Biden pressed on Khashoggi murder, defends Saudi Arabia trip | USA TODAY


  1. So many issues at stake ..meaning the midterms are at hand and we have to bring down gas prices just long enough to win a vote and then its back to crushing poor Americans

    1. @K H –So you are admitting that the president going to Saudi Arabia is likely to reduce gas prices?
      so you are saying gas price increases weren’t his fault?

  2. “My views on… have been perfectly clear” 🤣

    Actually Mr President, the fact that you can barely utter a sentence without mustering an obviously strained effort tells EVERYONE everything they need to know about the clarity of your views.

  3. Hey Joe. The old saying is “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”
    So, no cake for you 🥺

  4. “To promote US interests”… translation: “To promote the interests of the ultra wealthy and if you still think ANYTHING we do is actually in YOUR interest then you must be more confused than I am.”

    1. @metaglypto You’re attending the clown convention with all the other anti-American trolls, I see.

  5. I mean all politicians say, Interests of the USA, since when the USA depends on other countries for its flourishing. The country built itself,,this is so stupid.

    1. All the politicians of the US say, “in the interest of the US?”
      what should they be saying, according to you?

  6. did we get from being an oil exporting country to becoming an importing nation. When the majority can’t back up this president..he should resign like Boris Johnson…that’s democracy.

  7. “My views on… have been perfectly clear” translation: I’ve been a political weathervane for 47 years and nothing has changed that.

    1. At least he didn’t make gaffs this time. Still inaudible sometimes. I had to focus harder than usual just to understand him. Why he mumbles? He’s too old…

  8. Amazing how the video title cuts off in the thumbnail, unless highlighted, to say the opposite of what the President said. Your click bait skills are great USA Today lol (Joke). If we don’t attend major meetings Saudi Arabia attends for now on then by default we, the United states, would become a pariah-like state to much of the middle east. We need a voice there as the world evolves. Almost everyone still talked to Germany and Japan after WWII. A lot of countries talk to the US that still don’t want to from our past transgressions. Biden still doesn’t like the prince. From the evidence so far I don’t either. Doesn’t make the prince not the prince. Gotta deal with him. We talk to the Queen and PM all the time. If we can talk to the royal family in England we can talk to those horrible royals in Saudi.

  9. My God, When they say, God Bless America. They really mean it with this poor leader we have in place. No real business or Fortune 500 organization would send Joe ion a basic sales call…. He has to go away real soon…

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