Biden Praises 'Masterful' Pelosi Management Of Budget Vote 1

Biden Praises ‘Masterful’ Pelosi Management Of Budget Vote


Rachel Maddow recaps how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi overcame some awkward intra-party obstacles to advance President Joe Biden's ambitious plans for investment in U.S. infrastructure, ultimately with unanimous support from House Democrats. 
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    1. @Bruh ” 4 democratic socialists in Congress. ”
      democratic socialists aren’t socialists.

      they model their policies after Sweden and Finland.
      those are not socialist countries.

      again, you have fallen for right wing propaganda.

      “Bernie is a self prescribed socialist.”
      no, he’s described himself as a democratic socialist.
      he has specifically mentioned Sweden as a model.

    2. @V for Wombat “democratic SOCIALISTS arent socialists.” Let that senetnce sink in for a while. Hmm, considering the word socialist is part of the term democratic socialist I would guess they are socialist. Looked it up just in case, and yes, they have the same principals as a socialist except within the confounds of a democracy.

    3. @Robert Moir No good Democrat? Sorry to tell you this, but they are the party you need to work with, not make your enemy, they are good citizens.

    1. @90s were The best keep your hopes up haha either way we will still have a democrat president. You need help maybe a job or a girlfriend

    2. @lightweight0829 Bragging you helped put a dementia patient in the presidents office that can’t even finish 1 term?? Pathetic

    1. @David M The Truth has been spoken. Listen to Johnson’s WH Tapes. He uses the “N” word more than most useless Gangsath Rappa’s!

    2. @NotAWine Mom alright. So you’re saying that it was okay for him and other racist democrats to withhold civil rights from the black community until he was in power and could take credit for it. Gotcha. The Great Society kept poor people poor and income inequality increased during his tenure. His handling of Vietnam was half-assed and did irreparable damage. His racial initiatives exacerbated tensions and rioting in the streets. Not to mention the constant sexual assault as well as vulgar and racist language he used constantly. It’s a huge mystery why he didn’t seek re-election, since according to you he was such a great president. He was hated, a pervert, and a bigot.

  1. I love how the media…both sides, think we believe anything they say anymore. That we think that, we the people mean anything to them. There’s no service to us, there’s only self service, perpetuated by the media catering to their every whim and to manipulate us.

    1. Democrats are the single dumbest voting group to ever exist on the planet.

      and conservatives are the second.

    2. @J Me I’m a registered Republican. That’s said, you are 1,000,000.% right. The 🐑🐑🐑 inhabit both parties. The musician Frank Zappa said it best, DECADES ago. “Scientists say that hydrogen is the most plentiful thing in the universe. They are wrong, stupidity is!”

    1. That money is going to be funneled into the pockets of the trillionaires but arranged for the election swap

    2. Why though? I think they don’t care bc a few years ago something called the CRISPR cas 9 got the Nobel prize and it claimed to give eternal life possibilities. I read on the net it is what made our vaccine. It is a new device. Coincidentally it also mixes human and animal DNA 🧬

    1. biden and everybody in the biden administration should be impeached and or court-martialed and imprisoned………….. REALLY

    1. The economy rose to 6.4 in the first 3 months of Bidens term. Final 3 months of Trump’s term it was 4.3 so how was it ruined by Biden. The US has a stronger rebound than most developed economies. Things will only get better.

    2. @marge beauchamp are you that dumb dude? The economy was on an upswing from the is why the dems didnt attack President Trump on this issue and focused solely on covid..
      Grow a brain..

    3. You forget to say every country has the same problem with the price of lumber and many other goods. Whose fault is that Trump,Biden,no not either one.
      It’s because of the pandemic. And many dishonest retailers that took advantage of the people.

    4. @marge beauchamp lmfao!! You are in for a rude awakening..all biden did was ride the 1st couple of months of President Trump’s accomplishments..then destroyed the economy and caused inflation by reversing everything President Trump put in place..braindead joe imposed regulations, taxes, caused oil prices to rise, gave people checks to stay home instead of encouraging them to go back to work, so low jobs numbers, gave great deals to other countries at the expense of our own and then spent tons of money on wasteful programs that will temporarily make it seem like a recovery..then we are headed for a recession quicker than where dumbama took us..

  2. I want my tax dollars back for Joe’s big F up in Afghanistan!!! Where’s my refund for Joe giving the Taliban all the military equipment in Afghanistan???

  3. Imagine boarding a jet and hearing, This is your captain, Joe Biden, speaking. Or having your last image before going under for open heart surgery be Dr. Joe Biden staring above you

  4. Spent a day at Jersey shore, found Trump shirts etc in every shop. No Biden Harris stuff could be found.

  5. Master at destroying democracy , her speech yesterday said “great day of pride for American Democrats , turn her back on our stranded us citizens in Afghanistan , her priorities destroying democracy through a 5 trillion bill impeach impeach impeach

  6. Biden and Pelosi are the poster children for term limits. Over 70 combined years in politics and both have done nothing but take.

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