Biden, Putin Shake Hands Ahead Of Summit In Geneva | MSNBC 1

Biden, Putin Shake Hands Ahead Of Summit In Geneva | MSNBC


President Biden and Russian President Putin shake hands and pause for a photo op to mark the start of the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva.

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Biden, Putin Shake Hands Ahead Of Summit In Geneva | MSNBC


    1. @Benjamin Berlinsky You come up with that when it’s widely known Trump wares adult diapers. Good job!

    2. @John Martin will Putin change Dementia Joes diaper today, or will he have to wait for fake doctor jilly?

  1. If you are American and love this country you won’t be rooting for Putin… regardless of how you feel about Biden…

  2. It’s feels like it’s 120 degress F. with 50% humidity here on the “Baja Border”. Way cooler than the swiss alps, right now.

    1. If you think Geneva is in the Swiss Alps, maybe your last vacation was in the New York Alps.

    1. @E EPutin is 5’7” tall and in very good shape. Listen to how well Putin speaks compare to Biden.

    2. @Susana Brown I know that. But I never seen him stand next to someone so I was surprised he was on the short side in height. I thought he was like 6 feet at least

  3. “Welcome to Geneva, the city of peace. . . . Best wishes, and goodbye.”

    Yeah that sounds like Switzerland. To quote the inimitable Robert Heinlein, “You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once.”

  4. Speaking of men, I think powerful men, men with responsibility and authority, usually get along well with each other. They are both on the end of certain size sticks swung by many other, more or less openely defined, “circumstances”.

  5. We all know those 2 were shaking hands but they did not have to like each other and I’m quite sure they don’t

  6. Putin thanking Biden for lifting Trump’s oil sanctions in Europe and shutting down the Keystone pipeline

  7. At 25 seconds into the clip, Biden is the first and fastest quick-draw handshake from the west!

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