Biden Promotes His Jobs Plan At Event To Mark Amtrak's 50th Anniversary | MSNBC 1

Biden Promotes His Jobs Plan At Event To Mark Amtrak’s 50th Anniversary | MSNBC


President Biden traveled to Philadelphia to speak at event marking the 50th anniversary of Amtrak. He promoted his administration's jobs plan and further investments in railroads and other infrastructure.
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    1. @Alberto Aguilar right wingers have no idea what being a real American even means. They think it means guns, insurrections, domestic terrorism, racism and hate.

  1. Simple competence sounds like genius after years of listening to man-baby Trump and the GOP lie and whine and do nothing but corruption, sedition, and treason.

    1. @double down the reason why gas is high is there is a big shortage on truck drivers. They said that on my local news.

    1. Honestly, the Trump hangover for Republicans is just starting to kick in. History already has him down as the worst president in US history. What a conservative legacy. They went back to their confused, fearful roots of racism.

    2. @Gomer Biden Trump, Putin, Manafort, Flynn walk into a bar…the bartender immediately shouts White Russians for Everyone!

  2. Had to explain to my family that President Biden has a speech impediment but I still understand him and respect him for it! I’m with you Mr.President, lets create these jobs.

  3. The full thing was a bumbling mess.
    Even the crowd was confused and didn’t know what to say or when to clap.

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