

  8. This milquetoast jobs report isn’t bad…but it really isn’t good either

    Quite telling to see Biden lying through his teeth on this too

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