Biden Ramps Up Pressure On Trump To Engage In Transition | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Biden Ramps Up Pressure On Trump To Engage In Transition | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President-elect Biden is turning up the pressure on Trump and his administration for failing to move ahead with a peaceful transition of power. Aired on 11/17/2020.
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Biden Ramps Up Pressure On Trump To Engage In Transition | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @G Top We could hang out with a stroke victim and his affirmative action VP pick, if only we were hero’s like you with your participation trophies and safe spaces

  1. No matter what side you’re on, one has to admit the comments section is the main reason to click on the video.

    1. @Michael Morningstar exactly! Jeffery Accord was one of the radical supremacists posing as b.l.m. when he purchased b.l.m. attire

    2. @Shay Houk America is not a pure Democracy. Its a Democratic Republic with Socialist elements. Do you like public education? National highways? Medicare/Medicade? Social Security? Unemployment benefits? Food assistance programs? All of those are socialist in nature and practice. The problem is that most people don’t know what Socialism is. They misuse the term 9 times out of 10. So what does “We will NEVER be a Socialist Country!” mean? I assume you plan on using your social benefits if you aren’t already. Or are you willing to lose your Social Security and Medicare????

    3. @Shay Houk Lol. I’m a Capitalist. And I’m smart enough to know how my government works, the type it is, and what it is comprised of. Do yourself a favor and stop parroting the right wing conspiracy nonsense. Cable news, especially Fox, is designed to scare and outrage you, and keep you in that state so your only respond emotionally and not rationally. This puts you in a negative feedback loop so that you keep tuning in and they can monetize you. That is the business model. Sprinkle in some plays to your biases and suddenly you are an outrage junky. You’ve been made a sucker. The worse part is any attempt to point this out to you will of course be met with the catch phrases they’ve programmed you with. I’m not a Socialist. A Socialist would want to save you.

  2. On 1977, President George Wa. Will often pray deep in the mountain for his solders. A citizen over heard it and changed to his side from England side and helped to feed the solsgera and you know the rest
    This county is For the people, by the people and from the people.
    We, ordinary people, will keep this country safe against all odds

    1. What are solsgera? Are they some mythical beast from the sci fi fantasy you have started to outline in the YouTube comment section?

    2. 1977 Cho? George Washington.. Anachronism. You might want to take another go at it. Im almost certain Washington and Jefferson and the great Benjamin Franklin were secular like Thomas Paine.. Just saying.

    1. Better to be not remembered as a president than to be remembered as the worst one in US history like Trump. He was worse than George Bush…and I didn’t even think that was possible.

    1. @Mary Jane haha this pathetic woman tried to sellout her own family for a dollar. You send this which is still pointless nonsense

    2. @Mary Jane you try to insult me because you’re small minded, all I asked was to look for yourself but I understand I know it can be hard for you people to do anything yourselves, so I’ll make it easy for you an help you out, Now you’ll be informed, you’ll physically still look stupid but mentally you won’t be.
      “Though he’s been to many the most controversial and divisive president in modern US history, Trump has had a remarkably steady approval rating”

  3. “A cynical modification of letting go doesn’t bring forgiveness, it’s when, once you forgive, will you be able to let go.” – Anthony Liccione

    1. -deep state: “we need troops to profit in the middle east”
      -Biden: “I will use Dominion to steal votes”
      -Trump: “No and NO.”
      -Me: “You messed with the wrong American, now you are messing with 72+ million Americans”.

    1. @Billy Bob well they better take all that evidence to some court fast ‘cos Trump cases are getting thrown out everywhere! Or is all that part of the winning strategy?

    2. @punkiller666 supreme court has been the plan since the beginning. Lol gonna be amazing for you to see your leaders for what They are.

    3. @Bob Smart you seem too happy with the prospect of having a lawful election annulled by the SC and given to Trump. What if the same thing happened to your side? Would you be as satisfied as you are now?

    4. @punkiller666 will of the people bro. Lol Biden didnt win. Enjoy being on ostrich and cheering on globalist commies. Your mom called, she said your easy mac is done.

    1. @Sam G
      The numbers already showed that it favored Biden so they just said what anyone who could see the number were thinking.
      Trump supporters just don’t understand that.

    2. @Zachary Paquette
      Yeah they trying to find fraud

      But as of the moment Biden has won.
      End of discussion.
      Find the evidence and then he may lose.
      But right now the winner is Biden and the loser is trump.

  4. Daily you can see the difference in these two men after the election. Some of us are more proud of our vote now than ever!

  5. Swamp don’t want transparency to avoid being drain. Swamp no more cover-up is time for you corruption to be expose once n for all, your chances are over

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