Biden puts $2,000 stimulus payments back in play 1

Biden puts $2,000 stimulus payments back in play


President-elect Joe Biden outlined a $1.9 trillion emergency legislative package to fund a nationwide vaccination effort and provide direct economic relief to Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying "the health of our nation is at stake."

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  1. I can’t get my $600 stimulus till I do my taxes and claim a rebate, then on top of that I lose my unemployment cuz Trump signs a day late – I’m done

    1. Your not done brother. If you weren’t so strong you wouldn’t be attacked viciously . Pray exactly to Jesus for what you need. Try to the best you can. Jesus works miracles.

  2. We need an uplifting motivation for peace and reeassurance for a secure nation ..someone to BELIEVE IN.. I really hope he can help even if a little bit..

    1. @I’m Negan yea ok…The government can’t just keep giving money. Our country already in debt and all this is doing is putting us more in debt. Plenty of jobs are hiring, so stop asking for hand outs.

    2. @Mr. White Democrats violated the constitution in more ways than one, they can violate it again. No, this is not about the election, just in general

  3. CNN, you forgot to write an article about the arrest of John Sullivan, the blm activist that participated in the Capitol riots, like many other journalists have. You know, the one that you’ve invited onto your platform a few times in the past? Thats odd

    1. He never was a BLM activist, he founded Insurgence USA, which is a group focused on police reform and racial justice, but has no correlation to BLM. Lex Scott, founder of BLM Utah, told The Tribune on Thursday that Sullivan has never been a member.

  4. It is so refreshing to listen to a Good, Intelligent, Honorable men, President of USA…We won’t have to feel embarrassed anymore.

    1. @juju malcolm No the Democratic Senate didn’t deliver, so as to blame Trump and give the credit to Biden………….Besides stimulus isn’t the answer, going back to work is the answer. Stimulus creates a bigger problem down the road everyone refuses to recognize…….

  5. “As your president” oh boy, someone does not give a F***. To be fair, for all intents and purpose, he is our acting president.

    1. yep hes not even president and he’s acting as if he is.. MY goodness in HIs dreams and who was that clown in the chair behind him

  6. Okay so let me get this straight: when trump says that he wants a $2,000 stimulus check (despite it causing government debt) and he talks about vaccinations he gets criticized and there is mistrust but when Biden says he wants $2,000 stimulus check (despite it causing government debt) and wants to give a vaccination, he gets praise. I’m sorry, I mean this with respect, but who is the hypocrite in this situation?

    1. Who criticized Trump for wanting $2000 dollars? People criticized him for opposing $2000 in the Heroes Act, but then flipping later after he lost the election, but no one criticized him for wanting more stimulus money alone.

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